June 2018

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We left home at 6.30pm, for Ms Chris’s and Sebastian’s for dinner, due at 7pm. Sebastian has just moved in with Ms Chris. He’d put up with James’s Wang’s mental decline for, oh how long has it been, years? And, I am guessing, there is only so much insanity you can put up with when the person themselves is doing nothing to help themselves. Sebastian and James have lived together for as long as I have known them, so this is quite a change.

We arrived at 7pm, to no familiar cars parked out the front of the house, except, of course, for Sebastian’s, but that was to be expected.

“I guess everyone has taxi’d it,” I say to Sam.

“I guess,” says Sam.

Damn it, we should have to? What was I thinking?

Everybody was there. Ms Chris, Sebastian, Lauri, Harry, Adriana, Jesse Jackson, Johnny and his boyfriend Billy, with who Johnny has been in a long term relationship, who we ...
lego pointillism megamindlego pointillism wazowskiThis week was a whole lot less complicated. Which is good.

Also, I actually cooked this week... like during the week. The upside of that is that I didn't get tired of anything, the downside being that a) I had ...
Colours to remind you of your childhood
Early morning shopping

There is a philosophy that I believe is true but until this week hadn’t heard a name for it. it’s all come about because of Ariana Grande the tiny little singer who is engaged to some comedian she’s been dating for about 30 minutes. She made a not-so-subtle reference to the size of his dick and now we have the term BDE, or Big Dick Energy.

No, I’m not trying to say that a big dick is like a carbon neutral home that produces it’s own energy. Rather the philosophy goes that you can tell that some guys have a big cock because of the energy they exude. There’s a quiet confidence, cockiness if you will. They don’t need to shout about it or whip it out and show it off (although that would be fine too) because they just

Would you still change your name?
Yes 25% No 33%

I never did change my name?

For ease and benefit to children?

Depends on husband's thoughts?
0% (Haha, you might take his name, but he does not control you)

Marriage bah humbug?
8% (I like you girlfriend)

Weddings cost a motza. Nephew's wedding last year cost around $30,000 and that was using their own venue. I can't imagine what it costs to have a wedding and reception at a posh place, such as the historic building The Willows, very near to us in St Kilda Road, or the just as historic, Butleigh Wootten in Kew. My ABI Brother has been to a wedding there, and I reckon Hels might have.

Our neighbour, The Senator, married his last wife at The Willows. The ...

You have to love the way the ACL continues to attempt to drive fear into the hearts of parents.  Let’s have a look at Martyn’s (Marts for short) latest blog that he calls:

They Want Your Children

Queue scary music and men in masks.

First up:

“The first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is to get at the children, to distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families, and indoctrinate them in their rulers’ view of the world.”

Those words were penned by five judges of the United Kingdom Supreme Court in 2016.

It is astonishing that they felt the need to use such language about a law which had passed the Scottish Parliament. That is, a democratic government with a great pedigree of freedom – not, in fact, a totalitarian regime.

Well actually, they thought it was a good idea, someone said


I’m sorry if the title sounds like I am ungrateful but I really couldn’t think of another title in the sleep deprived delirium and the fact I just used those words in my state surprises me.


First of all thank you to Miiesche for nominating for this award. You should head over and give the blog a read.

So what is this all about?

The Sunshine Blogger Award recognises bloggers who are positive, uplifting and inspirational and spread this in the blogging community. It just shows me that I’m not spreading negativity and that people can actually relate to my pace of mind (most of this was stolen from Miiesche so thank you). I actually really do enjoy getting these as it helps me write something

I called the photo people who are converting my old videos to digital. I called them after lunch. I was pretty excited to see these videos, as you can imagine.

I called them a week after I dropped them off, because they told me they should be ready in a week, only to be told they would never have told me that, as it takes at least a week and a half.

“Don’t worry, we will call you when they are ready.”

I hadn’t heard from them, so, I wait until Friday, which gave them two weeks, before I called again.

“Oh, we tried to call you on Monday, but couldn’t get through,” was the answer.

So, you tried to contact me on Monday and now it is Friday, and you didn’t try again? Is that really the best you could do? I thought. 

(Am I just turning into a whiner? I don't know? So many things to complain about, though, in this new technological age? It is promised that it is ...