March 2018

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early man: yeah, it's a little epicI've always been quite fond of the work of the Aardman animation studio... from The Pirates! Band of Misfits to Chicken Run to the later Wallace and Grommit cartoons, and Early Man continues in that vein.

I'm not sure that it's their best effort though.

Maybe that's partly because this is the first time time Nick Park has been solo in the director's chair, maybe it's because it's mostly a movie about soccer. I don't know.

Don't get me wrong, it's a fun movie, and very much in the Aardman oeuvre... it just didn't wow me.

I do wonder how well it will go ...
metal seadragonssingle shell


While I find the meals pricey at Barangaroo, I’ve not really had a miss so far. The atmosphere, open and airy, is matched with the constant buzz of people enjoying themselves, the view, the food and each other’s company.

I think it’s a perfect place to dine before a show at the Sydney Theatre Company, and my pal Lai Heng said she felt like eating fish and chips before we went to see Nakkiah Lui’s Black is the New White (a great new Australian comedy infused but not weighed down my interesting comments on culture, race and Aboriginality).


Baccomoto Osteria sits right below the Cambridge Hotel on Riley Street, and it looks like they provide breakfast for the hotel guests. In the evenings, it’s been a reliable dining choice for many years for folks from the neighbourhood, no small feat when thinking about how quickly other restaurants have come and gone. The space is open and with little decor, but it seems cosy enough anyways, with the bar in the centre of the space (where people can also sit and eat).
I remember the pasta here as being wonderful, but we couldn’t go by the daily special: braise e barbera, braised lamb with a glass of Italian red wine of grapes which I learn are the third-most planted vines in Italy, but little known outside of the

Hey guys,

We've locked in our post parade video night for Friday 20 April.  Swing down to day hi, catch up with new friends, have a drink and laugh at our video together, with no stress about remembering dance moves or holding your stomach in.  We'll meet from 7.30 at Palms on Oxford ST where we have half an hour before the venue opens to the public, although its still empty for an hour or so.  I should be a fun night and it'll be your last chance to say thanks to the committee before we all go into hibernation over winter.

Partners, friends, past members and potential lifesavers are all welcome.

See you there.

Gary and the new larger Committee now including Dom and Holly

I woke up early, 3.30am. I needed a piss. I looked at my watch, it said 3 something. Buggar, I thought. I knew I was awake.

I rolled one way, and then the other, and then back again. It’s the other end of falling asleep on the couch at 8.30pm in front of the TV. I’ve only ever needed 7 hours, oh, since I have been an adult, as a teenager I could sleep the weekend away, oh for that stress free life again.

I got out of bed and started getting dressed. Instead of hissing from the dark about it being too early and to give smoking pot a rest, a voice said, “Nana getting up time.”

Sam whispered in the dark that Buddy had choked on something during the night. All I could hear was Buddy snoring contently from his bed next to ours.

I made coffee. I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. (When kitchen duty is skipped, I just know I was dead to the world on the couch)

I roll a joint and sat in the garden.
It was supposed to be a year of mini local holidays and it kind of has been and will be, and with no big overseas holiday. Two nights at Cowes, Phillip Island. One night in Sydney to see La Boheme. Two nights in Launceston to see our Dyke Friend, and maybe a couple of days away in October.

Big holiday next year in Britain. That may be our final big holiday. R is getting older and does not have the stamina for a lot of activity. Truth be told, so am I.

Summer in Britain 2019 is a long way away. R mentioned a having a bigger but easy overseas holiday this year, when I have holidays in October. I mentioned Hawaii but there was no enthusiasm there. Hong Kong, R decided, a week in HK. While I would like to see HK, it is so hot and humid. I pointed this out to R and he went cold on the idea.

I blame Victor and ...

While I loved my time in Breckenridge, it is great to be back on the beach and waking up to the sounds of the ocean!!!  I’m not sure if I could ever live too far from the ocean but that might be my speedo fetish talking.

I’ve been catching up on a few things but have spent some time in the ocean, if the weather co-operates next week I will have to give me speedo tan a top up… would anyone like to join me?

Speaking of which, I have updated my online profiles and I’m DTF (down to fuck)!!!

Any applicants like this guy are more than welcome….  He looks cute in those navy shorts, but he looks bloody hot in those navy speedos!!!

Navy Speedo Guy

Now that I’m showing off my underwear on a regular basis (almost everyday) I’m becoming more and more aware of the fact that a lot of my underwear is old, baggy, wearing thin or just plain embarrassing.

Most days I really didn’t care what my underwear looked like, no one was going to see it so it didn’t matter. But now maybe I should take a little bit of pride in my jocks.

Last year I bought a couple of pairs of sexy underwear, but the bulk of my underwear is pretty ‘daggy’ (sorry for the Aussie slang). So if I’m going to upgrade my undie game, I don’t have the budget to be shopping on next gay thing for sexy underwear for my entire wardrobe. I will stick with the couple of sexy/fun underwear that I’ve got from there, the two jock straps and everything else I might start to turf if it’s over two years old or looks

Guido dropped around, I'm sure he was off his head. He's got a Mexican Hairless dog, which does the image no favours, let me tell you. What a rodent. Guido looks feeble, just by association.

So, we got pot for easter, well, it is a long weekend after all, and we used to do far worst things to ourselves over Easter, ah, they were the days. Weed for Jesus.

Sam was none too happy, even if he did rather give himself away last night, when I'd got all my shit together and I was heading up stairs to bed.

"Aren't you going to roll a bed time joint?"

So, it is going to be Netflix and food from now until he rises again, when is that again?

No chocolate though, sacrilege, I know.