February 2018

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Today I saw a tweet about the poster for the new movie “Wrinkle in Time”. The tweet said that it was a lovely poster but “This is a great poster – but don’t they want little boys to see this too?” I’m guessing because it was full of imagery of the female leads and it’s all pinks and pretty colours.

Seriously? I’m stunned that someone thinks that because there is pink in the poster, boys will not want to see the movie. My response was “It’s parents conditioning that teaches kids to only like things if it’s got the same gender on the poster. If little boys won’t see it because of the poster it’s bad parenting, not bad design.”

It’s parents like that who teach their daughters to be pretty and sons to be lawyers. It’s them that tell their daughters to be


10 LGBT TED Talks that will fill you with Pride

It’s Mardi Gras season in Australia and, as we prepare to hit the streets of Sydney with Saturday’s parade, it’s a perfect time to break out some of the best LGBT+ TED talks from all around the world. 

Mardi Gras is more than just one big party though. It’s a whole festival of events that celebrates LGBTQI culture in Australia, a time to reflect on our history and, with many countries around the world still lacking in equality, safety and basic rights, a time to change the world as we finally recently did through the Marriage Equality debacle debate, and be loud and thankful for those who can’t.

I’m sparkling and so ready to march with my R U OK Day Ambassador boots ( and speedo) on, loudly and proudly bringing the


Phoebe Halliwell the Youngest….well the youngest for three seasons any way, with the power of premonition. One third of the amazing Charmed Ones, Each of these sisters would have one of

I was out putting the bins on the footpath early this morning. Actually, I was sweeping my front yard, I am trying to get into the habit of sweeping it on rubbish day, then, at least, it gets swept once a week.

My neighbours had put out two half empty bins, so I just had to fill them up. I really don't know how people only have half a bin of rubbish to put out on bin day, we struggle to get all of our rubbish into our bin.
So, I pulled out all of those fishbone ferns, which I hate, that are taking over my garden. I stuffed them all into the bins with gusto.
It is amazing how much stuff I can get done in an hour on the morning of rubbish day.
Anyway, I'd just stuffed the last of the fishbone ferns into the bin and slammed the lid shut, and I turned to head back inside, when this gobsmackingly good looking boy - I'd say he was twenty five - came walking along the footpath with headphones on. I didn't have time to filter myself, not ...

Kip and I just walked in the door after a big big couple of days.  Everything went to plan and we visited the three different hot springs (Glenwood, Radium and Hot Sulfur).  We also snowboarded Beaver Creek and Winter Park which was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, there was no ‘action’ to report other than just Kip and I – which is still pretty hot having speedo sex on tap.

As I expected, Kip did pussy out wearing speedos to the Glenwood Hot Springs.  There were a shit tonne of people there – like hundreds but the pool was huge and you weren’t really on top of people but it was busy.   Of course, I speedo’d it up and to further take the mickey out of Kip for wearing dork shorts, I wore my very colourful new Turbo speedos (pictures of them below).

There were a couple of old guys in speedos but otherwise nobody cared.

The Radium hot spring was my favourite but I’ve been there

Under the Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher's UK rule in the 1980s, the rich became richer and the poor became poorer.

Under President Ronald Reagan's US rule in the 1980s, the rich became richer and the poor became poorer.

Under Prime Minister Bob Hawke's Australian rule in the 1980s, the rich became richer and so did the poor. How did he get it right when neither the UK or the US did? It wasn't all about inflationary rising wages, which were held down. It was about societal benefits to the working class and to a lesser extent the lower and middle, middle class.

While Hawke's sweeping statement that no Australian child shall live in poverty by 1990 was predictably untrue, he did improve welfare for poor families and their children. He did improve health care hugely after the earlier public health care for all by PM God Gough Whitlam was wound back by the following conservative government.

There were many things with ...
adelaide fringe: grimm talesChildren's and Household Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, more commonly known as Grimms' Fairy Tales, was first published just before Christmas in 1812.

And if you know anything about those original tales, you know they were barely suitable for children... eyes are plucked out, toes are cut off, and characters die... a lot of them.

So I was hoping for something a little on the dark side from Black Cat Theatre's show, Grimm Tales.

It's a small production, with only four actors playing multiple roles, plus a brief child role at the ...
Well only a few days left and it's all coming together.

Our piece on The Project went to air last night.  It's mainly a story about the evolution of Mardi Gras, with us and the 78ers, but we still get a bit of exposure.  It's also got the panel discussion with Magda.

Watch, enjoy and share.

Saturday is so close...
Okay so the Mardi Gras parade is coming up this Saturday and and yes I have been hitting the gym

I want to do a series of blogs where I answer questions from those that follow me.

These can be questions you want to know about me, advice you want, literally anything and I’ll give it a go of answering it.

So leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you after the tone.