October 2017

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Open warfare has broken out between the original Mardi Gras marchers of 1978, and the current Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) First, some background. The 78ers are themselves...
Lady Gaga’s Netflix documentary Five Foot Two has got everyone talking. Find out what some of her biggest superfans think about it below! Now I’m not a little monster myself. I’d describe myself as a casual Gaga fan. I love, love, loved her first album – The Fame. I think she’s an incredibly talented singer, […]
10am. I went for a walk. If sitting is the new smoking, I am heading for a premature death. So, that hour long walk every day, must be doing me some good. Mustn’t it?

I listened to Willie Nelson. Stardust, of course.

I am still feeling very upset about Mark. Upset with myself, as much as I am upset with Mark. My response to him was terrible. I got that wrong. I didn't keep my cool. What to do now? It is moments like this that my yellow streak glows in all its saffron glory. I’m basically a coward, I know that. It is something with which I have always struggled.

I could say I was lost in my thoughts, I could say that, and while it is somewhat true, it is not true enough to say it… I ignored the construction worker’s instructions to use the opposite footpath at the corner of Queensberry and Lygon Streets, where they are re-developing the building on the corner. I had headphones in, but I could still hear her repeating ...

It’s comforting to find that Le Fix, just back from Taylor Square, is providing the same comforting atmosphere as Cafe Belgenny did for as long as I remember (though I believe Belgenny changed hands a few times).

They’ve been open eight months, apparently, and the place seems to be a big brighter than before, with some more rainbow colours and sparkle (though that might just be because of the current Equality campaign).

We settled in for coffee, a cinnamon scroll, a fancy cold-pressed juice (which my pal thought was great) and tea. Friendly owner, nice vibe, and: check this out: maybe you’ll get a special coffee too if you’re there at the right time. 

The Red Baron. Freiherr Manfred von Richthofen's early career, and the aircraft he flew in.

MvR first joined Fliegerabteilung 69 (FA69) in April 1915.

The Albatros C.I, B.I were both used by FA69  in the East between April and August 1915.  During the time, MvR was an observer. Missions included recon and some inffectual ground attack of the rather chaotic Russian forces.

  Now that I’m back and in the full swing of things again I’m back at the gym six days

While I haven’t been short of ‘naughty’ action lately, I have been hanging out with the Married Guy a bit it has been months and months since I last topped.

The Married Guy doesn’t seem to keen on being fucked which is fine because I enjoy being the bottom but sometimes I get a craving for being the ‘giver’.  Maybe that will be my goal this week…. I’m going to update my Grindr profile and see what I can get up into.

Could also be seeing these guys and their butts looking so amazing in their speedos that has added to my craving…..

Tastey ButtTastey Bum

And look at this swimmers butt – OMG!!!

I've been in Israel.

I had no idea that there was a commemoration for the Battle of Beersheba taking place this week and was puzzled by all the Australian flags lining the route to Beersheba.

I've been in the desert most of last week, attending a workshop at a research institute. The days were long and intense but I still managed to do some sightseeing and experience the wonders of the local wildlife.

Here is a view near where I was working/staying. It looks like a scene from Star Wars.
These critters are called ibex. They were everywhere.
(Retrospective post)

The final event on our Southern Africa journey was the Royal Livingstone Dinner Train at the Victoria Falls.

The train conveys guests to the bridge over the Victoria Falls. Stopping midway on the bridge the train is at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Guests can disembark during the short stop for photos and for those brave enough to face the forceful craft sellers. You can also step gingerly, if somewhat unofficially, onto Zimbabwe territory; ie their half of the bridge. After that short stay the train backs back more deeply into Zambia and onto a siding whilst a five courses dinner is served.

Some photos from our visit.