February 2019

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lauren ysaeon
Sometimes people get drunk or just tired late at night and send phone texts or emails and even make blog comments that in the cold hard light of day they regret sending. They desperately want to retrieve the message. Cannot be done.

I learnt this years ago at my own cost and some embarrassment. But then sometimes it it can work, a message written when fuelled by the demon drink or emotion to say things you might be reticent about in the harsh daylight. Generally in my own case, I don't have regrets. But then I have never told my boss that he is a prick and to go eff himself.

Last night just before dropping off, I composed a nice text message to someone, ready to send after review the next morning. Write at night and review and send the next day. I accidently sent the message, and upon review, it was fine. He replied. Where I mucked up was in my following message apologising for sending the text message late at night. I said way much more than I ...
botanic rockspegasus kite

With a black tie wedding booked in a few weeks I needed to get my hands on a tuxedo. I was going to rent one but that is actually nearly as expensive as buying one and last night friends told me that they’d had a great experience at a place that I’d always thought was really cheap in terms of quality.

I’ve just got home from going there and I was impressed. Sure it’s not a custom made Gucci tuxedo or anything but it was a really good fit and felt like good fabric.

Getting fitted for clothes is a daunting task and I’m one of the lucky people with a conventionally “typical” shape. Anyone who doesn’t conform to a standard body shape must feel very intimidated. As it is, I always know

Some of you will know that I studied ballet for a couple of decades when I was younger, and my knees could still stand it. I miss it. The feeling of moving your body in concert with the music is marvellous.  Anyway, this guy has a beautiful, elegant, perfect line.  <<Envy!>>

While I have never seen the tv show MacGyver, I know enough to know that this is a MacGyver type solution to the problem of the wind blowing out our gas barbeque flame. A small clothes horse, an old towel and vice grips to stop the towel blowing away.

We used the barbeque Tuesday night when there was wind blowing. Wednesday was a rare evening meal out at night with a gay workmate at the extremely busy Brunetti in Flinders Lane. It was nice. Thursday night, no wind and we had bought a roast chicken for dinner. Friday night, Angus beef sausages to cook on the barbeque and the wind is back, so Andrew Macgyver's invention is used again. ...
If it was Thursday, maybe I could start a regular Theft Thursday, but it isn't. We were sitting outside Brazil Cafe in South Melbourne and an older bloke of slim build with his grey hair pulled into a short ponytail walked inside. He was carrying a container of McDonald's drink and walked into the cafe, picked up one of the newspapers provided for customers to read and sat down at the table next to us without ordering anything.

Surely, I thought, he is not cheeky enough to sit at a cafe table with a McDonald's drink and read the cafe's newspaper? No, he sat for about ten seconds, stood up and moved to a public bench seat on the far side of the cafe seating, with the newspaper. He was there about a minute and then walked off. I couldn't see if he still had the newspaper with him or not. I stood up and went to check. He had pulled out the horse racing guide and another supplement and taken the main part of the newspaper with him ...

The Royal Australian Mint has produced some commemorative $2 coins to celebrate to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Mr Squiggle appearing on our television screens. I received one of the coins in change last week. It is a small coin and the detail hard to see for me without a magnifying glass, it looked quite nice.

I could try to take a macro photo of the coin, but why not use one from the mint.

Some of you will be puzzled, not knowing about ...

I’ve just got home from a catch up with some friends at the pub and as you do, we covered a lot of territory with conversation. These are new friends that we worked out are mutual friends with some of the guys I went canyoning with on the weekend.

One of them is a nudist and we were talking about people’s attitudes towards nudity and sex etc. The mutual friends are guys I can happily hang out nude with and one of them came nude camping with us last month. They are friends that I would never fool around with though. That brought up the topic of friends hooking up etc.

I have some friends that I can be naked with, some I can be naked with and/or hook up with and some who I pretend have no genitals at all and don&rsquo