March 2019

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The widower insisted on taking his car to visit the cemetery where our friend's ashes were interned. That was fine with me. His large town house has massive solar panels, about 12 I think, and before his partner died, the partner had ordered this battery. The widower has a really cool app on his phone that shows what the solar system is doing, feeding into the house or charging the battery and how much of each, along with electricity consumption. The battery cost a little less than $10,000 and was probably not a good financial investment. It was a very cold and wet overcast day. The house was using 2KW or .2KW of power, 7KW or .7KW of power was being generated by the solar panels, so the difference was charging the battery which was at a level of about 70% charged. The house firstly draws on the solar panels and when they won't give enough power, it switches to the battery.  I found it quite fascinating. The last place it goes to for power is the ...
We got a new puppy, say hello to Bruno. Two bulldogs, what fun.
Sam and I will now have matching bulldogs when we go to the dog park, tres gay

the lego movie 2: they come in piecesFirst there was The Lego Movie... then The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie... and now we have The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

It's hard to make a sequel live up to the original... it usually falls into a few cliches like characters you really loved from the first movie not getting anywhere near enough screen time (usually because they break up ...
equus rooflinelily roof

The art-porn shoot models have just left and my goodness was that a hot experience.

I picked one of the models up from the airport as he was coming from interstate and on the drive back he was saying that he was nervous about there not being a connection or chemistry between the two of them. Of course I started to panic a little bit thinking it could be a total disaster.

I’m here to tell you, a disaster is the exact opposite of what just happened. The guys had some serious chemistry and I could tell as we were shooting that the photos were going really well.

There is a fair bit of selection and editing to be done to create the imagery that I have been picturing but once I get that done, there will be a very sexy

My virus checker popped up a box to tell me it had been updated. Good. I failed notice that two buttons had check marks in them until just as I hit the close button. My default Chrome browser was changed to AVG safe browser and many file associations had been changed. It didn't take too long to fix, but so annoying.

The temperature today dropped from the high 20s to the high teens within half an hour. Autumn is here and Winter will be soon upon us.

Cuteness for R's birthday from our Friend in Japan. It is a hook for whatever. There was cake too, but I'm afraid it did not last long enough to take a photo.

Day 4 in NZ was a ...
What a bun fight the first night was on the ship for dinner. We were supposed to go a restaurant to dine but chose the buffet instead. Unfortunately so did many others. The buffet dinner did settle down in subsequent days.

R joined the passenger ship choir with me along for support. The noting of the choir practice in the daily newsheet Princess Patter was a total fail. It was listed when he was told it would not happen and he went along. Then it wasn't listed again for days and he missed rehearsals. It was very badly managed and on the last day when the choir was supposed to perform publicly, it did not go ahead, I think for there being too few people. R was over it due to the erratic scheduling. It is such a shame as on our Mediterranean cruise I saw the choir performance and it was great. The choir performance was very carefully planned and the songs good.

On the way to New Zealand we saw Bohemian Rhapsody on the large outdoor movie screen and ...
Not so many taxis in St Kilda Road on a Saturday afternoon. If the driver was disappointed that it was a fare with suitcases to Station Pier and not Melbourne Airport, he did not show it. Boarding times are staggered over a few hours, nevertheless it is well organised chaos. Buses and taxis go right onto the pier to unload their passengers. The Spirit of Tasmania was also loading, adding even more traffic chaos. The pier's efficiency is constrained by its small size and there has been talk of extending it out further.

We queued to check in, not too long. We were then seated to wait for our turn at Border Force (I hate the name, but that is what it is now called, formerly Customs and Immigration). The area we were in did not have heating or cooling, which is not a problem as cruise ships don't operate from Station Pier in Winter, but it must be terrible on a hot day.  We were soon on board and found our cabin, which was on Deck 11, called Baja ...

It’s taken a long time but this weekend the photo shoot with the aim of blurring the lines between art and porn is happening!

My mate Troy who has featured in my photography a couple of times lately has some porn aspirations and he was keen from the moment I mentioned it. We did have another guy lined up but then he changed his mind so the hunt was back on.

A month ago a guy who lives in a different country threw his hat into the ring and it was just a matter of when we could coordinate him to be here. Well that time is this Saturday! I’m quite nervous about getting the quality of image that I want and not getting caught up and distracted by two hot naked men fucking in front of my camera.

My goal


I don’t know it took me so long to try out Sticky Fingers, just a block back from Oxford Street along the strip. It’s super close to where I live, and I’d heard rumours it was good. Now I’ve managed to get there twice this year, which is pretty regular for me!

I like the feel of the place. It’s cozy. Got a great seat the first time with the window open behind me; the next time, the sun was too hot through the glass.

I like the menu with the emphasis on sticky sauces, dishes with an Asian influence or something that could be dastardly unhealthy.