May 2018

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Let his be recorded in history, from my faliable memory. In the old Parliament House in our Federal capital Canberra, the microphones used to pick up interjections from various members of various parties when a politician was on the floor speaking. This made for very good entertainment at times. This was back in the days when Radio National was dry and dusty and there were gongs during the news and ABC local radio was compelled to carry Parliament (and cricket) on the airwaves. At times the interjections could be very cutting, or just really amusing.

I can't remember the exact timelines now but once the new parliament building opened, it had very directional microphones broadcasting what the politician was saying on the floor of the house, but not the interjections from other politicians. That is, the mikes would only broadcast what the pollie was saying because he or she was talking directly to the microphone. Good idea to keep the public ignorant of ...


As I continue my decent down the rabbit hole which is Gilmore Girls. This weeks Man Crush is brought to you by rebel teenagers and season 2. You might know him a Jess or might know him as Peter the Hero or you might even know him as Jack, Mandy Moore’s husband. Either way he is a hottie!!!


This weeks Man Crush is Milo Ventimiglia!

I wondered how long ago was it that I had a shower, maybe Friday morning, which would drive Sam mad. Then, seeing the lonely sight of one razor in the container, again, (funny how some images effect you) I realised I had a shower Saturday morning before I went out to lunch. So, not so bad, just one day.

I found the kitchen scissors in the bathroom, good to know.

I wondered how many times I'd brushed my teeth, but I clean my teeth twice a day, it is automatic, not really something I ever have to think about.

I've got to go out and pay some bills, damn life intruding.

This guy came and stood next to me at the train station when I was off out to lunch. He was gorgeous. Widow's peak. Eddie Munster grown up. Jules says it is creeper taking photos of people,  but I was lining up the station when he walked in front of my camera.

Yes, plenty of regrets, but nothing too major.

Except that while I know an awful little about an awful lot, I am not expert at anything. I could not be interviewed on the radio about any area of expertise.

It is rather good that via the internet, I know an awful lot of experts in various areas. I have forgotten her name, the English woman who was a guest in Australia's coverage of the royal wedding. She knew her Royals back to front, going way back in history.

Even among our friends, our Brother Friends know menswear back to front. Our Hairdresser Friend knows hair cutting and all things associated well. Brighton Antique Dealer knows antiques so well, and recently made a thousands of dollar killing with something she bought cheaply at auction. She gave $500 to each of her children and had plenty left over.

My school teacher Sister knows how to get the best out of 16 year lads.

Ex Sis in Law knows how to bring her children up ...

Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your LifeSoft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life by Michael Merzenich
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Soft-wired is an odd mix of relentlessly cheery home-spun wisdom and science. While the scientific basis for being able to change our brains for the better may have been proven, the advice oftens comes off as the regular stuff of self-help guides: make more friends, take up new hobbies, have a positive attitude.

We got this book as we’d read the best-seller, ‘The Brain That Changes

I bough chocolate chip cookies. I bought frozen custard ice cream. I put them together in a cookie, ice cream, cookie sandwich. It was a sugar overload, if I am truthful.

I watched terrible movies on Netflix.

The open fire burned.

Just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to photograph the beautiful Antonio. As I mentioned in a previous post he was absolutely adorable and I may have fallen a little bit in love with him. Of course he’s back on the other side of the world performing and I’m fairly unlikely to see him again sadly.

Well now it’s your turn to enjoy the photos I captured of this beautiful man in this week’s download, BALANCE. I’m really happy with these photos and even happier we didn’t get arrested taking them. We were seen as it was a fairly public

Staff leaving, volunteers disengaging, podcasts falling
Nathan works on Saturdays. We (i.e. Nathan, Truffles and I) all pile into the car in the morning to go with him to work.

The dog and I then walk home together. It's good exercise. We always go pass the South Melbourne markets and I usually end up getting some flowers (Truffles usually gets a dog treat from the florist). We are both happy.

The past few weeks, I've also taken to catching the tram out to Victoria Street so I can have Vietnamese noodle soup for lunch. Last week I had pho. This week I had bun bo hue.

After my big meal, I decided to walk down to Bridge Road. I visited a commercial gallery that was having an exhibition of 'sharp edge abstraction'. It was food for the soul. Stunning.

Back home, I pottered around the apartment for a few hours and then it was time for the dog and I to walk back to Nathan's work. The dog insists on sniffing every tree along the way so it takes us a while but I don't ...