September 2017

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Have you ever thought about buying a limited edition, hand-signed and numbered print?

Now that I have a new website up and running, I’ve added a shop with 12 different images available in three different sizes. When I release an image for sale as an art print, I limit it to five prints. I don’t want too many to be available because for me when someone buys one of my works it has to feel special. It would be a shame for someone to feel like they are buying something too mass produced.

I’m also under no illusion that my work is in such high demand that I’ll sell out of the prints anyway. If you are

  They won’t go on the record, but most Nillumbik councillors are voting YES to marriage equality Local businesses are getting aboard Nillumbik Shire Council won’t be taking a public...
1st Orthodox Gay Rabbi
I used to post some quite risque posts, but I haven't much of late. I think there is something somewhere on my blog about not adding me as a friend, because there is always a danger of me posting something like below.

I am not much of one for dreams and rarely remember them if I have them, and of course if I don't remember them, I haven't had them, but I probably have.

But just as the alarm went off one morning, I was in the middle of a very erotic dream. He was faceless but nice looking, maybe 35 years old. He was wearing tight black skinny jeans, but I can remember no more about him except his hair was dark, curly and foppish. I am not sure where we were, but it was a packed place and we were crammed together, probably on public transport.

Did I detect he ever so slightly pressed against me in a way that suggested he might be interested in an assignation (I would have said hook up if I thought I had any young readers). I ...
Today we saw the movie Victoria and Abdul. Even when the introduction was on the screen, we were warned that it would be historically inaccurate. Who cares. It was a great and easy movie to watch. Dame Judith Dench played Judi Dench ever so well, along with being Queen Victoria.. Her acting skills are glorious. None could question the ability of the actors, the sets, the filming.....the writing? Maybe, but as I said, it was just so enjoyable.

Now, John Gray of Wales, you reviewed Victoria and Abdul, and your review was rubbish ...

Yesterday an argument that was inevitable finally happened. Someone I’ve known for a few years and had some issues with messaged me very innocently yesterday but it descended into a firestorm of crap quite quickly.

Every year or so I get a passive aggressive message where he mentions that I’ve never asked him to model for me. Yesterday he started down that track again but immediately followed up with “better than that bullshit project you did last year” referring to My People My Tribe. That project is one that I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of. The people I met and photographed were awesome and it taught me a lot about photographing non-models.

He tried to call out my integrity with the project because “you’ve never photographed a fat person any other time in your life”. So? Just

Many things people do on the roads annoy me and have me at times wishing I was a cop but I generally overlook the annoying things and don't go on a murderous rampage. There is one offence that happens that could tip me over the edge though.

Here is the scenario. You are fourth car back waiting to turn right at a fully controlled intersection having patiently waited for two minutes while the lights go through their cycle. Finally you see the green arrow and nothing moves because the person in front is not paying attention. After a blast from someone's horn, they will shoot around the corner at speed, knowing they are guilty of the most heinous crime (probably playing with their phone).

Because you are the fourth car, you have missed the green arrow when you could have caught it had the first car moved once the green arrow came up. You sit there for another two minutes at the traffic lights, all because of the inattention of one tosser playing ...

You might have caught on through a few different blog post: I love matcha. I don’t mind the traditional Japanese green tea, although it does taste a bit weedy and vegetal in its truest form. As a flavour for a dessert, I really love it: matcha pannacotta, matcha Kit Kats, matcha cake, match frappucino…

So, stumbling on this very new food stall in the basement of World Square: seems like I will have to just hang out here and try basically everything.

For even though I love matcha, I decided on this occasion that I would try a Black Sesame Latte (as I’ve never tried that, and have had many Matcha Lattes before). It was sensational. Yum.

It is not a word I use or like and nor does the New South Wales police force. They charged Danny Lim over a sandwich board. The Tony referred to is our former far right and strongly religious Prime Minister who did not last too long in office.

This looks harmless enough.

Sweet. Apparently he is a very nice guy. Maybe Victor has run into him at his local station or on the streets.


'The Dinner' opens with a voiceover. A man is speaking about which parts of history interest him. Voiceovers turn out to be a feature of this film either as streams of consciousness or indications of mental health.

The setting is a faddish dinner in an expensive and pretentious restaurant. A setting of 21st century Western civilisation that contrasts with the moral dilemmas including racism, violence, human disregard and health which preoccupy the two couples that have met at the restaurant for dinner. The events that concern the individuals are revealed ...