August 2017

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Following on from my last post about sexting I thought I’d take a look at when online flirting becomes harassment.
I've developed a psychosomatic illness, if you would even call it that, when Sam says diner is ready, I have to go and take a piss. Every night. It is a recent thing. Is that even a thing? Sam just shakes his head.

"Do you always..." you can hear the rest.

It is probably some long lost childhood trauma finally bubbling to the surface. I just knew, I should have a few more of those. It is not healthy to be so normal, I am sure. It is kind of weird, though, like clock work, or is that like piss-take. And now that it is in my head...  every night. In the words of my favourite movie, It is beyond my control.

I should google it, I guess. Of course, that is never really recommended. Google will probably tell me it is cancer, or ulcerated something, or some mental disease, of some sort. Denys-Drash Syndrome, that's what I got when I googled it. Truthfully, I think it was the word syndrome. That is some hideous condition.
Fighting Ignorance
Tram Clean is not a group I have heard of before. The group is against advertising on public transport and while perhaps less formalised, a couple of years attacked trams at the Melbourne University tram terminus by ripping off external advertising. Many trams subsequently ran around for more than a month showing where the advertising was ripped off.  As a communist, I thoroughly agree with their actions, but they are misguided.

They have attacked trams again, but I really don't have a great problem with advertising on public transport.

As ...

With the events of the past week I’ve spent a lot of time in my own head which is not always a good thing. Something I’ve wondered a lot over the years is why those of us that are single always feel like we are the only ones that can’t find someone special?

Over my many years of being single I have wondered why I can’t find someone when it feels like everyone else ends up in a relationship almost by accident? Rationally we can look around and see lots of people, both gay and straight who haven’t had much luck with dating but the heart isn’t rational. These days when people tell me not to worry he’s out there, you’ll meet him one day I casually say there are no guarantees.

It makes me really sad

You know, sometimes I feel like such a shonk. 
Sam does all of the buying of the food, and pays for the meals when we eat out, and he does all the cooking. I do the cleaning of the kitchen after the cooking, and I pay the rest of the bills. I also do the clothes washing and any home maintenance that may need doing. We both share the cleaning of the house, I vacuum and he dusts, on a Sunday. I don't know if that is fair, but both of us seem happy enough with the arrangement.
So, Sam goes to work full time and he does all the cooking when he gets home. Thankfully. I am so glad I don't have to cook. Shake of the head. He comes home for lunch every day. I stay home and I don't work. I say that I am on long service leave, I'm just lucky that way, due to circumstance which I am not going to share with you'all. Someone said the other day, the boyfriend of a friend, "You are so lucky that you work from home.&quot ...
I know I should know the answer to this (being a biologist, after all) but I'm stumped.

I saw this photo in an interior design magazine and I'm trying to figure out whether the creature on the furry ottoman is an alpaca or not. I think the context (an alpaca in a London apartment?) is contributing to my confusion.


Little Jo goes to a very good public (government funded) primary school. In a couple of years when she turns twelve, she will go to a secondary school, probably called a college, but in my experience and many of my older Australian readers, it was known as a high school.

While Sister and myself would agree that we would like government funded secondary education to be first class, I expect Little Jo will go to a private school. Private secondary education is on the increase in Australia and while I don't like the privilege it is supposed to bestow, and nor do I particularly believe that is so every case. Such is the state of our education system. I endorse Little Jo being educated by a private school. No one more than me has a troubled conscience over that. It goes against everything I believe in about what is good for society.

Sister went to a public school, Bone Doctor to a private school. Sister's mother was on a deserted wives&apos ...

OK, yesterday the Married Guy (aka Tony) came over and just plowed me.  We’ve done this a few times now and the more comfortable the Married Guy is getting, the more fun it is getting.  Right now I’m writing a little bit more about this and wanted to catch you guys up.

How we met We have a beer He discovers I’m Dave Evans How our first fuck session came about

And here below is our first sexual encounter.  This was really really fucking hot.

It has been just over a week since I last wrote about Tony, the Married Guy.

I left you off with the Married Guy walking up to the backdoor (the beachside) of