August 2018

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Ok so I stumbled across this article when I was introduced to a site called QNEWS head over and check it out. This is the article I came across “US Government Urges Men To Stop ‘Washing And Reusing’ Condoms”. Yes you read that correctly the US Governments centre for disease control and prevention the CDC felt it was necessary to tweet out a reminder that condoms are single use only. Now I am all for reusable bags and you know using things more then once to help save the environment and reduce waste but this is a little bit too far and a bit ridiculous.

I am not sure which is exactly worse the fact that the CDC felt it was necessary to reach out and remind people that this is the case or that

(Sydney Theatre Company)
Jeremiah Tucker's daughter returns for a lengthy overseas trip with the news that she has discovered the location of his grandfather's remains and has organised for their return home to Australia for an appropriate burial and memorial service.

The news and the preparations for the welcome to home stir up memories and questions of the past.

'The Long Forgotten Dream' is a wonderful new play by H Lawrence Sumner. The mostly ...

philippe herard

Zelda Bomba
Lordy, BAD is still in New York. She has a habit of picking up gay men to kiss and rich men to marry. Will she become BAD Rockafella?

Back in I suppose the 80s, ABC local radio ruined a song for me, a song I didn't rave about but quite liked. We may only hear one song an hour on ABC local radio most of the time and for some reason this song went on very high rotation. Another I really liked and it did not matter how often I heard it, I didn't mind and that one was Nina Simone's My Baby Just Cares for Me. Yet another is one that I had a Modegreen experience with and I can't now remember what it was called. Ah, I have found an authoritative source by searching, me!

The song that I came to dislike because it was overplayed on radio was Otis Redding's Dock of the Bay. (stealing EC's effective ...

The Naked Werewolves have made a few appearances on this blog and just before the start of 2018 we had Wolffest #1 at River Island nude camping. The vlog I did of that is below. It was a smallish group of about 10 of us camping naked, swimming, going for hikes and even nude slack-lining.

This weekend is Wolffest #2. Given it is still Winter here in Australia we aren’t camping this time. Instead we have hired a couple of cabins a few hours north of Sydney right near a nude beach. Fingers crossed we have some more of the beautiful weather we had yesterday and on Saturday where it should be very comfortable to be nude in the sunshine.

I think this time around we have a few more than last time and it should be a lot of fun as long as everyone is there with the right

Well the patrolling season is getting closer again, so things are warming up.

The City of Sydney is hosting an event in Hyde Park on Friday, 31 August for all LGBT Emergency Services personnel, as the headline for their Wear it Purple celebrations.  So if you are in the city, swing on down to Hyde Park South corner Park and Elizabeth Streets, for lunch and to introduce yourselves to the lovely firies, ambos and cops who will be there as well.  If you have your uniform, that's great; anything purple would be good too; and if not then no worries, just come along and show your support for the best LGBT Emergency Service provider in NSW, the lifesavers.

Hope to see you there.

Gary and the Committee


'Skyscraper' is a 21st Century updating of 1974s box office hit 'The Towering Inferno' although its plot does depart from the earlier disaster epic. The setting has moved from San Francisco to Hong Kong and this skyscraper is a cover for all manner of gangster hijinks.

The opening scenes reveal a hi-tech building with features that just for one brief moment gave me hope that this was going to be an unexpectedly superior disaster feature. That hope was quickly ...
Some comfort was given to Hippie Niece when one of the hospital staff told her, you have one of the worst cases of postnatal depression we have ever seen. Hey Uncle Andrew and Uncle R, at least I achieve at something. Her mother and step father had to pick up the pieces and become carers for her twin babies. So many of the family helped, included R a few times.

She separated from her partner, who none of us really liked but we were always perfectly nice to him, and moved back to her mother's home. A cold medication interfered with her psychiatric drugs and she had a terrible meltdown,  a psychotic episode, and ended up back in hospital.

It was rather impromptu, just a mention by R that the babies (at 17 months old, not the girls as everyone refers to them as) are growing so quickly and we had not seen them for a while. I arranged it and we journeyed down to the Mornington Peninsula last Sunday and arrived just as her former partner was ...

It’s been several weeks since I did a photo shoot and I’ve just about exhausted my list of downloads that were prepared before I moved to my sister’s house. So this weekend I am picking up the camera again.

It’s been quite nice to have a break but I’m looking forward to getting back into it. This weekend I’m going away for a weekend with the Naked Werewolves Instagram group and I’ve organised with one of the guy to do a shoot. He’s a very sexy beefy guy. The shots are quite likely to be anonymous but he’s happy to be nude and do full frontal.

I’m obviously putting the vibes out there in the world that I’m getting back up to speed. I’ve had two models that I’ve

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