November 2018

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We are testing our rego page for the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras now so it'll be live soon.  It's going to be huge this year.  We have plenty of surprises ahead and will announce them as we go.

First change is that we are launching our new website, and will migrate off the blogsite over the summer.  Whilst the rego page isn't live yet, have a look around the website and spread the word on LWP.  You can join the site in preparation as only people who have joined the site will be able to register.  Note you'll get the same amount of emails from that site as you do from the blogsite now.  Plus we can focus our comms so you don't get info on an event unless you have registered for it.

Anyway, I hope you have a song ready to suggest, have started back at the gym and have that environmentally friendly glitter on order.

Getting close now!

spiral fountainsurf splash
It was not a too early day, and the day mostly involved travel. Our coach took us to George Airport where we took a domestic flight to Johannesburg. The camera had a bit of a rest. Another coach collected us from the airport with a new driver and we set off for the destination for the night at Nelspruit, striking distance of Kruger Park. We stopped off for a break at Alzu Petroport, which was really good and had a bit of wildlife happening down below in the fenced land.

As there isn't much to see for today journey, let me tell you about tipping in South Africa. Yes, it is a tipping country, and Australians hate having to tip. At the top of our voices we want to yell, pay your workers proper wages and get rid of this tipping nonsense. At home, we do tip a little, but it is not expected. If your bill for a meal is $38, you will probably just leave the change from $40. Pizza delivery people don't get paid very well, just the bare minimum, so we usually ...

In the years that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve posted several times about being called stupid, crazy or an idiot for wanting monogamy. A close friend who knows that I want to find a monogamous relationship, when he and his partner opened things up told me to just “Steal someone else’s husband”. I didn’t dignify that with a response.

In the past few weeks I found out that a couple who were posting some very hot videos on onlyfans, are monogamous. They have found their way of keeping the sexual chemistry alive without opening things up. Then last night I had dinner with a couple who are monogamous and have no desire to ever change that. Once again, they have their own way of keeping the spice in their


Have you ever feared walking down the street ?
Have you ever been too scared to hold your partners hand while doing it?
Have you ever feared being bashed for kissing your partner goodbye in public?

Well this is a very live fear that same same sex loving people live with every day. Because while many people will want to sit and believe everything is fine, the fact is, its not. A few months ago now a friend of mine living in Newcastle New South Wales went out for a harmless night out with his friends when he was assaulted. Why you may ask, because he is gay. My friend thought he was doing the right thing helping one of his girlfriends out by telling this guy she wasn’t interested this resulted in this guy attacking him and pushing him into and wall and bashing his head into. This defense for attacking my friend is “I fear the gay”. Never did my friend say anything to this guy other then “She has a boyfriend”.

Maybe of interest to some. I meant to have a look at the train line mentioned in yesterday's post and today I found some time and I did, and I found it quite interesting. This terrific map from Wikipedia shows the line, from Port Elizabeth in the east to the country terminus at Avontuur, or Avontour if you like.

The line seems to have primarily been built to get farm produce to the port, specifically fruit from orchards.

From my understanding it is a long time since trains have run on the brown bit of the line. Where we stopped for morning tea was at Louterwater and I think the line is still serviceable to ...

Paramount is a really great place to see films. It’s intimate, with not so many seats, and a good view from each of them. But it’s still a communal experience, which, if people remember they’re not watching Netflix at homes, is a fun way to watch a movie. I like hearing other people’s sounds of pleasure or surprise, or a collective silence during an intense moment. On the other hand, I don’t know why this couple talked to each other the entire way through the documentary on Alexander McQueen. I guess there will always be those who are a bit stupid and selfish.

Finishing the film (highly recommended, by the way), what a treat it was to wander down the block to Poly. I think

We briefly visited Cape St Francis Lighthouse as we set off in the coach for the day.

This land nearby is set aside for a nuclear power plant, and South Africa already has two such plants, providing 5% of the country's power needs . It appears the construction of the Thyspunt reactor is on long term hold as many issues about the location are debated. As an aside, South Africans argue that power is being sold off more cheaply to Zimbabwe than to the people of South Africa. Sounds rather like our own Australian gas. 

We all know how easy it is to click around on the internet and waste HOURS essentially seeing nothing important. A week or two had passed since Kylie had announced the Australian leg of her Golden tour and there were posts about it floating around. I clicked on one that mentioned pre-sale tickets because I hadn’t actually seen when tickets went on sale.

Lo and behold the pre-sale was happening right then! It was 25 minutes into a 2 hour window. So I got myself logged in, got the code and got myself a few tickets! Now it’s a big call to buy $200 tickets to a concert without discussing it with friends but I’d go alone. Kylie as I have said many times is the closest thing I get to religion and people go to church by themselves. A Kylie


It’s been a while since I wrote anything about my dating life:

a) because I haven’t had much of a dating life to talk about and

b) please refer back to A.

Now lets rewind to June/July 2017 when my friends and I went to a pyjama party here in Melbourne can I tell you it is actually such a great idea it was a really fun night. When one of my friends was going to meet a guy from online that funnily enough I knew from social media yep small gay world which you’d think that this guy was from Newcastle would make it not so small…..WRONG! Anyway friend meets said boy and they drunkenly make out which you know happens at these things, which I only know cause they both have  told me because lets be honest at the time I was probably drunkenly making out with another boy. Cue boy going back to Newcastle at holidays end and Newcastle boy and I continue to chat online through multiple forms of social media developing a