March 2017

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....leave your worry on the doorstepJust direct your feetTo the sunny side of the street.*
I'm not going to bore you here with the seemingly endless saga of my friend's move from a house to an apartment. After literally years of 'will she do it' or 'won't she'; today 'she did it'. She moved from her house of thirty-five years to a very smart nearby apartment. We three friends were on hand to assist. In her mind I think we were moral support at a time of stress.

It was not a copybook move. Far from it. Cartons were packed but none was labelled. Which cartons contained her clothing and which contained the ...
What's a boy to do on his day off, when he spends the morning dealing with insurance companies and banks and Lawyers.
It is like the trifecta of devilry.
I'm still trying to get an insurance payment for my front fence that was wiped out by Granny Clampett in her Silver Shopping Machine. I thought all you had to do was provide two quotes and the problem was dealt with... but no. The insurance company wants more detailed quotes. What do I know, I'm not a tradie. I just called these guys up and got quotes, they are independent and all I want is my property put back in the same condition before Miss Mistook the Accelerator for the Brake turned up. She said she was just looking for a car park. Yeah, well, good for you, honey.
I was talking to the lawyer about the insurance company.The banking was for me. But it all kept failing and was really annoying while it was happening.
There are no known ...
I don’t know if I will ever get the hang of the dating game.

I’m definitely getting better at handling the feelings of rejection and lonliness when something doesn’t work out. Unfortunately its something that I’ve experienced a lot of, the feelings don’t go away but I can control the way I handle and react to these feelings. It’s all part of my journey I guess.

gay, lgbt, unhappy, relationshipRecently a potential relationship didn’t work out and I was hit with this wave of disappointment because I really thought this one was going to work out. We clicked really quickly and everything just worked. Until it didn’t, it wasn’t anyone’s fault


Located on the new dining strip, Kensington Street, next to Central Park Sydney, I reckon Holy Duck is going to be a great success. Opened by the successful folks behind the Chef’s Gallery, it’s a great way of making the Asian BBQ restaurant accessible to the general public, with a lot of wit and style. It’s very visually appealing.

We thought we might have ordered too much food but it was almost the right amount. The crispy roast pork belly plate was a modest amount… but very tasty, and I loved the taro rice.

I always love lotus root chips. Yum.

As the end of the patrolling season approaches, and before we tuck ourselves into bed for the winter, we need to have our end of season gathering.  So lets all gather together on Thursday 13 April from 7.30pm at Palms on Oxford Street.  This is the evening before Good Friday, so start your extra long weekend, even earlier with us, where we have the venue exclusively until it opens to the public at 9pm.
We'll watch our videos together, plus have a drink, catch up with friends, and thank the committee for their great efforts at averting swimwear/generator disasters.  Not only are we looking forward to seeing both marchers and ...
Club Officer is about one year old in a new housing estate. We have been there for lunch once before. It is quite a good venue, with good service, ok food and not expensive. It sits adjacent to a lake which may be a pleasant place one day. It is still very raw.

Officer is within the Shire of Cardinia, one of the most rapidly growing areas in Melbourne. It has become much more diverse with many black African families taking up residence. Mother's only ever remark about the newest residents was, don't they just dress their children so beautifully. Quite true, they do.

Mother knows the right words to put into R's birthday card. Oh? Mother does not usually make a spelling mistake? I have checked and apparently adviser is an older way to spell advisor, with both spellings acceptable.


Set some time in the future when robotics and humanity have become merged someone or something is threatening the ubiquitous technology Corporation of their time.

'Ghost in the Shell' has the look of a 'Blade Runner' with its dark laneways, dense populations and seedy futuristic images. There is plenty of action and a plot of sorts but really this is mostly an entertainment of image and action which is unsurprising given the work's ...
Where is the "community"?
This is the strangest photo I have taken lately
still, it reminded me of...

He jumped from forty thousand feet without a parachuteHe jumped from forty thousand feet without a parachuteHe jumped from forty thousand feet without a parachuteAnd he ain’t gonna jump no more.
Glory glory what a hell of a way to dieSuspended by your braces when you don’t know how to flyGlory glory what a hell of a way to dieAnd he ain’t gonna jump no more.
He landed on the runway like a splat of raspberry jamHe landed on the runway like a splat of raspberry jamHe landed on the ...
What a gorgeous morning. The sunrise was beautiful.

I walked into town in a soft, honey sun.

I caught a bombardier at the stop before the free zone. A rat-faced slapper with a coffee in her hand moved at a glacial pace to the only vacant seat, all the other seats were taken. I took up my position just inside the rear section, ready to grab any seat that became available. But, none of the bitches got off at Spring Street. None of the bitches got off at 101. One cute boy, from right down the back, got up ...