December 2018

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It’s always nice when your perceptions of the world are shaken up a bit for the better. That’s what happened to me on Saturday.

The guy I photographed on Saturday is doing his PhD. In exactly what I can’t remember but I know it has to do with HIV and the sexual behaviour of men around it. Obviously doing something like a PhD means a lot of research and one of the things he mentioned to me that he’d learnt in that research was that there is a pretty much 50/50 split between monogamous and non-monogamous relationships in the gay world. 

That really surprised me because the gay world feels to me like it celebrates non-monogamy and open relationships and even cheating sometimes over monogamy


Some blocks in Sydney have multiple choices for coffee, an oversupply. But wanting a caffeine fix before an appointment at HCF, this block didn’t seem to have a lot of options with so many big office buildings. Perhaps the coffee shops are all, like Mission Coffee, hidden away slightly in the lobbies. Or perhaps there aren’t many which would explain how busy it was.

The person at the counter mistakenly gave me my coffee in a take-away cup; I hate the environmental waste of that. But when I did sit down (at the only free seat!), I got the caffeine fix I was looking for. My latte was rich and strong.

This may become a regular post, or maybe not. A hero is not a great sportsperson, or someone who raises a huge amount of money for a charity. Nor is someone who survived some terrible situation, with or without injury. No, they may have been very brave but that is not heroism.

Let me tell you of a real hero, and history has many of them. I really like shows like Air Crash Investigations and Train Crash Investigations.

In the 1980s there was a terrible train crash in Paris, with 56 people killed. In the face of a runaway incoming train, train driver Andre Tanguy stayed in his train cabin facing the rapidly approaching train and making public announcements over the trains speaker system for passengers to flee the train. Many did and his action saved many lives. He remained at his position urging people to leave his train as the incoming train slammed into his facing driver's cabin and he was killed instantly.

So, the next time you hear of a ...
The athletic chick passes me on the inside coming down to the old treasury building, walking faster than me. Of course, I get my back up because she nearly pushes into me as she passed with her headphones on, me with a bag in one hand and a pot plant in the other. Bitch, I think. I jay walk at Spencer Street and get ahead of her heading down Collins Street.

Purposefully? Of course.

She passed me in front of Collins Place. I jay walk at Exhibition and Russell Streets. She’s passed me again in the straights, in front of 101, and in front of the Regent. We both hit Swanston Street at the same time.

She took off in front of me, as the little green man is displayed. I jay walk at Elizabeth Street and was out front again. She passed me at 333. I walk straight across Queen without stopping, or seemingly blinking an eye, and was ahead again.

I got to the finish line first, even if she didn’t know where the finish line was, even ...
my adelaide fringe picks 2019Well, we got there in the end...

It's going to be a lean Fringe year this year... I can never tell whether it's lean because there aren't that many shows I'm interested or if I become less interested in shows when I know I'm on a budget. Maybe it's both at the same time.

And there's only one show I'm going off to by myself. Which feels a little weird.

We are going back to see a number of old favourites in new shows however... A Night at the Musicals ...

We all know the world of hookup apps are a breeding ground (pardon the pun) for some exaggeration. The other night on Scruff there was a guy in my area I was chatting to and his profile said “Hung XL” and over the course of the chat he sent some photos. Maybe I watch too much porn but if someone says Hung XL I kinda expect to see something porn-esque. 

I asked him how big he was and he said 7.5-8 inches. Now don’t get me wrong I am not calling him small. According to some articles the average penis is 5.5 inches so he’s ahead of the game there but when I hear XL I am thinking 9-10. Am I deluded there?

It’s interesting that there are so many different perceptions of the same thing. I’ve known guys that think they are small when they most certainly are not. The gay world does

All being well we will have picked Step Mother up from the front of So Cross Station on Monday early afternoon. She has troubles with her ankles and so via Travelers Aid I have booked her a buggy ride from the platform she arrives on to the front of the station for us to pick her up (it was not as simple as it sounds). I realised that 3 hours on a coach/train and then 1.30 hours in the car might be a bit too much for her in one day and so invited her to come down the night before. We will have gone out for dinner (we didn't. I didn't realise I wouldn't get home until 7.35. R cooked), probably to The Dick Whittington Tavern and the next day we will check into our cottage in Queenscliff to attend Sister's and Bone Doctor's wedding.

Tradie Brother will take her home in his car and stay a couple of nights.

While Mother is 84, Step Mother is only 80. Step Mother said, don't worry about the time. I can find a seat and read my ...

David is a young French man living here in Australia. He happened to be in Sydney and was keen to do a shoot. We didn’t have many opportunities to make it happen so one slightly overcast Saturday afternoon he came to my apartment and we made do with the lighting situation that we had.

There is a cheekiness to David and a glint in his eye that says he is up to mischief. That is the sort of thing that makes a photo shoot fun. Hearing the stories of him partying all night the night before the shoot was a laugh as well. It’s stories like that which make me feel old. He’s in his 20’s and making the most of it.

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A yakitori restaurant has opened up in Surry Hills, just a few minutes’s walk from me. What used to be the casual Mediterrean restaurant, the Reservoir, has suddenly morphed into a chic, buzzing Japanese place that specialises in grilled skewers.

I had seen the work on it, but no menu posted, and happened to walk by on their opening night, which was packed. It seems Surry Hills is ready for yakitori.

In Tokyo one trip, one of my most memorable meals was at Birdland, where they specialised in using every part of the chicken, and the chefs were right in the centre of the restaurant, serving up skewers in front

Midday. I bought a large mixed salad because it was one of those rare days that I didn’t take my lunch to work. Sam makes it for me every day. My colleagues think I have gourmet lunches.

I chose a seat on my own in the less used empty corner room of the huge café set out in the foyer of the large building opposite mine. Is it the stock exchange building? If it isn’t now, I think it once was. Oh, I don’t know.

One guy came and sat at the next table, despite every other table in that section of the room being free.

Oh, here we go, I thought.

Moments later a lawyer and his pin-stiped suited client, presumably, came and sat at the table on the other side of me. I knew the lawyer by sight from one of the law firms I have worked for.

They started to talk.

The first guy’s lunch companion arrived – like that was a surprise – and sat with him and they started talking at a great rate ...