April 2018

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Photographing someone like Maxx is always fun. You know there are basically no limits. It’s almost more challenging in to rein him in to stay still for a shot. But then Maxx is also not concerned with being butch or putting on a persona. He is a big personality that is also not afraid to be vulnerable.

Now it’s time to let you all appreciate the many different angles of Maxx in the new download “WILD PONY” now available in my online store. It’s 70 pages of uninhibited shenanigans from Maxx on the beach. I genuinely hope it doesn’t take another 3 years to get around to photographing him again

Current situation goes beyond concerns that can be passed off as “spurious” allegations
Members deserve to see this dealt with openly and transparently
Joining with River and Elephant's Child for Sunday Selections.

I once went to Junction Oval a couple of a few years ago to see Shane Warne play cricket. It was mildly interesting. It was once the home of the St Kilda Football Club, before the team moved to Moorabbin. Now some very nice people live in that area, but why would that area be a home for the St Kilda footy team? Am I correct in thinking the St Kilda footy team are returning to Junction Oval? Not sure, but a bomb load of money has been spent at the oval with a really good result. It is looking terrific and I am sure there are some nice areas within for posh people. In fact I can see the area for posh people in this photo. That would be the modern building.

2018 adelaide biennial of australian art - lindy lee, the life of stars, 2018 ...

Who’s a meat-lover? From the team behind the ridiculously delicious ramen restaurant Yasaka Ramen is Musuo Yakiniku, a Japanese BBQ restaurant. It’s one of those rather modern places where you have an electronic menu on the wall that you order from, and if you decide to do the all-you-can-eat buffet ($85), it’s quite a different experience of eating. You can plot the various things you want to eat and try.

But of course, the wagyu beef is the best. We tried it a few different ways, and while I was expecting it to be good, it was even better than that: so tender and fatty and rich and beautiful. And of course grilled on the spot, by you, to your liking.

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For a long time after taking up male nude photography, it was very rare for me to be able to find models willing to pose full frontal. Largely that was fine by me as I hadn’t got my head around shooting full frontal in a way that people wouldn’t be distracted and focused on the cock. Then as I got more confident with my photography and the ideas I wanted to explore, that modesty started to get frustrating. At times I wanted to submit to websites like Dylan Rosser’s Themaleform but the guys willing to get it out and show it off just weren’t available.

Every now and then someone appear out of the woodwork and be fine with frontal and occasionally even erect. Something seems to have changed in the past year


My pal works near Taylor Square so we’re slowly working outwards from there for our occasional lunch dates. I’ve always found Cafe Organism charming in terms of its outlook, a tall narrow terrace house, and somewhat steep stairs. I’m also charmed that it’s Japanese-run, as I’ve always had a fondness for all things Japan.

I wasn’t so hungry so wanted something small and tasty. The Tofu L’Ancienne Roll ($8) was perfect: crumbed fried tofu, oak lettuce, cucumber and homemade teriyaki sauce. I thought that the tofu was a lovely match for the ciabatta, and it was exactly what I wanted: something simple, tasty and nourishing.

My friend had the tofu and lotus

OK, here it is, the video from the 2018 parade season.  A huge thanks to Mike for his amazing work.  This is by far the best video we've had.  We will produce hard copies for those who ask, so message back if you would like a hardcopy.
Thanks to everyone who came on Friday night, it was great to see so many people enjoying themselves.  And thanks to our four new committee members who've joined us for a fun year ahead.  We are considering feedback from this season, and already have some great ideas for 2019.  This includes introducing nippers into the float, so if you have any youngsters, put thought into registering with them.  Details to come, and yes there'll be plenty of warning for registrations.
Well enjoy the last days of the season down at the beach and keep an eye out, when it warms up, for next season's details.
In the meantime, enjoy the video.  It's lot of fun.