March 2017

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The title comes from Mark Lathams tell all but tell nothing book.

Mark Latham was once the leader of Australia's Labor Party. He came close to being elected as our Prime Minister in 2004. While I am ultimately a Labor voter after my preferences are sorted, I found him to be a very unlikeable person and I would never have voted Labor with Latham as a leader. Gawd, who did I vote for? Surely not Howard.

Latham has just been sacked by Sky News after calling the head student of Sydney Boys' High gay for his support of women's issues and the lad's fellow students 'dickheads'.

Former New South Wales Premier, Kristine Keneally is ...

There is a model that I have worked with a couple of times over the years who has done some acting and dancing as well as modelling. On shoots he tends to wear a modesty sock over his junk to make sure there are no photos of it. He’s never even taken a dick pic himself to send to potential hookups. His reasoning? He wants to be a famous actor and is convinced that it would hurt his career. I thought we’d moved on from that?

These days it seems like every male celebrity has sent a dick pic to a potential shag only for it to end up on the internet. In years long gone it may have harmed a career. But in 2017? Half the Teen Wolf cast have had their dick pics and videos leaked in the past few months along with Olympic Diver Chris Mears and just about anyone that

Hi Stranger from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo. I can’t stop watching this little guy. Soooo cute.
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Mosko et associes

Ce collectif composé de deux membres, Gérard et Michel, a commencé à peindre sur les murs a la fin des années 1980. À l’époque, comme beaucoup d’autres quartiers, La Moskowa, qui jouxte la petite ceinture du 18e arrondissement de Paris, est voué à une série de démolitions afin de le remettre à neuf.Mais les riverains s’opposent au projet et mettent en place une association de défense du site, visant à empêcher le désastre. Les maisons sont condamnées à la démolition, les fenêtres murées mais les habitants y vivront jusqu’à l’arrivée des bulldozers. Les Mosko ont alors l’idée de peindre à même les bâtiments grâce à des pochoirs. Cette d&eacute ...
Can You Donate?

The Selected Stories of Mavis GallantThe Selected Stories of Mavis Gallant by Mavis Gallant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A university lecturer named Francine Prose praised Mavis Gallant’s short stories effusively, yet precisely, in this article in the New Yorker.…

This article, among other reviews, and curiosity, and living in Paris for a time, a Canadian in Paris, made me want to get to know Mavis


It was a cold morning, the first morning that I thought I could feel the first tentacles of winter wrapping around us, well, reaching out and touching us.

I left before Sam, he is in a don't-give-a-shit phase, so he is just wandering into work whenever. Oh, that means closer to 9am than 8am, let’s not think the worst.

I walked to the stop before the free zone, when a Bombardier came down MacArthur Street, and I legged it to the stop to catch it. I knew I wouldn't make it, but I was being positive and I ran anyway. I’m sure there is a small part of me that thinks any exercise, no matter how small, is good. I got to the door as it closed, I could have slipped half of my body through I was that close, but I didn't, and of course, the doors closed and the tram left. So, I hot footed it off down MacArthur Street to the Spring Street stop, as the tram was practically empty and it would prove to be an easy ride into the city. I flew ...
Not such a fulmination really. R has peaked early on this Friday night and is in a snot and has gone to bed with significant multiple door slammings. He has had full on week, and it is not over yet, with a dinner with friends Saturday night and a family lunch out on Sunday, the former to celebrate his birthday and the latter to celebrate his and Mother's. As he approaches 70, he struggles at time, mostly to with my family. No one ever said my family is easy.

Apparently Hippie Niece's cervix is wide open, ready to give birth to premature twins. Depending on tests, early next week she may be moved to a hospital near her home area. (That has happened) Not so good for us to visit her, but there will be less need for us to visit her as she will be close to family and friends. She is past 32 weeks, whatever that means, but it was a critical point. We saw her on Wednesday and had cupcake with a candle for R's birthday. She was becoming sleepless ...