May 2017

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Today was gorgeous and I headed to the pool around 11am. That time of day it is nice and quiet, I had a lane to myself and wore my favourite AussieBum speedos, the Portsea’s.

This first photo is a 2nd pair of AussieBum Portseas of mine with the AussieBum logo on the front.

AussieBum PortseaBlue AussieBum SwimwearAussieBum Swimmer

I had some phone calls to deal with so after banging out 40 minutes of freestyle laps, I jumped out of the pool to check my phone and sat on one of the chairs out in the sun. I also kinda wanted to dry off a little since I was going to the

Not too many photos today, so I will slip in these two photos. The first is a cheap box of tissues we bought in Lisbon for less that €1. It seems tissues are not supplied in Portuguese hotels, at least the two we stayed in. Note the cardboard bits at the top to keep the tissues flowing without the leading tissue collapsing into the box. Here in Australia, we have some complicated arrangement on the underside of the box that I have tried twice. The first time it worked. The second time.......well, the box was wrecked. This system in this photo works. The box is in my ensuite and is now almost empty, but still the tissues keep coming.


'Only Heaven Knows' is set in the Kings Cross district of Sydney in the 1940s and 1950s. For those not familiar, Kings Cross is a small residential suburb which in those days was seen as a Bohemian district for artistic 'types' and those living 'alternative lifestyles'. It was an area attractive to homosexuals in an era when homosexuality was criminal activity and often brutally suppressed by the authorities. It was also an area that attracted many US Forces personnel spending their short R&R breaks away from World War 2 conflict.

In this play which seems variously a drama, a musical and a comedy, we find several relationships, sexual and platonic ...

Outings Project


What is Soul Food? I wasn’t sure but I wanted to try some. Alphabet City in the East Village seemed closer to Kips Bay than Harlem, so I headed down to Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter at 94 Avenue C.

It’s fun to explore a new area of the city: so many cool looking bars and restaurants, lots of buzz in the streets at 7:30pm on a Wednesday night.

I was glad that Bobwhite’s had space for me, and I grabbed a seat at the counter. It’s a very simple menu: chicken, catfish, a few sides. I grabbed me the catfish with a pinot grigio, and it came, as you can see with a perfect biscuit, and I chose the macaroni and cheese which was perfectly tasty. The catfish surprised me: it tasted light and delicate and was

I was sitting in a cafe and a man walked past. The first thing I noticed was his very smart blazer. But then I saw a belly button. Yes, the man was wearing a crop top under his blazer. I hope it's not a new nordic trend.
I have some of the days a bit mixed up because I did not change the time on the camera, but no matter. Almost all the footpath paving in Lisbon is small flat tiles, sometimes in patterns but mostly not. They do really look so nice. In some places they are highly polished.

What on earth??? I snapped this from the bus tour the day before.

Here are a couple of snips from the article. It seems a tennis court has been named after where the Australian Open tennis is held.

The Margaret Court thing? Her comments that she refuses to fly Qantas anymore in protest at Qantas CEO's advocacy of same-sex marriage? Simply sad. She embarrasses herself. Her remarks are consistent with other homophobic comments she has made over the years - "To legitimize what God calls abominable sexual practices that include sodomy, reveals our ignorance as to the ills that come when society is forced to accept law that violates their very own God-given nature," – and no great surprise."I am disappointed that Qantas has ...

As of two days ago I am now officially a qualified and registered Marriage Celebrant, licensed to perform civil ceremonies here in Australia. I’m so relieved that the accreditation and registration has all come through in time for me to fill out paperwork for my friend’s ceremony before I go on my holiday.

There aren’t many people I’d be willing to do all the study the course required for but these friends are very dear friends and I’m very much looking forward to performing their ceremony for them and being a part of their day. It also means that I have another source of income and as someone mentioned to me, 10-15 ceremonies in a year, if I chase the work will pay for a very nice holiday every year should I choose to take one.

Now the next step is to choose a business name. The woman whose wedding I’m officiating keeps telling me to go with The Naked Celebrant but I think that would be quite limiting in it&rsquo

Look for the Helpers, you will always find people helping.