July 2018

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Chatting to a friend today we both have a lot of change going on. He’s trying to find some balance in his life after essentially being buried in work all year so far. Apart from seeing him briefly at Mardi Gras time, I haven’t caught up with him all year and that’s been hard.

Over the course of the conversation I realised that I need to use the fresh start of my new living arrangement to foster some new habits. My bedroom is typically quite a bomb site and it frustrates the hell out of me. So once I get set up and work out what storage etc I need and settle in, it’s time to break the habit of leaving things all over the floor.

It’s also time to sort out better eating

I've never been a gamer on the net. It just does not interest me, but yet........

Mother had a black and white AWA Deep Image tv (Australia Wireless something. I can't remember ) in the seventies. It was a stylish modern television with a nice legs and and a very handsome timber veneer.  Mother still had the tv into the eighties and was rather late into colour tv, with her next set being a Rank Arena. My younger siblings had some sort of game thing they could plug into the AWA tv. I think it was called Pong. It was good fun, to hit a ball a bit back and forth from the control sticks. (I don't remember the control sticks, but it can't have been touch screen).

Such a simple game, but we had such fun.

Our Late Friend back in the early noughties asked what I was doing with my old mobile phone. He suggested I should give it to his partner as a gift. No way, I replied. It has ...

Nobody likes Monday’s well except maybe if you’re a parent and you get to dump the kids at school for the day and get some peace and quiet.. I hope your Monday isn’t as dreadful as it could be and it full of happiness.

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This weeks Man Crush is a double, mainly because I can’t quiet tell them apart. But I am sure you won’t mind seeing two lots of gorgeous men. To round

BAD is still in Italy, Messina to see Mount Etna.

No, I am not talking about Gattina in the subject line. She is more Madame Waterloo, a kind of satellite city of Brussels, where once a great history changing battle was fought.

In our lift are notice frames where notices are placed about what is happening in the building, a reminding of rules and what is on in Melbourne that might entertain or amuse.

I read on a notice  that on Friday nights we have a European winter night market in a street called Madame Brussels Lane. I'd no idea where that is until I checked. It seems to be more a place or a bar or maybe a lane too. I will investigate this week. I had heard the name Madame Brussels and I vaguely knew of her infamy. Over to Wikipedia.

Caroline Hodgson was born in Potsdam in the then Prussia to John and Frederica Lohman. In 1871 she married Studholme Hodgson and ...

Overcoming body image issues is one of the first hurdles to enjoying being nude for a lot of people. Azza is an Australian guy who has been living in New Zealand for several years and only discovered the joys of getting nude in nature 12-18 months ago. He tells me that he used to be really heavy and overweight but I have to say I’m sceptical. Maybe he was but he certainly isn’t now.

Azza works does some stripping and topless waitering in his spare time with his new found body confidence but it was his cheeky nude pics out in nature that caught my attention on Instagram. As it so happens some of my friends met Azza when they were in New Zealand and when he was visiting town for

I made the most of the fine weather this weekend.
On Saturday, I took the dog on an epic walk. We first headed towards Port Melbourne. 
On the way, I spotted this beautiful wattle already in full bloom. Truffles and I stopped briefly to look at the Spirit of Tasmania before heading off to the beach for a run.

We then made our way to Albert ...
People should give proper respect to the office of President of the United States, back like the world did to President Obama when he travelled. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as Queenie was dressed to meet the Trumpets. "One must do one's duty and endure. It is that Mrs May's fault that I have to meet him."

People really are so unkind.

Relaxing with good company.

The girl I work with, Melissa, had been giving me the shits all day. 

I had to make up some new folders for storing reports, start of the new financial year and all that.

Melissa is a self professed OCD. Funny how self profession absolves one from all responsibility of the professed affliction.

So, I put all of the labels on the spines on the folders just slightly crooked.

I saw he fingers twitch and her hands wring when she saw them. She looked at the folders and then she looked at me, then she looked at the folders again. I said nothing.

BAD is still in Venice.

A couple of readers wondered about the battery life of our Dyson stick vacuum cleaner which we bought, hard to believe, five years ago. Well River, you were right. It did wear out, after nearly five years. I don't think five years is too bad really.

The vacuum cleaner starting cutting out especially on the higher setting, but also on the lower setting after a long use. This normally happens if you fail to empty the dust or if it is blocked, so that it doesn't put strain on the motor. I cleaned it meticulously, but still it was cutting out. I spent perhaps two hours on the net in hourly blocks researching what was wrong with it.

Brad, the solid office services boy, bent over in front of me just as I was heading out of the office. He bent at the hips, which made his large arse look even larger. He had on what looked like big undies under his work trousers, but with his bum I’m guessing that isn’t an option. I could see the outline of the elastic around each of his legs, forming what looked like huge jocks.

Brad with his red hair and his flushed cheeks.

I wanted to goose him. Perhaps, get the tip of my finer into the indentation of his arse crack. He’d come up like one of those toy birds drinking from the cup of water, on speed. See his red-flushed cheeks then.

What noise would he make? “Ooooo!”

I can’t help but picture him as a Rubenesque boy in an oil painting naked, his alabaster skin, his man-boobs, his tummy rolls, a piece of chiffon carefully draped over his crotch, just a hint of red pubes. His thick, hairy thighs. ...