April 2018

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(Sydney Theatre Company)
'Still Point Turning: The Catherine McGregor Story' relates this story of the Australian Trans Woman who reached the heights as a Political Staffer, Cricket commentator and as an Officer in the Australian Army, marrying and fathering two children before transitioning after years of gender dysphoria.

The play is based on hours of interviews with Cate and depicts the extraordinary highs and lows of her life.

Beautifully staged and performed ...
Sooooo I’ve been a bit quite this past week since getting home from Thailand because sadly my Nanna passed away


I currently have massive writers block!!! And I just can’t get passed it. That Image is currently how my blog looks. As much as I have two blogs that I write every week Man Crush Monday and Tune Tuesday I just can’t seem to finish anything I have drafted all 13 drafts have at least one to maybe two paragraphs. But it doesn’t when or where I sit down to write something out I just can’t seem to put anything from my head to paper.


I am sure most of you have experienced this at some stage…..any tips or things you use or do to get the creative juices flowing again? I can



MONDAY!!!!!!! As much as we all hate Monday’s I hope the little piece of eye candy I can provide helps brighten up your day.

I saw Avengers on Friday night and can I just say if you haven’t seen it hurry up and go now!!!!!

While I have featured a lot of superheroes I needed to put this guy in here. Now that he is single he can totally give me a call.

The one and only Star Lord……CHRIS PRATT.


I might meet an opera lover and say, I love Carmen, well actually and really The Roller Door Song. If you are Aussie, go on. Sing along.

I might meet a lover of paintings and say, hey, isn't Van Gogh's flower painting just wonderful, but so  small when we saw it in the National Gallery in London. (yes, I am a name dropper)

I might meet a ballet dancer and say, I just adore Swan Lake and has none been better in the ballet than Nureyev, and did you notice the bulge when he lept into the air. (I hope Nureyev did perform in Swan Lake. I read a biography a long time ago and I think he did)

I might meet a country and western fan, and say, isn't Twania Twain just brilliant. (One hit wonder for me)

I might meet a hard rock fan and say has then ever been better that Led Zeppelin. (I can't actually remember any of their music)

I might meet someone who likes crooning and mention, what about Michael Buble. Never ...

    So, let’s talk about Mike. I mean, Mike is a pretty common name, so I think it’s amazing that Mike McEnearney? has cornered the market on putting his name on a restaurant and causing a buzz. He was at Rockpool, ‘conquered London’ according the Good Food Guide, and put his name on Kitchen by Mike which was ‘game-changing’. Broadsheet calls him ‘one of the city’s best-loved chefs’. He also seems a very nice guy as well as being great at what he does.

I somehow managed to miss eating at Kitchen by Mike; I was never there on


When you get to witness something that you don’t usually get to see, it’s a pretty cool experience. When that something is an amazing sexual connection between a real life couple, it’s more than cool. It’s beautiful and sexy as hell.

Paz and Tony are a real couple and they approached me on Instagram. We threw some ideas around and I saw a playful photo one of them posted on Instagram in their bedroom and that was what we settled on. Of course the shoot ended up a little less playful and more PLAYful than anticipated but we got some stunning images.

If you buy the download “BED” you will see that they went about as far as it’s

We called in on T's sister in Invermay to swap cars. We are now back in T's car, the one I took her to pick up in Melbourne ever so many years ago. Child seats were detached and put in the other car.

You simply cannot visit Launceston without a visit to Cataract Gorge. We last visited in 2003 and also went upstream of the the South Esk River to see the historic and disused hydro electric Duck Reach power station.

It is a wonderful recreational space and scenic place. So many failed photos, but here is the pick of the bunch. As you can see, we are high off the valley floor.

street art braille
street art stop valveYou know those weeks best described as "m'eh"... yeah, this was one of those weeks.

Not least of all, I think, because it was the one year anniversary of ...

So, I am in disbelief that I made my own mozzarella cheese. That there above is not store-bought but was made with my own two hands.

Ages ago, I stumbled across instructions on Kitchn from Emma Christensen, accompanied by a video that made it look easy (and will give you a much clearer idea of what is required than this haphazard blog post). It took me forever to get around to finally tackling the recipe. First I had to find rennet (I ordered tablets online from ebay, though they are also sometimes available from Australian stores like