February 2017

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Self-esteem is a wonderful thing. Regardless of age, we all should have it. But alas, sometimes The Mists of Avalon close in, and everybody is...well, just so dammed inadequate. They don’t seem to give us that self-esteem boost we need.

Take this simple test, and find out if it’s time to break out the wallet and pony up!

1. I think of myself as a 10, and therefore I deserve a 10.

2. I’m looking for fun, and whether or not I'm much fun isn't the issue.

3. Needy guys turn me right off.

4. I can’t quite bring myself to see a guy again after I’ve had sex with him. ...
I’m a 1980s baby, which means that the 90s were my formative years. The music, attitudes and pervasive pop culture of that time have shaped who I am today. And while I love so many things about life, and about my life, at the start of the 21st century, there are some things I’d love to […]

I suggested Lion and my friend said he can’t stand anything with Nicole Kidman in it. I suggested Hidden Figures and he said that he’d read a review with the lead actor that said they’d really sanitised the book it was based on. He suggested Silence but reviews have been mixed and the idea of missionaries colonising Asian people makes me kind of queasy.

So, the Great Wall it was!

And you know, the thing is: it wasn’t terrible. I’d read the controversy about whether Matt Damon was cast as a White Saviour for Asians. And he’s not, although he is the focus of the film, the individual that gets the most attention. As a friend pointed out, the Chinese might have been quite pleased that they could


Why go to a Korean BBQ restaurant and not have the BBQ? Any number of reasons, really. Korean Fried Chicken. BiBimBap. Well, that was our decision on a quiet weeknight.

This is a pretty charming and casual place in a little complex with other Asian restaurants, probably at least two other Korean ones and at least one Vietnamese.

The staff are friendly and welcoming.

However, the funniest moment was when the Mama-san brought us the wrong BiBimBap, and then smiled very sweetly and basically said, ‘You can order the one you want next time.’ And she dropped the plate on the table and ran away.


Just after I posted yesterday, Kip and I took a selfie of us in front of his hottub in our speedos – I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe and Kip was wearing a pair of red Arena speedos which fit him just perfectly.

I posted the photo on Grindr and we had a pretty phenomenal response – it might have been because it was puking snow and people were stuck inside.

After a little bit of back and forth Kip and I found a 30yo couple from St. Louis who are out here on holidays (I mean ‘vacation’).  And I need to correct myself when I say ‘couple’ as well since these guys were more ‘fuck buddies’ than in an actual relationship.

Kip and I answered the door just in our speedos which the guys definitely appreciated.  With the anticipation both of us were rock hard and straining the thin layer of lycra which kept our cocks in. The guys were just as hot as their photos, they were both wearing AussieBums


Unfortunately Mike our ever faithful (until now) videographer, for the past six or seven years, has just found out that he will be out of the country late next week with his work (I usually just get sent to Blacktown with my work!) and will miss the media rehearsal and the parade.

So, if you are, or know of, a budding videographer, and are keen to come along to our media night and the parade, please get in touch with the committee as soon as you can.  We'd love to have you aboard.

We love the memories from the video, and the post parade viewing night is always a lot of fun.

Looking forward to hearing from our enthusiastic film buffs soon.

Gary and the Committee

This post does break my rule about posting photos/video of people that don’t know they are being filmed but I’m looking at these guys and taking a guess that they really wouldn’t care. I have no idea where this video is taken but it made me smile.

Three mates who are clearly very athletic and nimble, running around practicing flips and tumbles nude on a beach without a hint of self consciousness makes for really enjoyable viewing. I don’t think they are “real” gymnasts given there is not a straight leg or a pointed toe in all of their tumbling but they clearly have some kind of experience. I’m sure everyone on the beach was enjoying the show. Unfortunately the nude beaches in Sydney aren’t big enough for this kind of thing and they don’t tend to attract the kind of guys that would really do this. It’s a shame because it looks like a lot of fun.
UPDATE: I’m trying to get permission from

If you visit these capital cities in Australia, these are must see places, in order of importance.

Melbourne has St Kilda Beach. Catch a tram to get there.

Sydney has Manly Beach and Bondi Beach. Catch a ferry to get to first, catch a train and then a bus to the latter, if you can squeeze onto the bus. Maybe better to get a bus all the way.

  This weekend I had a free Saturday night in London and decided to go out. I hadn’t been out

Anyone who uses the “dating” apps like Grindr and Scruff will know that successful encounters are great but not all that common. Even the ones that aren’t bad can be pretty average at times. Obviously there are some great encounters but tonight I’m talking about the ones that aren’t.

Over the bajillion years that I’ve been single at times I’ve listened to my gut and opted out of a hookup and other times I have just told myself that I’m just nervous or being silly and it’ll be fine. These days I generally listen to my gut as it seems to be pretty accurate. There was a guy about 18 months ago who looked young in his photo but he didn’t have an age. He turned up on my doorstep in what looked like a school sports uniform but also