February 2017

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When the exemptions to the Sex Discrimination Act ended on 1 August 2016, Jay Weatherill had a problem. This is because it is an offence in South Australia for an IVF doctor to help single people and gay and lesbian couples undertake surrogacy, and in some cases lesbian couples, some single women and all single men undertake IVF: but if doctors continued to refuse to do so they were acting
adelaide fringe: faunaPeople pretending to be animals... animals pretending to be people... Fauna lies somewhere in the space between.

This is circus that is inspired by nature, the fauna of the title, and isn't necessarily always pretty... but it is wonderfully controlled and powerful.

A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to see Cadence, and three of the performers from that, Rhiannon Cave-Walker, Daniel Cave-Walker (formerly Daniel Liddiard) and musician Geordie Little, have ...
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, told  CNN it would be "disastrous" for Republicans to repeal Obamacare without a proper replacement."The political rhetoric of the campaign has hit the reality of governing. This is complex. You cannot take healthcare away from 18 million people. What are they going to do?" he said.I suppose they will just die after long and painful illnesses. Perhaps Trumpet needs an Aussie phrase to respond with, like, shit happens. 

In December last year the QPrEP study kicked off. Basically it aims to reduce HIV infections by making PrEP more available, that’s an oversimplification and they are looking at a lot of other things, but if you want the ins and out you should read the participant information.

I’ve now been on PrEP for 3 months. As a reward for being a good boy and taking my pill everyday, #HotNurse offered me a free jockstrap; who am I to say no to a free jockstrap?


img_2915Trying on my new jockstrap Reasons to consider getting on PrEP: It’s easy and convienent, one pill a day. It’s free for the next 4 years. At the 3 month mark you get this nifty jockstrap I got to see #HotNurse 3 times in 3 months (back to three monthly visits now) I’m neurotic and even though I’m ...
Walking home in the afternoon sun

The FortunesThe Fortunes by Peter Ho Davies
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The four stories that make up ‘The Fortunes’ travel in time from the first Chinese-American immigrants to North America, at the time of the gold rush and then building the railroad to modern day. Two of the four characters are half-Chinese and half-Caucasian. Two are created and two are fictionalised accounts of real people.

So, with so much interesting in the characters, what surprised me is that I was right away caught up in simply how beautifully the story is written, particularly the first section


'Hidden Figures' is based on true events in the early days of the United States' space program focussing in particular on three African-American women who each helped breakdown racial and gender barriers.

The film follows a predictable path but provides important reminders of the racially based segregation laws that still applied in the USA as recently as the 1970s.

Many winning performances and highly entertaining.


It was a fun task, to try to figure out which special restaurants we’d treat ourselves to in Buenos Aires. I liked the sound of PuraTierra, at number 50 on the list of Latin America’s Best 50 restaurants of 2016. Authentic market-based Argentinean food created by Martin Molteni, they serve up ‘an exploration of South American flavours with particular emphasis on Argentina. Chef Martin Molteni cooks with local produce, rediscovering pre-Columbian ingredients and prehistoric techniques such as clay-fired oven cooking’. It was also easy enough to make a reservation through their website.


It's getting close now, and we are all very excited.

Everyone coming on parade day will need to bring their own white shoes.  They can not have other colours on them, as we want all attention on our fantastic dance moves that we have been practising.  This applies to both our marchers, and our supporters.

Anyone not wearing swimwear, will need to wear a lifesaving uniform.  First option is to wear your own, second option is to borrow one from a friend, and finally we will have a few spare the supply.  If you have your own pair of red shorts (not necessarily lifesaver pants) they will be good enough.

And of course bring your red Rival swimwear and your lifesaving cap.

Also bring as little else as possible.  Aim for only bringing the top and pants you'll take off.  We have a stash of ponchos in case they are needed, but hopefully the weather gods are looking kindly on us.  Your gear will go into ...
This is an adapted version of an email to Grace of Perth Daily Photo. I thought I may as well turn it into a post. (Note: I know you are old, old enough to know what Kodak is, so don't ask)

I've spent over an hour working this photo out, comparing it Google Street View and nothing was making sense. It was labelled the corner as the corner of  Barrack and Murray Streets. I tried googling the various companies in the old photo, but got nothing. This morning I wondered if perhaps it ...