January 2018

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We took the dogs to the dog park, first time in the park in the afternoon in weeks. There weren’t any other dogs there. We went to Woollies afterwards. I was standing out the back with Buddy and Bear, while Sam shopped. Both of them sitting in front of me, side by side. An older lady walked up (name of street) Street towards me, in grey woollen slacks, and a maroon twinset and pearls, under the huge Plane Trees. Just as she was about to turn the Woollies corner into the supermarket, she stopped, threw both her hands out in the air. “It’s… Great… Britain...” she announced.

I laughed, I guess it was, a British Bulldog and a Corgi. I immediately thought of the Queen and Winston Churchill and the Union Jack.

“Yes,” I said. “I guess it is.” I hadn’t thought that before, oddly, I thought. I usually think of those things.

She grinned. And then she did that thing that older women ...

The Lansdowne is a good choice if you’re in the neighbourhood, coming out of Glebe, or having eaten in that crazy strip of Asian restaurants, catering for students, on Broadway. We stopped by on a Tuesday night and it was pretty quiet. A fun, casual vibe. Amusing rules next to the pool table. A handful of local hipsters.

I thought the wine was pretty expensive: we chose white; the range of prices was from $50 to $60 a bottle. And yet, the Mt Savignan 2017 Yetti and the Kokonut was super delicious and a great way to meet an Australian wine made of the Savignan grape, which has an amusing story of being brought to Australia with people thinking it was Albariño.

So, I loved the wine, and the price is forgiven (ahem, not that I paid for it, Josh treated).


Sometimes it can feel a bit odd when someone likes a photo in your Instagram that is WAY down in the feed. Sometimes it can remind you of something.

A guy commented on a photo of Kieran in the garage that I did years ago. As you might remember I worked with Kieran again recently, the photos to be released next month (I think). Something was said about the video of the shoot with Kieran and I had completely forgotten about it. It’s nice to be reminded of things occasionally.

Hopefully I’ll catch up on editing videos and photo shoots soon. I bought a new iMac that I collected yesterday so once that is set up ready to go I’ll get back on track!

Aussielicious TV – Episode 3 from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Award winning climate controlled tower building on Broadway in Sydney


I couldn’t do a blog and not write about my favourite book series. It is 14 books long not including the prequel book. I’ll try not to give any spoilers and probably won’t go too detailed as with 14 books I could be here all day and night and probably till 2020.

The creator and Author Robert Jordan died  while completing The Gathering Storm book 12, it was entrusted to Brandon Sanderson to complete the series of the extensive notes left by Jordan to his wife to find someone to complete the series.

Some of you will be like I don’t read, It’s to long well to you I say suck it up and read it! It is totally worth it and I have read the entire series at least 4 times and find new things every read.

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become

Think First Please take a few minutes to read this material and think carefully about what you want to say. Feel comfortable and confident about your ideas before you write...
A submission to the Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom  The writer wishes to remain anonymous Women’s Health Centres Please recommend exclusion zones for protestors outside women’s health centres in every...
Lisa Mullin is a transgender woman and activist who has has watched the US religious right’s tactics and strategy against LGBTI people since they were first successfully trialed in Houston in 2015....
We found it mesmerising. Radio is not attracting me much of late, so one Sunday we had on in the background some slow tv. The programme began at something like 4am and was still running by 6pm. It had no commentary, aside from what was written on the screen. Many different cameras were used, giving different views, but the cameras were static. There was also, I guess, drone footage of the train.

Oh, I haven't said what it was. It was the Ghan train making the journey north from the southern Australian coastal city of Adelaide to the northern coastal city of Darwin.

The journey is nearly 3000 kilometres and takes 54 hours at an average speed of 85 km/h.

For many years there was a train to the roughly  midpoint of Alice Springs and it was subjected very often to delays. In wet weather it was a question of how late will the The Ghan be? At times it was how many days late will it be and food parcels had to be dropped to the train when it ...

I’ve now been back in an office environment full time for the past three weeks. After nearly four months of sporadic work it’s a nice change. Someone once explained that extroverts aren’t necessarily people that need to be the life of the party, rather they are the people that get their energy from being around other people. That’s me. While I like my alone time, too much of it drives me crazy. So having 19 other people around me (plus an office dog at least once a week) has been really enjoyable.

For most of the time I was off work I kept to my routine of getting up relatively early and going to the gym so that hasn’t been a rude shock either.

One thing that I think