October 2017

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I’ve had a few messages lately asking if I’ll be moving my content over to The site has been
Much happened between our family owning the HR Holden and the next car. My parents officially separated and it was not a good time for the young Andrew. Less so for my younger siblings. Mother refused to clean the HR Holden, 'for that slut to ride around in'. Father was a friend and drinking mate of the owner of the local town tv and radio service and sales place. He at times would visit his mate in his shop. These visits became increasingly frequent as Father became interested in his mate's secretary. She was a couple of years younger than him, and god forbid, had the same name as Mother.

A relationship, nay love, happened. Love like I had never seen between Father and Mother. She went on to become our Step Mother. She was sharp of tongue at times but her bark was much worse than her bite. She was kind and cared for us all at different times when we visited Father. I lived with them for about three years, with her own children of an age ...
The two falcon chicks escaped their wooden box into the metal gutter where the box sits.  I took a screen grab on Tuesday and both chicks were far from the box. I later saw a video where someone had grabbed some footage and both chicks were being fed.

Wednesday morning when I checked, one seemed to be dead to me, but sometimes they just like sleeping. By Wednesday night I was convinced one chick had died and it has. It is odd that I haven't  seen any mention of this, especially on Twitter.

We had a couple of hot days, and in spite of me seeing a parent shading the chicks, perhaps ...
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scott marsh

Hey there Space Time Travellers, I’m back safely in Australia after a long flight home. I got back about 48
I'm not completely sure how I feel about Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It's the sequel to 2015's Kingman: The Secret Service, which I loved.

And it's a good sequel, it hits a lot of the right beats, but it just doesn't seem as... cohesive somehow.

Also, it needs about 150% more Channing Tatum, even if we do get to see him in some very well stuffed underwear, he's essentially hardly in the movie at all. I was very much looking forward to seeing him and Taron ...
The sun shone down beautifully all day, the light sparkled, and it was hot. The hottest day all year, well, you know since winter. Lovely. I wore shorts for the first time this year, well, you know since winter. The dark is over, the cold has receded and the warmth is on its way. I shivered with anticipation of summer.

(Actually, I quite like winter, and I hate the extreme heat of mid summer.) Never the less, I love the light and the longer days of summer, despite the heat. The warm, minty breath of summer floated through the house all day.

I washed Buddy before lunch. Sam came home and cooked chicken schnitzels and salad for lunch. I trimmed the creeper on the side wall in the afternoon.

Sometimes I just feel like I’m on a reconnaisance mission. I’ll have just a drink or a coffee to see if the place tempts me back for a meal. Or I’ll have a meal to see if it tempts me back for more meals, possibly at different times of the day.

In this way, Goros succeeded. I’ve been curious about such a non-descript shopfront that nevertheless gets a line up of folks on the weekend. Entering on a Monday after work, it’s surprisingly busy, and it’s a bizarre mash-up. There’s a karaoke area off on one side. Pinball machines. A bar. Booths as if in a Japanese restaurant… or a food court. There’s a neon fish skeleton on one wall next to the neon Pokies

I  must admit I was initially sceptical of the format but I'm very much a Gogglebox fan. The Aussie version is so much better than the British (snore) version.

There are some new people this season. They are Lebanese Aussies. All three are very attractive. Nathan noted that the guy on the left is always 'man spreading'. I'm not sure if it was complaint.