September 2017

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ufo in the pinkcandy stripe beach hut

I kept hearing of Zushi in Barangaroo and wondered how they’d managed it. Zushi in Surry Hills, just around the corner from me, is perfectly fine Japanese food, with good service, and a busy lunchtime crowd. It’s always been great, but it’s a casual place, and I don’t think people rave about it so much as consider it a good neighbourhood restaurant.

But Zushi in Barangaroo has amped things up. It’s as stylish and buzzy as all the other amazing restaurants on this strip, and their menu, presentation and prices: all are elevated over the branch in Surry Hills.

On a Thursday at 1pm, things were still a bit busy, but not packed. We split a prawn gyoza (delicious), and then some grilled eel. Really


  Lao food is not easy to come by in Sydney, though the fellow at this restaurant says there are a few places out west. A Thai restaurant on Oxford Street had a special Lao food night ages ago, but I’m not sure how many dishes are on their regular menu.

We stopped in for a quick meal before seeing James Vincent McMorrow at the Factory Theatre. So, a nice meal and a great concert! We started with a special appetizer of the day, which was like a peanut satay sauce that you smeared onto the perfectly cut lettuce leaves, add some mint, a bit of pork rind, green papaya, and some peanuts. A Lao taco. Yum.

For mains, I can never go by a Thai or Lao sausage. These were tasty; I kind of wish I had some extra stomachs to try

If flights are on time, at the moment of this posting my flight to Johannesburg should be taking off from Sydney Airport. This will be my first visit to the African continent.

At Johannesburg I transfer to a flight to Cape Town. Brief visits to Botswana, Zambia and Namibia will follow over the next fifteen days.

Photos will be posted during this short holiday subject to internet connections.
It's a beautiful day, just the day to drive to Torquay to visit friends and watch the Grand Final.

I managed to hurt my lower back about two weeks ago. Work colleagues, who have seen me waddle around the department have all been encouraging me to do yoga or pilates (I seem to be the only person at work not doing yoga/pilates!). I've told them I'll think about it (the answer is probably going to be 'no').

I decided, instead, to go the physiotherapist. I've never been to the physio before and I would say that it has been a generally positive experience (I guess it helped that the physiotherapist was ridiculously good looking).

I was pleasantly surprised that the work he did on my back was able to bring almost instant relief from the original back pain, though he did inflict a great deal of short term pain with his squeezing and poking and pressing.

It's still not 100% though so I'm going to have to go back for repeated visits.

I don't mind.
How many times can I tell you that we lived next door to the sister of the famous Australian painter Albert Tucker without you grovelling at my feet, saying you lived next door to Tucker's sister? Wow, I am impressed. No, it's never happened. We did see him once when he visited her, peeking through the blinds. In a stalking manner we walked past the window where they dined together at a nearby French restaurant, now an Indian restaurant we visit at times.

Her first name was Ida, but we always called Mrs S..... She used her second name, Lee, rather like oneself uses his second name. I know a couple of mature women by the name of Lee and I like them. Lee seems to be a name for good people. Perhaps it is just the age people are who are called Lee.

Mrs S was a sticky beak and welcomed us to our new (dump) of a home in East Malvern with scones. Every Saturday afternoon there were piping hot scones for us. Mrs S led a very healthy diet. As her ...
It is very strange that Adani, an Indian company, has been given the right to mine coal in Australia. Even stranger is that the government will lend the company $1 billion to build a rail line to a port. The worst thing is the ecological damage that will be done, in spite of the company's words.

Australia has a lot to be grateful about our vast coal resources that have kept us in good stead and the Adani mine will give jobs to Australian workers.

But burning coal for energy is dead meat. I am often wrong with what I predict or say will happen, but not with this one. Generating energy by burning coal is a dead duck walking. End of metaphors.

This coming week on Monday night Our ABC Four Corners programme focuses on Adani. It should be interesting.

I've said this before but I repeat, Yom Kippur sound like happy words. Hels informed me that there is nothing happy about Yom Kippur. To almost quote Hels, it is the day of atonement, a miserable day in the Jewish calendar. Might we think it is a miserable day for Hels because she has a lot to atone for? :-P

The synagogue opposite The Highrise has barriers up and is fully lit on this day. Smartly dressed people are walking to 'the gog' from where they naughtily drove and parked nearby.

It is also a day where Jews who never bother with religious matters, attend synagogue. That speaks to me of it being cultural rather than religious, perhaps like Catholics who never go to church, but go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Perhaps Jewish people need to see it as a time to catch up with people they only see once a year and have a nice chat, and then a bitch about the same person ...

At one stage it was looking like I was going to be working today but that didn’t happen. To be honest I need to ramp up the hunt for work and/or to build up some clients of my own but on a glorious day like this it was a great day to hit the beach.

I’d been house and dog sitting for my sister for a few days and that is on the north side of the harbour. Also on that side of the harbour is Obelisk nude beach which I hadn’t been to in a while so it was a perfect opportunity to get my gear off over there.

It was also a great coincidence that a friend who is living overseas is in town visiting his family so we hung out wang out in the sun together for a few hours.

Now, this weekend is a long weekend here in Sydney