August 2017

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Australian politicians seem to be in full blown pathetic mode and we are looking down the barrel of a $122 Million waste of time with a Postal Plebiscite to gauge the public opinion on Marriage Equality which is non-compulsory, non-binding and skewed to fail. Yesterday I had a long discussion on Facebook with a friend of a friend who even though she is atheist, she was using the bible to say that Marriage is a religious thing so shouldn’t be changed. Guess what? It’s not! 75% of marriages in Australia are civil ceremonies these days.

As a Marriage Celebrant about to do my first ceremony, I am allowed to officiate at a ceremony that I am currently unable to experience myself. That stings a bit and the arguments that are coming out already about pedophilia, sanctity of marriage etc are so hurtful. We had one Politician say that he has affectionate friendships with his buddies that he goes cycling with but they don’t need to get married. Yes

Time does fly past. It must be a couple of years since the various police branches moved out of the St Kilda Road Police Station to Police Headquarters. It housed the drug squad, the homicide squad, anti corruption squad, and a room containing a lot of telephone books to minimise bruising when the police used 'alternative means' to extract confessions. The building was going to be turned into apartments. The developer wanted a car parking exemption, as there is an insufficient number of car spaces under the building. The developer wanted retail on the ground floor but no loading bay for stock delivery or rubbish removal. The developer wanted extend the first floor right out over the footpath. I assume our local council denied the development and I don't think it went to the Victorian Civil Administration Tribunal for judgement.  Photo from 2005.
Surveying the ruins
You can read it here.

Old unposted post, but it is not so bad. I am determined to reduce my number of draft posts.

Well, I did inhale, of what my father used to call Mary Jane, a pseudonym for marijuana.  We even grew some in the very middle class area of Glen Iris. We produced a good crop, very good heads and it was far more than we needed for personal use so we sold it to a friend. That makes me a dealer! I quickly fell foul of Mary Jane. Do you know how long it seemed to take to mow the lawns under the influence of Mary Jane. It felt like hours. I was not liking Mary Jane. Nevertheless, we had some good times with Mary Jane.

I may have popped a pill or two in my youth, at warehouse parties. The drug of choice then was ecstasy, the love drug, and you did really feel love for people.

The thing about drugs is that they give you very good feelings. That is why people take them. Politicians and everybody needs to understand  that drugs can make you feel good ...