December 2017

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Our last Dean courted quite a bit of controversy getting the University to acquire all kinds of weird and wonderful artwork for our work environment. These works are changed periodically. I recently went into the foyer of one of our building following a leak and was amused to see this...
Can you guess which is the actual work of art?
There have been the deaths of a couple of people this week past who I feel are worth noting. One was Rosemary Margan, our commercial tv Channel 9 weather presenter back in the 70s and 80s...... or maybe that was the 60s and 70s. She wrote on a glass or perspex screen in front of her the temperatures around Australia from behind the screen, so writing numbers backwards. Or so I thought. It turns out the magic of television just flipped the image.

I last remember Rosemary advertising products in the ads before movies. She was classy and likeable. (PS Tarn off does actually work as Rosemary described, but who knows what it does to your fine silver?)

If she did not bring down Harold MacMillan's Tory government, the ever so glamorous Christine Keeler came pretty close to doing so in the 1960s. She was, how should I say it, a hostess, and a comforter to foreign diplomats. It seems it did not bring her wealth or long term glamour. She ...

Yesterday was a classic Aussie Sunday at the beach.  After the morning surf, I did some work and then about lunch time some mates came around and we hung out on the beach kicking a footy around then started up the barbie and just hung out in the back yard.

I have posted about one of my neighbors who was wearing a blue one piece swimsuit all afternoon – read about that on my bisexual blog (

What might be interesting to you guys is that Alex mentioned to me that he and his boyfriend really enjoyed our threesome a few weeks ago and would love to do something this week if I was interested.

Let me think about this…. a threesome with 2 really hot guys who are also into speedos?  Yeah I think I’m interested in that.  So we penciled it in for Wednesday night.  Alex did say that they are getting into some bondage stuff which the three of us have


Ready for a meat coma? Bring friends so you can try as much as you can.

A barbecue joint has opened up in the back of the George Hotel in Waterloo and it was descended upon by this year’s food bloggers Christmas get-together, as organised by Chocolate Suze (her review here) and Helen of Grab Your Fork (her review here). It’s a great, casual atmosphere. Grab an Aussie craft beer on tap from the bar, and then strategise how you’re going to try as many of the delicious menu items as you can fit in your bellies.


As a Canadian transplanted to Australia, my wonder at the weird flora and fauna around here is likely to never wear off. Since cycads are subtropical or tropical, I wasn’t familiar with them, nor expected to have them on my balcony, but when we moved into our apartment in early 2011, the previous owners had left a half a dozen of these on the top balcony. The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney tells me that these plants were around even before the dinosaurs, more than 200 million years ago, in the Permian era.

They’re big, sturdy things, and spiky too, so hard to manoeuvre around, and they’ve all lasted, some healthier than others, putting out new leaves, and occasionally shedding an old one. And now, for the first time that we’ve seen, one has put out a flower! And what a strange flower it is. Check it out (the lower

Bought a gigantic artichoke from the florist this week. Decorative and edible!

Quick blog post before the boys get here for our usual Sunday morning surf.  I think Alex is coming today as well which is great, he doesn’t usually come on the Sunday morning surf.  It is supposed to be a cracker of a day so might end up spending the afternoon in the backyard playing some cricket and hanging around the barbie.

Well I better put on something more than just my black speedo brand speedos – wish I didn’t have to.

Black AussieBum SpeedoReal Man Wearing Speedos

It was quite a while ago when we visited an exhibition at The Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square. We enjoyed the thirty or so minutes we spent looking at an eclectic collection.

This is classic Sydney photo taken at Kings Cross, from memory by the brilliant Max Dupain, at the corner of Darlinghurst Road and William Street.

R and myself looked at each other and snap. Dame M, our late friend. Glamorous, bored, jaded and always with a drink. The only thing missing is the cigarette.

tall ship sidedark sail
maybe this time...