July 2018

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Do you ever look at your Facebook feed and think “seriously?” That’s probably an overwhelming yes on many many levels for a lot of us so I’ll clarify. In the past few months it feels like I’ve seen every single person I’ve ever gone on a date with or had a crush on has found the “love of their life” and they are getting married, moving in together or getting a goddam puppy.

Then there are the people who have been in long term relationships that have ended but they’ve gone on to find a new love within 6 months or so and it’s going brilliantly.

Trying not to be cynical or jaded but I’m over here thinking “when the fuck do I get a

We are now leaving the free tram zone, said the (annoying) voice over on the tram. (who's idea were those?) Please ensure you touch on your Myki. 

It’s nice they’ve got a name for theirs, but I don’t call mine anything.

The week my Facebook page has been bombarded with check-ins, post, stories, photos (bad ones from distance) and you name it and I have seen it all, well except for maybe the concert. Which I think if i pieced together all the stories I could probably see all of it for free.

If you haven’t figured it out, Celine Dion is currently touring Australia and every Gay (well most) are seeing her in their major city. I am sure she is amazing and you can’t say her voice isn’t something special. This week I decided to feature some of my favourite Celine Dion songs.d4c55b96-b3d7-43a0-8884-b345330106bf.jpg

My latest favourite Ashes from Deadpool 2:
Now I haven’t actually seen the movie yes I am a bad superhero nerd I am way behind on my superhero movies (anyone want to hang and help me catch up reach out). I think it as a

Not so charitable, even by their own standards

Word of mouth and trusting the recommendations of friends and family has always been on trend. It’s not surprising then that the voice and power of influencers, bloggers and thought leaders on our decision making as consumers, and our reach, credibility and interest as marketers and brands, continues to grow.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.49.14 PMToasting the Bondi Sands for Men launch with Mr Baker

TheRight.Fit tells us that 71% of us are more likely to make a purchase based on a recommendation from a trusted social media voice and that 87% of brands see influencers as an effective way to create authentic

If you find scenes of car accidents very distressing for whatever reason, then move on and don't watch this, but it is very worthy.

ANCAP is the organisation that tests cars for safety in the event of a car crash in Australia and I think New Zealand. I don't know what the letters stand for, nor who funds the body who does the testing. It gives cars a star rating system and only cars that reach five stars are allowed to be sold in Australia. But if you are looking at buying a car a few years old, and you note it has a five star rating, that is just not the same as a five star rating for a brand new car. Safety standards are improving constantly.

You can see the headline to the video, 1998 Toyota Corolla hitting a 2015 Toyota Corolla. The result might be more dramatically different if a 2018 model was used fitted with side airbags. At work I often drive a 2016 Toyota Corolla. While on the ANCAP website ...

Sometimes it just feels good to get out into nature and take your clothes off. Andrew and I had been trying to organise a photo shoot for a long time and finally we made it happen and getting him naked in nature is exactly what we did. Andrew has a bit of a hippy dude vibe but with a bit of big city cool and regular bathing and grooming.

People have accused me of perpetuating unrealistic body types in the past and I admit that I usually photograph muscular guys but Andrew is one of those slim guys who really have sex appeal. He looked so at ease the morning we shot, sitting in the sand, walking nude up the river in the early morning light. Sadly we had to abandon plans to shoot in a beautiful

Do you think it is a rebellious act to sit backwards on a tram when there are forward facing seats available?

Welcome back to another Monday for the start of a new week.

As a gay man we can all clearly tell I love the male form and men, however this week I decided to go in a different direction and add a beautiful woman to my crush list.

This actress is gorgeous, talented, stylish, up with politics, speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to call bullshit out especially after her latest series of tweets. I respect her as a person and have loved her since first seeing her all those years ago in the Princes Diaries along side the fabulous Julia Andrews.

Whether you know her from that or from The Devil Wears Prada or the countless other things she has done I’m going to say you know her.


This week my crush is Anne Hathaway.


Now, if I was hungry, and it was lunchtime, I would have loved to try this place. I loved the contrast. A sign that makes it look like the place has been around for a long, long time, yet a fairly newly refurbished interior, as it was a cosy and stylish space, bright and light and open to the street. The menu, and items behind the counter, though made it look like very much a family-run operation, serving casual Vietnamese food. I also found it quite sweet to observe regulars dropping by for their coffee.

But I was just looking for a place for coffee, on Kent Street where I had to drop off something to be FedExed at Mailboxes Etc. I was glad for a comfy place to prepare the papers, and sip a delicious