June 2017

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There is a quote in the following video that I really liked. “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt” or something like that. I think that’s very good advice. I do love a good adventure but I also don’t feel the urge to do something quite as big as this adventure. Peter Hochhauser from Austria flew to the U.S. and walked the Pacific Crest Trail. Over 4,200 kilometres from the border of Mexico to the Canadian border.

Peter’s video is so beautifully produced but also very human. One thing I struggle with about travel vloggers is how they are always talking about how blessed they are to be doing what they are doing and I’m sure they are. Just stop talking about it and do it. It’s not all rainbows and awesome-sauce. Peter is very open in this video about the struggles and the hard times but also keeps it light hearted which I think is the best approach. If you’re losing another toenail


Welcome to another Thong Thursday guys and what a BODY do I have to share with you guys today.

This guy is just amazing – he’d look good in ANYTHING I reckon.  This photo was posted in the new Thong Forum over on the which I run.  It is a great group of guys and it is free (just email me when you join so I can activate your account).

Perfect Male THong

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, I had a first in London. 

Shane, Tuli, Sam and I were walking through East London on our way out to diner. We were walking down the middle of the narrow street, when a guy turning the corner on the footpath, stopped and yelled out, "You filthy, homo cunts."

I have never been abused like that in Australia ever in my life. No one has ever yelled abuse at me in Australia for being gay.

We all thought he was a bit of a nutter, but still, it was a first for me.

I am getting awfully fed up by work. Ten years ago it was known as a 'follow up', to see how well you were performing in your job. Then it became 'refresher' to refresh your skills but there was little of that. Next, it changed to 'employee development day'. In its latest guise, 'periodic employee review'.  Naturally, acronyms are used, such as EDD and the latest, PER. No one ever tells you what these stand for, but in time you find out.

I have my own acronym about work. FFS, leave me alone to do my job.

Yes, I am in a bad mood. It happens every so often that I suffer from back pain, usually brought on by a combination of things, so far as I can tell. It is the typical lower back pain at the base of my spine and it has gone on for over a week now. No doubt it is related to sitting for long periods at work, but something does set it off, and I suppose I am not good at not doing things that aggravate it, such ...

I’ve posted about my recent change in workout habits and how good I’ve been feeling for it and while the last few weeks haven’t seen me being as disciplined I’m still enjoying the training style. My trainer is a big time enthusiast of the training style called Animal Flow. Essentially it works your body in different planes of motion using bodyweight and flexiblity. Rather than just moving forward and back, up and down, or side to side like most exercises Animal Flow moves your body in combinations of all of those and it engages your muscles in ways I’ve never experienced before.

We’ve been doing other very functional and challenging styles of training as well with kettle bells

Shepard Fairey was invited to the Vivid Festival in Sydney. He did an installation large scale works which I posted here:

As well he created the largest piece of street art in Sydney. He also had an exhibition of his works for sale.

the huge Peace mural
For someone who attends the cinema as often as I do it must be a surprise to others that I have never attended the Sydney Film Festival. Until this year, that is.

I booked to see five films but dropped one because of weather and transport difficulties. I enjoyed the four films I did end up seeing and am inspired to attend again next year.

Three of the four screenings I did attend were at Sydney's magnificent State Theatre. I sneaked a few snaps whilst there none of which does full justice to the venue. The link above has some lovely and better images but here are a few of mine taken whilst waiting for sessions to commence.

I walked around the corner and there was this Ferrari. I think it is something like a 1960 250 GT. Pristine condition. I have no idea what it would be worth, but it would be
a lot.

If NYC was spectacular Korean and Mexican food, Sydney to me seems lately to be spectacular Italian food. It’s not fancy, but the flavours are so punchy, the execution of the dishes so great, and the prices reasonable: it’s got me all aglow.

Pizza Mario was awfully good. They got shut down by some problem with the tax office, and whaddaya know: Maybe Frank is a worthy successor. First of all, it’s just a fun place. Silly music, fun atmosphere, and they even took our booking for 8:15pm on a Friday night. The staff all have fabulous Italian accents too.

We ordered two types of pizza, a red one and a


OMG I am sooooooo hungover today.

Which means I’m horny as well!!!

Kip and I are working on a whole bunch of projects and he send me these selfies I took last summer when I was over in the US.  I was there for a Bachelor Party on Lake Powell.  It was a gay wedding so there were two bachelors and it was amazing.

Here are some selfies taken back at Kip’s place in Colorado.

I don’t post many selfies because I like my privacy, so I’m sure you understand that members get a lot more of my selfies than I post publically.  You can be a member, it is only $5.

Speedo Selfie