August 2018

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I was going to write all day. It was wet and cold, perfect day for it. However, somehow, I got to watching What's My Line on Youtube all afternoon. So easily distracted. And the worst part is that I have seen them all before. 

Any distraction will do.

Interestingly, they had on a lovely smiley woman whose occupation was Gorilla Hunter. And that seemed to be perfectly acceptable occupation. 1956, how times have changed. John Daly asked her when she was going on her next hunt and if she wanted to take the panel with her. It gave me chills, to tell you the truth.


Second chances are important, right? Except the problem is, in Sydney, spoiled for choice, if you have a bad or mediocre experience, it’s not easy to decide to return somewhere when there are so many other options. On the other hand, there aren’t a dozen classy little bars in Potts Point to choose from, and while F had not enjoyed being here a previous time, he said, enthusiastically, let’s try it again!

And I’m glad we did. Hardly anyone was there when we arrived, but it filled up nicely on this Sunday night. Also, strangely, in the area, most similar bars weren’t open at 5.30pm when we started our bar hunt, and we didn’t want to go to a louder bar like the Darlo Bar or the Green Park.

The cocktail menu is really, really interesting. Expensive, mind you, but that’s Sydney. I had the Continental ($20), a variation on a martini

We Need A New Model

Wear It Purple Day is August 31st a day to celebrate the LGBTI+ community.  Wear It Purple aims to create a supportive, safe and accepting environments for rainbow young people. Wear It Purple was founded in 2010 after numerous young LGBTI+ teenagers had taken their own lives following bullying and harassment for their sexuality and gender identity. This included Tyler Clementi who took his own life after being publicly outed as gay by his roommate. In response Ellen DeGeneres made a call to action “this needs to be a wake-up call to everyone: teenage bullying and teasing is an epidemic…and the death rate is climbing.”.

BAD is all at sea for a couple of days.

Pam Ayres is quite brilliant.

This reminds me a bit of myself when I was in a House of Mirrors last year. A snip from what I wrote back then: At one point this stupid old bloke right in front of me would not get out of my way. Why do they let in stupid old men like him? Ahh, that is my own reflection.

I waved Sam goodbye before 8am. Day to myself. I love Thursdays.

It was a freezing day, though, but we were nearly out of fire wood, and I wasn’t sure when we’d be getting any more, so I put on an extra jumper instead of lighting a fire. I still had cold toes. It wasn’t the same thing.

Despite the theory of getting a load at the end of winter so it dries out completely over summer, I’d let the wood get low, it had been getting warmer. Okay, I’m slack.


It wasn’t so long ago at all (last week) that I posted wondering how the people that have achieved great things in the gym but don’t love working out found the discipline to do it. Today was a reminder of the kind of thing that gets me to the gym.

It cannot just be me that has regular gym crushes. There is a guy that is working out at my gym a fair bit lately who is just gorgeous and he is obviously very self motivated. He trains hard. HARD. A couple of days ago he was doing sled pushes and lunge walks and all sorts of things. Today he was mixing up kettlebell swings, pushups and hella fast


We thought Friday during the day would be easier for shopping than our usual Saturday morning at the Broadway Shopping Centre. Harris Farms was surprisingly quiet, but the mall was pretty busy. Where to eat then for lunch? We skipped our usual favourite, Merchants of Ultimo, to try somewhere new. Also, we’re experimenting with the keto diet, so where could we eat?

Pepper Seeds! Though the first reason we were there was that husband couldn’t manage to read the lettering on the sign, which made us curious. An interesting marketing technique. The Thai writing is up top, and the sub-title “Boutique Thai Bites” is bigger than the name of the restaurant. Confusing.

But for me, this was a


Coming up this weekend in Australia is Father’s Day so I thought why not put together a lift of things that you can give your Dad, Father, Daddy whatever you wanna call him. This list may or may not actually be useful and is really just based on my own Father.


1. Alcohol!
I am pretty sure 99% of Father’s out there drink Alcohol of some description so load him up, mines favourite is Whiskey and usually being the tight ass that he is will only buy himself the cheap stuff to drink. So this is usually my go to something a bit more expensive then he would normal have and it’s a safe bet he will enjoy it. Take a look around your parents house  (bonus brownie points if you have to throw in an extra visit) to see what he likes or when in doubt ask your mother cause she will know.

2. Clothes
Yep might sound boring but if your