March 2017

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How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was pretty good, yesterday (Sunday) was a bit of a right off with the F1 in Melbourne on and everyone around my place for a BBQ.  Nothing naughty to report unfortunately.

But, since this is a gay speedo/porn blog I can’t just leave you guys hanging like that.  This morning I have jerked off two already to this photo below.  Holy batman these guys look fantastic in their white speedos.  I’m not sure how either of them are preventing their cocks from being at full mast because I can’t even look at this pic without getting hard.

Does anyone else like this photo?  As a side note, this is tomorrow ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ – a rather worthy one I think too.

I am delighted that Feedspot has selected my blog as one of the Top 60 LGBT Blogs on the web. In the words of Anuj Agarwhal, the founder of Feedspot:
Looking out the window at work
English is a very difficult language, even for native English speakers. There are so many things that are only correct because that is how they are and there is not a rule to guide you and even if there is, it still may not apply, such as the letter 'i' before 'e' unless preceded by a 'c'. It almost doesn't apply more often than it does.

Take the above sentence and the phrase so many things that are only correct because that is how they are... I had to check if 'so many things' was any sort of collective noun and I should use 'is' instead of 'are' but even if that small part was a collective noun, I would still type what sounded correct to my ears.

Here is another from a blog post. I seem to spend a lot of time changing sentences. I expect many of you get them right the first time.

I think they were all Asian students lining the walkway to the QV shopping centre. ...

After our first shoot months ago with Jorge nude on the beach covered in sand, he and I discussed doing another shoot at some stage. Jorge was keen for a studio shoot and he may have made the mistake of saying something along the lines of “the messier the better.” More fool him.

This morning after getting a coffee, Jorge and I, along with a friend Tim who came along to film behind the scenes, arrived at the studio where I proceeded to paint Jorge with white clay. Once we had him painted and the clay dried it became very apparent just how like a classical sculpture he is. Obviously he has more muscle than the Statue of David and is better proportioned in other ways as well, but with


The International Space Mission is returning to Earth following an exploratory visit to Mars. Whilst en route Mission members test samples taken from the red plant and are thrilled when they revive an intriguing life form. Their joy soon turns to horror when this life form starts to grow and threaten them.

'Life' has visually pleasing aspects. The actors float about in zero gravity delivering their lines vertically, horizontally and even at times while upside down. The general mood of interstellar flight is well captured. But I did start to avert my eyes when the horror ...
After a very long and tiring week at work I had just finished a work event and was waiting in a huge line at the domestic airport, heading into the city and meet my friend Ian for a drink. The plan was – drink on Oxford Street then a quick dinner, then head into Palms (tragic I know, but was in need for some ridiculously gay music), then off to North Sydney to one of the most straight clubs I have ever been to, to see Ian's friend's band play.So walking into the Colombian, we grabbed a drink and managed to get a seat near a table. We sat down next to a ridiculously cute early thirties muscular tattooed man and started chatting. Whilst making fun of a guy at the bar and his ‘daggy bum jeans’ the cute guy overheard our conversation and next to me asked; “Are you two making fun of that poor guy at the bar?”. A great conversation ...
I caught  up with my gallerist friend at the end of the working week in St Kilda. We went to the Dogs Var. we bumped into my friend's neighbour (the one who cooks with pungent shrimp paste). They were chatting about the shrimp paste when I got back to our table. The neighbour seemed nice and was very apologetic. Oh well, my friend will be off to Germany for 6 months so I guess the neighbour can cook with as much shrimp paste as she wants during that time.


My kingdom for a wine glass with a dumpling illustration on it!

Happy D’s is a very happy place with a long, fake, ironic fishtank, a kick-arse neon sign and a good selection of drinks (wine, beer, sake and cocktails) and dumplings.

Hang out at the long counter after entering the humble, non-descript hole-in-the-wall sort of entrance.

Eat dumplings to your heart’s content, while drinking and chatting with friends. On a Thursday night

Local reporter and tv newsreader Dan Webb died last week. He was quite old, in his nineties I think. I published this in 2012 and mentioned I had seen him a couple of years ago. So that would be about 7 years ago since I last saw him. He presents an amusing piece in a clip that I doubt ever went to air. The more things change, the more they stay the same. See it at this link below.

R used to live in Cowderoy Street, in the same block of apartments where our Hairdresser Friend now lives. She rents and has lived in three different apartments there in the period of well over a decade. Opposite her building is the now empty, deserted and decaying Beaconsfield Hotel. You can bet developers have their eyes on that site.

'The Beak' for a period had a gay night, Wednesday night, I think. We had a few very good nights there ...