December 2017

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I worked this NYE until 6:30pm and I start work New Year's Day at 8:30am, so it is a quiet NYE for us, and I will well and truly be in bed at midnight.

But what if we wanted to go into to town to enjoy the festivities and 14 tonnes of fireworks? Well, it would be Shank's pony for us, in spite of having a tram normally go past our place every few minutes in the evening.

For some reason Yarra Trams is stopping trams at Domain Interchange this year. I don't know if it is its doing or the police and the state government on security grounds. If it is the doing of Yarra Trams, it is a disgrace. Thousands of people would normally use trams to get to the city. They now face a twenty minute brisk walk. It would be a twenty six minute walk for us. In spite of good advance publicity, still there will be heaps of old people and people ...
Building and watercraft lights under a cloudy sky pre the fire works
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two thousand and seventeen in review Here we are, at the end of 2017... it just feels weird, you know... more than any other recent year, 2017 seems to have flown by at tremendous speed... I mean there are perfectly good reasons for that, not least of which is that it's been a singularly weird year.

By all metrics 2017 should be worse than 2016, but I honestly don't feel like it has been for me.

Like last year I wanted to go through and put together a brief history of my year, along with a ...
An update from six hours ago.

The rain seems to have cleared and whilst it is still cloudy the sun is shining and the temperature is 25°c.

Bradleys Head can be seen more clearly than before but to my surprise there appear to be no people camped there waiting for the fireworks as in previous years. I wonder whether the Police have blocked off the area for local residents only as they have done in other parts of harbour frontage areas.

Off Double Bay there are a few more cruisers anchored ahead of the fireworks.


Some highs and some lows, this year seemed to have a bit of everything. Of course the highs included ticking off my bucket list item of going to Iceland and having an amazing time exploring Europe again. If I could afford to travel all the time I would.

This year also saw me rediscover a little bit of my mojo and inner slut with some shenanigans in Europe and going to an orgy here in Sydney.

Of course the most important and rewarding part of the year was great time spent with family and friends which is always good for the soul.

Anyone that says they didn’t have any lows or problems in a year is lying and this year I got made redundant and spent a few months worrying about my career. There were

Fuckboy free zoneCalling People FuckBoys

Fuckboy has been so overused this year that I think it’s lost its power. I think it should be reserved for only the biggest douchebags.

Acting like FuckBoys

Guys we have equality now. Can I get a text back please? Stop acting like an emotionless man baby and own your emotional shit. Having feelings isn’t the end of the world.

facebook fuck youTony Abbot, Lyle Shelton & Cory Bernardi

Ok so they are stuck in the 1940’s, but that doesn’t mean we can’t leave them in 2017. Let them fade into obscurity with their outdated views. 2018 is the year of Gay Weddings so we won’t be needing you three.

Marriage being between a ...
Fifteen hours until the New Year and as forecast it is raining in Sydney. This bodes badly for the city's famous new year fireworks but the rain forecast is for morning and early afternoon so hundreds of thousands spectators will hope that the forecast is accurate and that the sky clears by tonight.

In the murk of my zoomed in iPhone camera here is Bradleys Head, visited earlier this year by  Andrew & R, barely visible through the rain. I guess that as usual the location is already packed with people facing the long wait for the fireworks.


Bit of a grey old start to New Years Eve here in Australia.

Not a whole lot planned here today, I think I’ll spend the morning working, have an afternoon nap then going to one of my friends parents house for dinner and bring in the New Year.  I can walk from their place but lots of old people so don’t see it being a big night.

I don’t think I’ll get a New Years kiss unfortunately.  Maybe next year – haha.

Does anyone have any big plans?

I’ll get stuck into some work, if you joined the lately, I will get to activating your account now.  At least I can sit around working in my speedos…..  wearing my Portsea’s right now.

As I have said in the past, I do like a good funicular. But I haven't shown you a funicular for a while. It must be time for you to enjoy a good funicular. At our ages, a funicular once or twice a year is not a bad thing.

This one minute video is a very modern funicular, replacing an old one somewhere in Switzerland. Ok, Stoos, if you must know. The video is quite self explanatory. Interesting that each carriage rotates according to the steepness of the ascent or descent.

From the Youtube videos I watched, it looked awfully like a very steep rail line. I was all primed to say that it was not a funicular, but I know to research carefully before opening my gob, well mostly. I then came across this photo, which does rather prove it is a funicular. One goes up as the other goes down, counterweighting each other, meaning less power is needed.