July 2017

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The ongoing disgrace that is the Australian Governments continued resistance to providing marriage equality to all it’s citizens could be

One of the best things about travelling is meeting people from all over the world. Sitting in airports I heard so many different languages and saw so many different nationalities and it made me smile. It’s one of those things that really gives you perspective on the world.

The U.S. does have a reputation for being a bit inward looking and not really being aware of the rest of the world too much. A woman on one of my flights did nothing to shatter that reputation at all. Chatting to the flight attendant she said she’d just been to London, Paris and Greece. When he asked what was her favourite she replied “None. The U.S. is better.” OK then. She went on to say that she prefers ecological travel and those places were all too busy. So why bloody go there if you don’t like big cities? We all know that’s what London and Paris are!

I also heard a story about a Peruvian traveller who said he’d seen everything

I just love this story. A Sikh man wants his son to go to a Christian school because if offers a good education. The Christian school will happily accept the Sikh lad, as long as he does not wear his child turban to school. I did not vomit, as the term Christian values was not used. But I am highly amused by this cultural and or religious clash.

I can't help but think when I look at what tax I pay, that some of it is going to towards subsidising these nonsense religious schools, Moslem, Jewish, Christians, and maybe there are Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist schools there too.

Every Australian child should get a good education, funded by society, that is taxpayers. No taxpayer should have to pay for crank religious education, but we do!

When you first look at the picture, let me know what it is that you see first.

For me….. it is the guy in the aqua blue speedo in the background that catches my attention.  I noticed that I do this the other day when I was walking out of the pool I caught out the side of my vision a guy in a speedo and like a reflex I checked the guy out – hahaha.

Do you see the speedo?

There seems to be a moment happening in Sydney cuisine with some fresh, modern takes on Indian cuisine. Bring it on, I say.

Nestled into a strip of restaurants on Stanley Street, Brick Lane has a cosy atmosphere. We ordered a selection between the two of us of ‘snacks’, ‘lighter bites’ and a ‘bigger eats’ and it’s one of those restaurants, and one of those tables, that my iPhone just couldn’t get good photos of the food.

I remembered a review that said to try the King Prawn Curry Leaf. Yup. If you come here, you should do the same. You take out the grilled prawn piece


A number of years ago, I used to go the restaurant Tomislav, a stone’s throw from the Coke sign in Kings Cross. I loved it. I remember it being inventive and high-end, with sensational service, and reasonable cost. The delicious food and something about the attitude and approach excited me. So, I was sad when it disappeared. It took a while but I finally heard that Tomislav had resurfaced, running a casual burger place in North Sydney (actually, his position is “consulting chef”). It took me yonks to finally manage to get up there… it’s only open for lunch on weekdays.

It’s a simple menu. There are shakes. There are fries. And there are burgers. My lunch pal and I both couldn’t resist “The Bronx”,  a grilled beef pattie, double cheese, pickles, bacon, tomato sauce, aioli, onion


Anne (Diane Lane) is prevented by an earache from accompanying her husband on his flight to Budapest. Instead arrangements are made for her to be driven by his associate Jaques (Arnaud Viard) to Paris, their following destination. It is Anne's expectation they will drive directly to the French capital but Jaques finds every excuse to meander via interesting villages, townships and restaurant stops.  ...
Joining with River and others to share odd photos that have not been published.
To Station Pier for coffee and cake, pronto.

I've photographed this lighthouse a few times but this is the best shot yet.

How could I ...
James Corden has used music to criticise Trumps ban on Transgender military personnel on Wednesday.