September 2017

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One of my cousins is getting married in Melbourne this weekend. There will be a large group of relatives descending from Sydney and Canberra. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Nathan was puzzled why my cousin had chosen to get married on AFL grand final weekend, when flights and accommodation are at a premium.

I don't think my cousin realised when they settled on the date.
I saw these at a florist in North Melbourne today and had to get them. I have no idea what they are but they look weird and smell wonderful.

On the train to the Showgrounds to see the bulldogs being shown, wondering about my decision already, with a train packed with people who are talking incessantly, like their lives are important and not the product of over breeding, and who smell. Did any of these people wash this morning? There is definitely a waft in the air, of man made fibres and stale ooze.
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I thought I had finished with Flood Friday, but I came across this at the bottom of my list of unpublished posts. It is a combination of posts written in perhaps 2015. Make of it what you will. I am now down to under 8 unpublished posts, and a couple will never be published. 

I am up to 39 draft posts. Most of them haven't been posted for good reasons. Today, this Friday, I flood you with unfinished posts. But wait, Flood Friday makes it forty unfinished posts. Ten posts will knock me back to 30 unfinished posts, almost imaginable. Nothing written for tomorrow, so take your time.


It seems crossing here, from one tram platform to the one on the other side of the road is a serious offence. At times I do see people dodging around trams as they cross the road from one platform stop to another. I don't do that. I cross between platforms when there are no trams around. I've not heard of anyone being killed by a ...
Meet three couples who want you to vote yes and hear them speak about how they met, their lives now
I am not sure I really like that headline, but no matter.

Every time we have changed something about our home phone at Telstra, it reverts to a short ring time before the answer machine picks it up. I've had to call up and ask the ring time to be extended. Telstra liked short ring times, as you could not get there fast enough and the person left a message, thereby incurring a another phone call charge when you rang the person back. If you are directly paying for telephone calls now, get a grip and sort your phone out.

Since changing our mobile phones from Telstra to Aldi, the ring time is too short. I found this sequence of numbers to press to extend the ring time, and even though within the number is contained 101, Telstra's message service number, this has working for now for our non Telstra phones to extend the ring time. The last number contained within is the number of seconds for your phone to ring before diverting to the message ...

As the world gets more and more prudish in some ways, the disappearance of open showers at gyms for instance, it would seem that tv shows are trying their hardest to go the other way. Dating shows in particular.

If you watch any of the versions of Dating Naked, or Adam Seeks Eve, around the world and especially in Europe you’d be forgiven for thinking they have a rule about having a ridiculous body but absolutely no body hair whatsoever. I’m seriously not complaining. It’s a look I quite like.

The Dutch or Danish version (I can’t remember which) has had some guys with regular bodies but still no body hair as a general rule.

I have to say, if I was going to go on dates naked on television I’d

Well it’s getting closer and closer every day until I head home for some well earned rest. This trip to