May 2017

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There’s a lot of scary stuff going on in the world at the moment and it would be easy to

'Don't Tell' is centred around a civil trial for damages sought by Lyndal (Sarah West) for sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of a teacher at her school. The story is based on actual events in Queensland which led eventually to the resignation of an Australian Governor General and which also was a trigger for a national Royal Commission into institutional child abuse.

The story is told without sensationalism. It is an important reminder of shocking failures ...
I arrived in Finland a couple of days ago. The flights over were fine. Of course, I had grand plans to work on the plane but that never happened. Instead, I watched a few movies and even managed to get some sleep.

The flight from Hong Kong to Helsinki was on an A350. It was the first time I had flown on one of those but I had read quite a bit about the plane's features, including lower cabin pressure, reduced noise levels etc. The only thing that stuck out for me though was the fancy overhead lighting, which Finnair was quite keen to show off with a northern lights 'simulation' as we were approaching Helsinki airport.

The normally super time efficient passage through the Helsinki-Vantaa airport was less efficient on this occasion thanks to a slow moving queue at passport control caused by a lady travelling on her own with seven unruly kids. I can't even imagine travelling with one child, let alone seven.

The airport now has a ...

Sniff. I’m wrecked. In a good way. I’ve been crying my way through Dear Evan Hansen.

There are a lot of heartstrings being pulled here. It touches on some pretty universal themes: not fitting in, loneliness, acceptance, the bonds and conflicts between family members. It imbues them both with a unique spin which feels like it’s individual, and yet the broad strokes of the story – a small lie that turns into a big one, the speed of how stories and emotions play out in social media – almost feel operatic.

The story, of course, is held together by the extraordinary performance of Ben Platt in the lead role: charming, vulnerable and quirky, yet the supporting cast are also amazing. I love the pop-Broadway sensibility of the score. It just goes right into my heart. A few of the songs, for me, are worth the

Grindr’s recent launch of its online news site ‘Into’ signals a departure from being ‘just a hook up app’ into hard hitting news terrain. Since launching in 2009, Grindr has quickly grown into the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, curious and queer men. Today, it has over 3 million daily users. That means […]
The next morning we took two more short hop on hop off bus trips, much of which was repeating what we had already done.

As you may have noticed in previous photos, the area where we were staying and the areas we visited were big, wide and open. Not so in the old part of Lisbon.

I think we were overseas when the news broke all over the world that Chris Cornell, frontman for the band Soundgarden, had died. Who? Never heard of him or the band.

In court in Melbourne of late has been the Australian born American film star by the name of Rebel Wilson. Nope, not heard of her either.

The performer in Manchester where such a terrible thing happened was the world famous Ariana Grande. You've guessed it. I have never heard of her either.

I don't want to further clutter my brain with more even more useless knowledge that my brain already retains but to not ever heard of such world famous people surprises me.

I feel very old and ignorant. Maybe it is because I don't have contact with younger people regularly and only focus on one or two news sources that could not be described as promoters of popular culture.

The NYC dining city is so dynamic. I can’t believe that a few places that I’ve just casually dropped by at have only been open a few months. Things seem to change here by the week… I had seen a listing for Street Taco on Yelp. with pretty good reviews but a bit mixed. Still, on a Wednesday night, a bit late, looking for something to eat, I felt like grabbing some of the Latin American cuisine that, while getting popular in Australia, has a flair here that I don’t think can be matched.

Still, I wasn’t sure about this place, on a corner only a block away from my hotel, the Carleton Arms. The name doesn’t describe much. And the menu, where you tick off on an order sheet the kind of tacos you want, seemed a bit limited. Tacos, nachos and guacamole. Boy, was I surprised.


Charlie inherits his late father's family shoe business only to find it is in financial difficulties. A chance encounter with Lola, a drag queen, inspires Charlie to make a desperate bid to save the business by producing versions of Lola's 'kinky' boots.

'Kinky Boots' is enjoying a successful run in Australia replicating similarly successful long runs on Broadway and in the West End and, no doubt, elsewhere. Almost without exception my friends who saw the show ahead of me praised it as one of the best, if not the best ...