February 2019

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Tomorrow night I’m doing something I haven’t done in about ten years. At a work function I’m doing drag. It’s funny that even though I’m not particularly hung up on being “masculine” in the way a segment of the gay world is, I’m finding that I’m worried how I’ll be perceived in the office afterwards.

Regardless of that, I’m actually looking forward to it. Getting up in a costume is a lot of fun and you get to be someone completely different for a night. I’m not looking forward to the killer high heels for three hours though. They may hurt my feet but they are fabulous.

In preparation of the evening I have just removed all my body hair. Granted I’m far from a


   The Berlinale Teddy LGBT Film Awards are important inasmuch as we’re invariably reminded that the Anglo version of Queerness as represented in film is often remarkably shallow and universally untrue. From its first award (Almodovar’s 1987 Law Of Desire) through The Way He Looks to last year’s winner Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta), the Berlinale reliably and regularly commits to the real diversity of the Queer male. And just as importantly, across three decades it&apos ...
A couple of buildings up from us, I am not sure if the streets are under the control of Metro Tunnel or VicRoads. I think one may be and the other not. Nevertheless, it is rather stupid that two roads at right angles show Give Way signs. Who gives way to whom? Who knows. In both photos you can see the opposing Give Way signs.

On Saturday we caught trams to Docklands. The Bourke Street 86 tram was running terribly late. Why didn't I check my tram apps on the way to town? We could have caught a tram in Flinders Street much sooner.

Docklands remains a soulless place, devoid of any kind of atmosphere, no matter what is tried to attract people to the area. I wonder about the occupancy rate of the many highrise apartments. We went to look at some rather underwhelming sand sculptures. Unlike the fun we had when we went to Frankston Beach to see sand sculptures and had to pay an entrance fee, these just seemed blah and attracted little attention. There was little of photo interest that I haven't posted before. This was our last visit. We also took a ride on the ...

On Saturday night I finally got around to watching Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m not going to talk about the movie itself or the controversies around it. I want to talk about the AIDS crisis that was central to the unfortunate demise of Freddy Mercury.

As a young man I was hitting puberty as the AIDS crisis took hold and scared the world. Possibly it scared me more than some because, even though I didn’t know it at the time, I was gay and it was being called the “Gay disease”.

I think for guys like me of that era, it is why some of us took longer to be convinced of the merits of PrEP as a safe option. Growing up I was convinced that anyone who had sex without a condom was going to die because that’s

Kiddie fiddler, no that sounds too mild, pedophile Cardinal George Pell, who held the third highest office in the Catholic Church has been found guilty as charged. As well as being a pedophile who abused boys, he has always come across to me as a nasty piece of work and a very disagreeable and arrogant person.

I can't read what the Herald Sun commentator Andrew Bolt wrote as the Herald Sun is a very tabloid newspaper and I would not pay for it but from Twitter, apparently Bolt argued Pell is innocent, ipso facto, the jury who listened to all the evidence and made a judgement were wrong. The first jury was discharged as only 10 of 12 agreed on his guilt. The second jury returned a 12 of 12 verdict.

The conviction from last December has been suppressed by our courts, lest the verdict jeopardises a future trial. As far as I know, there are now no charges against Pell. Insufficient evidence, unlikely conviction etc etc. That does not mean there are ...

I’d heard very good things about Kid Kyoto, and you know, folks weren’t lyin’. We went for a special mid-week meal, an Entertainment Book meal with matching wines from St Hugo and Perrier-Jouët champagne.

I quite like these meals, which seem to allow chefs to show off a bit, with great grog alongside it. I prefer when they’re not group tables, which they often are, and while the tables were a little close together, we were happy we had our own.

We snuck in a sneaky cocktail beforehand, my martini was fusioned with sake. Both were refreshing.


This is another one of those shoots that seemed to take forever to organise. Will is a lovely guy but our schedules never seemed to match up. He also has a lot of interests and is often out having fun adventures so it is hard to coordinate a shoot.

What wasn’t a problem was convincing him of my idea. He loved it. His beautiful pale, freckled skin, surrounded by the coarse white tulle fabric with just a hint of orange paint on his face, and boom, we had a shoot.

Will’s long lean frame photographs beautifully and really lent itself to this shoot. If you buy the whole download, which is out now then you’ll see that Will isn’t shy either. This one contains full frontal and erotic imagery. If that sounds like your

The teenage Andrew fell absolutely in love with Don in the tv show Number 96. While at the time I can't imagine what I may have done with him, he was so so hot. And, while he is straight, he played a homosexual a gay man in Number 96 and at times comments on the Number 96 Facebook group.

While I am not saying he made me gay, wasn't that my mother? he did have some input.

I don't have a type to lust after now,. I like young and older. Anglo and exoctic. Asian and Indian. Latin and Gypsy. Smooth and hairy. Very kinky Japanese and Germans. But how I loved the Lebanese heritage Joe Hasham in Number 96.