May 2017

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Daddy Issues London is a party that caters to guys into sexy DILFs and their admirers, hot daddies, sexy boys and the guys that drool over them. The Daddy Issues party is for all ages, races, body types, tops, bottoms, furry, smooth, gay, lesbian transgender, cisgender, gender fluid, species fuck, cross dressers, cosplayers, freaks, nerds, shamans, […]
Clouds today, or air pollution, or both.

Melbourne has one of these, a bit larger and it sticks out further.

While it was clear for us, Victor mentioned how hazy Dubai when he was there. I don't know if this is fog or smog but it is thick.


Norman (Richard Gere) is a Fixer, a Deal Maker, in New York. In his own mind anyway. When he encounters an Israeli politician at a New York conference he sees the opportunity to befriend and cultivate him as a source for dealmaking.

'Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer' plays out as a kind of Jewish allegory. It won't appeal to everybody. It is slow moving and its dense dialogue is counterbalanced by the absence of action. Humour, where it is present ...
The Cutty Sark
Dome to the walkway underpass to the other side of the river where there is a matching dome. It is of Victorian times, yes, they had an underpass under the water 100 years ago

Sunday’s hike in the national park reminded me that I really need to get out and do that kind of thing more often. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and not make the time but I felt so good for having done it and all the other stuff can usually wait. Unfortunately this weekend I have quite a lot of work to do related to the Barenakedtruth project I collaborated on last year and with an ever decreasing amount of time before my big European adventure, the little adventures might have to wait.

Watching a lot of YouTubers over the past 6 months or so it’s become apparent that the really popular vloggers are the ones off having big adventures. I totally get that but it sets an unrealistic expectation of what is a normal day to day existence. Most social media is guilty of that. How often do you look at people’s Instagram and feel like they have a much better life than you do? I know I do all the time. Sadly their lives probably don

What you go to Greenwich to see, the time line thing
You dont see too many Citroen H Vans around
We went to Greenwich. But we were more excited to discover where the battle sequence from Thor was shot
On the move again. It is exhausting, but I marvel at the thoughts during the planning stage, as each leg is completed, I think about how it has gone? There, it is done, is that how I imagined it?