November 2017

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I’ve got a feeling I’ve posted this photo before on “Thong Thursday”.  Sorry if I have but it is just tastey!!!

Perfect Thong Butt

We've been taking Buddy to the dog park each morning around 6.30am, before the heat. There are plenty of dog owners there at that time, so Buddy gets to run around with the other dogs.

Then Sam goes to an air-conditioned office and Buddy and I sweat. Too hot for a bulldog. I've got a fan blowing. All the doors and windows are closed around 9am. Buddy is snoring next to me.

There are predicted rain storms from tonight, which will be nice, make sleeping much easier. They say we are going to get a month's rain in 48 hours, global warming anyone.

Those lovely boys from the Warwick Rowers are back for 2018, once again doing an amazing job raising money for Sport Allies, a program designed to fight homophobia in sport.

The rowers are selling their calendar and the behind the scenes films of the photo shoots for the calendar, as well as other merchandise. They do such a great job on the calendar and the films. Each year the shoots get better and better and I think it’s safe to say the boys have de-throned the Dieux Du Stage calendars as the best around.

If my current financial situation was a bit more stable I’d be buying a calendar or the films for sure.

WR18 Viral Video from Warwick Rowers on Vimeo.


Turnbull appeases Abetz

I was never sure if the Balkan Seafood Restaurant was officially connected to the Balkan Restaurant a few doors down on Oxford Street that was there from 1964 all the way until 2012 when they moved to Crown Street. It’s quite a scene, with a full barbeque grill the length of the front window, where you can see what’s cooking.

Since one of our party is pescatarian, I thought it would be a good, casual option after seeing Meg Hewitt‘s photo exhibition opening. While I am the king of overordering, I managed to do OK here. A seafood platter for two ($85), the whitebait ($15; I love whitebait) and some grilled sardines, on special ($20, I think). Washed down with a reasonably priced

I bought an orchid on eBay the other day. Nathan and I went to pick it up. last weekend. The seller was an elderly man with a think European accent. He had a beautiful green house packed full of weird and wonderful plants.

I told him I bought the orchid he was selling because I liked the heart-shaped leaves. He looked at me with a smile. The species name phyllocardia means 'heart shaped'. Aha! Of course. Shame on me. As a biologist I should have made the connection.
The tv programme The Block has contestants renovating various types of properties. One such property was an old 60s motel in Park Street South Melbourne, renovated and made into apartments by the contestants in 2013. The series was called Sky High. The vertical gardens are rather attractive.

So how are the vertical gardens faring some four years later? Not terribly well, I'm afraid. The building looks terrible.

I've got a lot of leave scheduled between now and Christmas. I can't take it all in one huge block (too much stuff going on at work, including supervising my research students). So, instead, I've just been picking random days of the week when I don't have anything scheduled in my diary.

This randomness has actually been quite fortuitous. I happened to be on leave when the results of the postal survey came out so I got to watch the event unfold on TV.

And then, today, I got to watch Magda Szubanski (my new favourite person in the whole wide world) deliver a touching speech at the national Press Club. This was followed by a live cross to Parliament House to watch the same sex marriage legislation pass the senate.

I wonder if I'll be on leave when the legislation passes the House of Representatives?