June 2017

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This morning, I felt mean about Sam getting shitty about me not paying attention to the big TV buying and in my attempt to be make up for it, the buying of the giant TV somehow was back on. Damn it. So quickly it happened, it spun my head. It was all in the decision that a 55 inch TV was too big and that a 49 inch TV was more suited to our lounge room. That decision necessitated me agreeing to buy a new TV, even if that wasn’t, exactly, what I meant.

Sam left at 8am, with a whistle on his lips. I waved him good bye, as usual, knowing I had lost the battle over the large TV.

I pissed around on Facebook, looked at and watched icon4X4 videos on Youtube. Buddy sat in my lap. I wrapped us both up in the grey woollen blanket, it was cold. Milo came and snuggled in under the blanket as well, so I had a bulldog and a cat sitting in my lap, which is no mean feat.

Then it was lunch time. Easy morning.

4pm. Sam wanted me to call ...
Four weeks in Finland came and went a lot quicker than I had hoped. I got back last Friday. Jet lag wasn't too bad this time around. I slept the whole day on Friday (and most of Saturday) and I was pretty much back to normal after that.

Nathan and I are heading to the airport again tomorrow. My youngest sister is getting married so we are going to Canberra. It's going to be a chilly weekend in the Capital. I'm bringing a good winter coat!

Not from the Shakespeare play. A young bride in the 1850s, purchased to provide an heir and for her dowry of land, is unhappily married to an older man. The husband and her father in law treat her cruelly and she becomes drawn to a young groomsman with whom she has an increasingly violent affair.

This 'Lady Macbeth' is adapted from a Russian short story and the film has the grim and dark atmosphere I often associate with Russian works.

This morning (Australian time) I took part in a webinar about surrogacy developments in Australia, Canada and the UK. My co-presenters were international surrogacy lawyers Sara Cohen from Canada and Colin Rogerson from the UK. I discussed the impact of two recent Family Court cases on those Australian citizens or residents thinking of doing surrogacy in the US. Here is my paper:  

I don’t know about you guys but I jerk off into my speedo a lot.

Growing up I used to hump pillows with satin pillow cases… then I jerked off stradding a toilet…. then in the shower and now I kinda just grab the nearest pair of speedos and unload into them.

I hope I’m not being gross, I wash them separately or I throw them on when I go for a quick swim (which I do twice a day if the weather is nice, 6 times a day in summer and zero if the weather is horrible).

Here are three photos of me cumming into speedos, the first one is the pair of speedos of Kip’s (they are Vuthy brand from the guys at and probably the classiest speedos I own).  The 2nd is a pair of AussieBum’s which I don’t really like them, the fit is just all weird and the sides are too small.  I honestly haven’t worn them out in public and the photo is in the middle of me editing up some new movies and it was a

It is now hot in the old European eastern countries. Metal is melded with heat, and it seems heat unmelds metal. Do hold on tight for a moment

Remind you of anything? Was Jorn Utzon inspired by seeing the dishes his wife had he had just washed?

We Fit did not.

We went to the body corporate meeting for Sam’s house in Brunswick. Oh yes, the dreaded body corporate meeting. Kill me now. Sam, as you probably know, doesn’t drive, so I have to drive him, every year. It is only once a year, though, I’m sure it is a legislative obligation thing before the EOFY. It rained heavily just as we were leaving. Yay!

Virtually none of the owners turned up, which made me buzz with excitement thinking it could only lead to a short meeting. This is unusual, as normally all the owners are there, with a couple of them always banging on about how beautiful the townhouses were when their mothers were living there attending to the garden. Oh, shut the fuck up, please! Thankfully they weren’t there.

Neither was the guy who I am sure is involved in organised crime. He is never in his place, he spends most of his time OS. He has shifty eyes and can never really explain what he does. Or why he is nearly always ...

After a MARATHON journey that I have no desire to repeat, I hit Iceland on Saturday afternoon and within a short time of getting off the plane I was in my hostel. My mate arrived two hours later and from there we spent a couple of days in Reykjavik drinking over priced beers, walking for miles exploring and taking photos and eating over priced food. Iceland is damned expensive but we knew that coming into it so it was expected.

It’s now morning three in the camper vans and we are in a beautiful harbour side town called Seydisfjordor. Now that name is not spelt correctly as the Icelandic have extra letters in their alphabet and dozens of accents that I have no idea how to type.

We’ve had two full days on the road and seen

Two cruise ships sailing out of Sydney this afternoon

I’m not sure of the logistics of white thongs…. kinda like girls wearing white jeans or people wearing white snowboarding pants, they tend to get dirty and I’m sure I don’t need to explain a white g-string.

But, this does look fucking hot!!!

That cock looks very suckable…..

White G-String