June 2018

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Last weekend I headed out for the Queens Birthday celebration here in Australia. The party I was going to was

This time of year is always a struggle for me. Today has been particularly cold here in Sydney and we are having some rain as well. Now I know we need the rain as I don’t feel like we’ve had anywhere near enough this year, but I’m not really coping with it. Of course in a literal sense I am but I would MUCH rather it be warm and sunny.

I’m a solar powered creature and while I can cope with being cold, cold and wet makes me miserable. There are people in the office saying how much they love Winter and I have to stop myself from looking at them like they are fucking crazy. Sure, fashion in Winter is more glamorous and there are so many more options but if I had the option I’d be in a tank top or t-shirt and shorts, if I

The dog and I have had the apartment to ourselves these last couple of days while Nathan embarked on an epic road trip from Melbourne to the Gold Coast.

Friends of ours have decided to move up north. It turns out that the cost of getting cars transported can be quite high. So, our friend's husband left on Saturday to drive one of the family cars up to their new home. Nathan and the friend drove up with the second car early yesterday.

Most of my long road trips have been for work.  Can't say I'm much of a fan of the driving, but my trips do involve plenty of stops along the way, mostly to collect animals for scientific research, which makes it fun.

So, I just tried to google why so many round shapes show up in Chinese architecture and decoration and I couldn’t figure it out. So, they’ve made a skyscraper… that’s round. And while it says it alludes to a coin, I’m not quite sure why. And I’m Chinese. Shouldn’t I know?

This was just one of the many mysteries of Dongtian Kitchen. When I asked the waitress about the name, she explained it’s a very famous fellow who does make-up for China’s biggest film stars. And he decided to open up some restaurants as well.

Atomic power, Vulcan Bombers, The Queen Mum and Damson Fool


I am just about to wrap up watching Gilmore Girls and what better why to do it then to round out Man Crush Monday with Rory Gilmore’s third boyfriend and since I have featured the other two I should probably give a day to this guy as well. Now while we can debate who was the best for Rory and who is the most attractive there is no doubt that she has good taste in men cause she got some attractive ones.

You may also know him from his more recent TV appearances on The Good Wife and The Resident, all I can say further is I hope I look as good as him at 41.


This weeks Man Crush Monday goes to Matt Czuchry


While my Facebook feed is blowing up with World Cup posts I though I’d post a couple of Ozzy Man
Look, this tv show has that woman on it, said I. R was perplexed.

There are many women in the world.

The boss one in the old people care facility place. She played a similar role in a comedy.

Err, yes, you are right.


R then replied, Moving On, that was the name.

I googled. No not Moving On, although I am reminded what a great tv series that was. R, that British comedian woman was in it. The one who was on what's his name's show. (I meant Stephen Fry but I could not think of his or her name or even the name of the show, QI).

A minute passed.

Jo Brand.


Where, oh where would I treat myself to homemade pasta for Sunday lunch? That was my question. I considered going back to the exquisite Le Mani in Pasta but decided why not? Let’s try something else, and be guided by TripAdvisor, which seems extremely popular in tourist cities like Rome and Paris.

The funny thing about TripAdvisor reviews though is that the best ratings may have to do with other factors besides just food… So, I was surprised to arrive at Pasta E Vino (which Google Maps has translated to “Pasta and Wine”: knock it off Google, you shouldn’t translate the name of a restaurant) and see what a humble place it is.

I was lucky enough to be in Paris for Twoone's exhibiton. Knowing his earlier work, I was not expecting his use of so much colour in many of these pieces.  Beautiful