March 2019

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Hello everyone. Missed you heaps. My rss feed has 514 posts to read so my apologies if I only skim read.

Our cruise to New Zealand was ok. We are in agreement that we won't do another cruise, with or without three days at sea. I will write more about that in the future. To put it frankly, we both screwed up in some ways during the holiday. Myself more than R.

My mega muck up was ten minutes before we were due to go downstairs to catch a cab to Station Pier and board Golden Princess, I decided I might take a lot of photos with my my phone so I inserted a storage card into the phone. My plan was use a build up of phone data while in New Zealand. I didn't and still don't know about using the ship cellular network while at sea, but I doubt it would be free. Casual internet use was charged at $70 for 100 minutes. Outrageous. The cruise itself was very cheap, about $1750 each for 13 days. You can pay for no more than that but few do and the ...

It’s often said that people meet their future partners at weddings. From recent personal experience I’m killing that statistic. Since most of my weddings as a celebrant have been for people that I know or am connected to in some way I’ve been invited to several of the receptions after the ceremony which is lovely.

Last night I got to enjoy a reception for a very fun couple that I know through my circus school. They are a straight couple but there were actually several gay men there. Sadly, none of them were available. Even at the weddings that have had a single gay man (there’s never been more than one) I have already known the person and they’ve been considerably older than me and neither of us were interested.

We headed off late morning to eat lunch and get Buddy's food in Thornbury.
The sun shone.

There was a car in front of me at the give way sign in the back streets of Fitzroy, and then there was me. There was a land Rover Discovery coming towards us wanting to turn right, in front of us. 

The car in front of me went, and then so did I, as the land Rover tried to turn in front of me. He turned out to be some angry loser and he lost his shit when I didn’t let him go first.

He started yelling at me, so I stopped in front of him, his open window pretty much lining up with mine.

“What the fuck! What the fuck! You should fucking give way to me…”

“You are turning in front of me,” I said. “Learn your road laws.”

“You’re on a give way sign!” He was throwing himself around in the driver’s seat pointing at the give way sign. “A fucking give ...
little bourke beastmaster and hound

It’s great to see a restaurant doing so well, and a vegetarian restaurant doing so well in particular (eating less meat is good for the planet).

On a Monday night, Yulli’s was pretty much packed. I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about it before, as I’ve eaten a number of times here (and have a number of vegetarian friends).

What I’d forgotten was that Yulli’s is also a brewery, and serving up local beer. I love that idea. So much I had to try a tasting paddle. Some flavours I liked more, and some less, but I support the venture! In the meantime, the food was awesome.


It’s fair to say I’m no minimalist. Sure, I’m not a hoarder and when I moved last year I threw out some stuff I’d been moving from house to house for 20 years. This week I started clearing out some of the digital trash.

I have been a member of and for a few years and I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone directly through the sites and on the occasions when I logged in I was either approving or declining friend requests, clearing notifications, occasionally responding to a message then logging out. There was no real interaction.

Snapchat is next on my list. I just need to figure out how to delete my account because you can’t actually do it


We're researching Japan, we're going in 4 weeks.

About a week and a half ago I remember seeing something (probably on Twitter) that said "it's the last week of the Fringe"... and I thought to myself "that can't be right, we're only halfway through, surely.

But no... due to the our reduced program of events (I haven't been to this few shows since 2010) the Fringe was over and done and I still left like I was only halfway.

On the up side, because I had to be very specific about the shows on my list, we didn't see any duds, and most of the shows were excellent (more than ...

There is a quote that I have been led to believe was made by Mark Twain but I don’t know for sure. It says “Travel is the antidote to ignorance.” Whoever said it, I completely agree. The excitement is starting to build for my trip to Europe which is just over 4 months away.

Today I discovered a new inspiration on Instagram. Inspiration both for photography and travel. Morten Rustad is a photographer from Norway who travels a lot and does absolutely stunning videos and time-lapse photography of his travels.

Landscape photography is HARD. I find it scary and intimidating and that’s why I shoot people but this video really makes me want to do more landscapes. I also looked at parts of this and thought a cheeky nude selfie in that location would be awesome. Everyone finds their own motivation right?