January 2019

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Advertising has a lot that can be criticised. For a long time it’s played to obvious stereotypes and often been guilty of misogyny, homophobia and racism. I think companies that try to redress that should be applauded.

This week one of the companies most guilty of misogynistic advertising for decades, Gillette has done their part to shift their approach. Their ad talks about the culture of toxic masculinity and how “boys will be boys” is not good enough any more. There have been arguments that it’s attacking men but I disagree. To me it feels like it’s handing people an opportunity to do better. To recognise bad behaviour and be a part of the solution.

Obviously the same men that think women are being given all the opportunities and claim it’s impossible to even flirt with a woman now that #metoo has had such a (positive) impact, are now threatening boycotts against Gillette saying that it is PC gone mad


New YorkNew York by Lily Brett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lily Brett is a celebrated Australian poet and novelist, who often writes about family life, including the experiences of people like her, the daughter of survivors of the Holocaust. She also writes essays, and I found her collection ‘New York’ amidst the library of the poet Ramon Loyola, which I’d volunteered to redistribute after his untimely passing.

The collection of essays is extremely charming. Brett has lived in New York City with her husband, the artist David Rankin, since 1989 and she shares her gentle and humorous

I am not sure this is as good as I want it to be, but publish and be damned.

I won't say any more about American health care aside from it being deplorable but a little improved by Obama when he was President. It did mean that some middle class people had to pay more for private health insurance and more less well off people received better care, if they could take out health insurance.

But let us compare Canada to Australia for medical care. Both are very confusing and complicated but they generally work well enough most of the time. Here is an edited  of what Jackie in Toronto sent me when I asked her about Canadian health care.

Americans don't know a lot about our healthcare and yet they say they don't want it. I don't understand this. (Me either)
Jim Carrey, a Canadian, explains this perfectly.Here is a video featuring him and another Canadian ...

Today I watched the video below about dating. This woman made some very valid points. Rather than going in to a date asking if the person is “the one”, ask if you actually even want to spend a few hours having dinner with them. It seems like common sense but it doesn’t feel like it’s that common.

What I want to know is how are people finding dates? I haven’t been on a real date in over a year. In August 2017 I went on a couple of great dates with someone which unfortunately went nowhere but pretty much nothing since. In this video she talks about Tinder but that for me has been pretty useless. If I match with someone there are maybe one or two messages sent but it never seems to go anywhere from there.

I have half-jokingly thought about issuing a date challenge on the blog asking for dates but the caveat is that I blog about them but then I don’t know if I want to do that. As soon as I’m legitimately

A dated graphic.

But why is my state of Victoria along with Tasmania, so far behind the eight ball?

As a youngun I remember taking Marchants Lemonade bottles back to shops to receive five cents for the return. Why did it stop and why don't we do it now? A chap used to turn up at the farm every so often to remove beer bottles and pay us for them.

Sometimes it just takes a while for things to fall into place. Steven is a young guy I chatted to on Grindr probably 18 months ago. He’s a bit of a nudie and at one point was going to come to one of our nude drinks nights but that never happened.

We’d also talked about doing a photo shoot and like the drinks, that didn’t seem like it was going to happen. Then a couple of months ago we started chatting again and I mentioned the shoot and he was right up for it.

So one day in December we headed off to the National Park to a nice private spot that I’d been to before. I managed to get us a little bit lost a couple of times but in the end, there we were, nude by a stream in the sunshine in the Australian bush.


    Are we not men?
     "L" precedes "G" in LGBTIQ for good reasons, not the least of which is to remind gay men that pre-Queer tendencies to exclusion of all but the overtly masculine weren't quite as cool as we thought. A community like that isn't a viable or effective movement, nor is it acceptable to a socio-political alliance committed to broad change. Gay Liberation, as determined by gay men, hadn't lived up to the early-70s promises demonstrated by significant actions like forcing the American Psychiatric Association to de-pathologize homosexuality. For close to twenty ...

One of our friends who took us to the Tandoori Hut said that if he had a death row meal, butter chicken from the Tandoori Hut would be it.

The other friend said that it’s noisy and loud and the service isn’t great, but the food makes it worth it.

True enough. On a Saturday night, it really was noisy, and with a packed restaurant, the poor waiter (the owner’s son?) can’t manage all the tables by himself (but had to).

We ordered a spinach paneer, two orders of butter chicken, and a lamb korma. And some chicken tandoori to start with.

As well as rice, raita and naan (including

Have you made your cucumber sandwiches? Have you poured yourself a Pimms? The strawberries are hulled for later? Sit down and stay cool/warm enjoy the Australian Open coming to you from Melbourne. Err, if Rupert allows you.

I may even watch a little myself.
This mural is on the side of a nightclub. It was once a gay club called Virgin Marys and the Catholic Church protested loudly. The name was eventually contracted to VMs. That was many years ago and it is now a straight nightclub.

Some words come to mind as I look at the photo. Jazz, speakeasy, prohibition, black American rights, bars cloudy with smoke, police corruption. There can be an awful lot to read into what seems a simple mural.

Unfortunately it has been tagged and I could not find the name of the artist. I really like it. It is a a narrow lane and I only had my phone camera to use.