October 2017

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Finally I have finished writing about my first sexual experience with the Married Guy.  It happened back in June and since then we’ve been having some pretty regular fun but I’ve wanted to finish writing about our first experience before I shared any more juicy details with you guys.

I’m posting it on my site this afternoon and I’ll share it here tomorrow.

Be sure to catch up on where I got up to with the story – click here.

Gay Speedo Porn

As a paid employee, I have to put with quite a lot of nonsense at work. Management say and do some really stupid things but one thing management does not do is speak to staff badly. If they did so, there would quickly be union involvement if it was serious.

R was a volunteer at his workplace. He would have described his work as 'driving the oldies around'. Medical appointments, social events and meetings, occasionally a bit out of town for an oldie's lunch and a play on the pokies. The people who are driven are supposed to pay a few dollars to the organisation, but some don't. No one is denied. The vehicles are supplied to do the job with some generosity by local car dealers. There is the occasional big green hardware shed sausage sizzle fundraiser. Some funds come from out local council and some from the federal government. It is great service for older people in our local council area.

Did you note that I said R would have ...

In the past week or so I’ve posted about sexual behaviour at a nudist event on Saturday night and about sexual behaviour causing problems at a nude beach.

I completely understand that sex is a very natural part of life and I don’t by any stretch believe that sex and nudity are always separate. But I’m curious as to why the connection between nudity and sex is so immediate? When I was in Berlin and went to a lake surrounded by nudists sunbathing and swimming in the middle of a forest, a location that would have been perfect for cruising if it was here in Sydney, there was not a trace of sexual behaviour.

It was the same at the mix gender sauna with literally hundreds of people sharing baths, saunas, pools, steam rooms and even locker/change rooms with no sexual behaviour at all.

As a friend pointed out, it’s just not normal enough here. Sure we have nude beaches and there are probably hundreds of thousands of nudists in


I like a pun. I mean, why not? These days: we need laughs. Also: we need coffee.

So, we stopped here in Lindfield on our way to the Hunter Valley for L & A’s wedding. There was a nice neighbourhood buzz about it, with folks stopping in for breakfast and coffee, and I imagine there is a stream of interlopers like us, pulling off on the Pacific Highway for some java fuel.

Two large lattes. Strong enough but lots of milk. Just what we needed.

I seem to be hungry all the time, just lately. Sam and I had tuna pasta for lunch, then after Sam had gone I made bread and honey. There is something so prefect about fresh bread, butter and honey. Yum.

Am I hungry all the time because I am sitting on my fat arse? I think maybe that has something to do with it, if I have plenty of time on my hands, I have plenty of time to eat. But really, I think it is from quitting smoking recently. I quit again two weeks ago. I think smoking takes away your hunger, straight tobacco, that is. Not pot, I'm not talking about pot. And when you quit, your appetite comes back. I think it is a temporary thing, an adjustment period.

Speaking of sitting on my fat arse, if I sit at the coffee table with my laptop, it leads to inactivity. I'm tied to the small space to which my laptop projects.  But, of course, I can get the internet on the TV. I've just realised - how fucken slow am I - if I put ...
The Sunday began with the Melbourne Marathon, with me participating viewing in my dressing gown from on high. However, Fire Fighting Nephew ran the half marathon, a last minute decision and without training. Sadly we didn't hear him, but he yelled out at the top of his voice as he passed down below, happy birthday Uncle Andrew.

My cake was a flourless chocolate cake, chosen because Hippy Niece is gluten intolerant, and we had picked it up the day before. It was more like a desert. It weighed a ton and we should have probably taken the car rather than bring it home on the tram.  At about 35cm square, say 14 inches, it ...
I check a few times each day on the Falcon chicks on our high rise city building. I worry if I can't see both chicks, but they always end up on camera eventually.  At lunch time I saw one looking over the edge of the box in a very adventurous manner, and now they are both outside the nesting box. The father and mother co parent and feed, and there is always one parent there. One was shading them from the sun yesterday.

Baby birds often fall out of nests and die, but lets hope the two Falcon chicks don't. There is a high mortality rate of juvenile Falcon birds when they begin to fly. Power lines are a problem for them as they glide down on their prey at 300 km/h without a lot of experience.

It is the most perfect day in Melbourne today, sparkling and lightly scented with the breezes of spring. Fresh as a mountain brook, as warm as a puppy's fur. I am lying on the couch reading. I am eating mandarins pretending they are donuts. Sam sent me a link for home delivered donuts, which he said I am not allowed to order. Ah, the flavour of those small, citrus fruits, a taste almost as perfect as the sublime, spring day. I have the French doors propped open with ornate Edwardian bricks, I keep just for that purpose. Buddy is in his kennel. A fly buzzes in and then buzzes out again.

At the nude party on Saturday night I was very pleasantly surprised at the variety of guys there. Unlike last time I went many years ago there were guys of all ages there.

What wasn’t a surprise was the behaviour of some of the guys. The host designates a single area for shenanigans that is out of the way of everyone else who isn’t partaking. Some guys didn’t really respect that and while it wasn’t full on it wasn’t ideal.

There was one guy there who I’d met several years ago at the other event who back then couldn’t seem to get into his head that I wasn’t interested. On Saturday night he was leering at people as he wandered around. At one point we were

Indulge me. I am finishing this post on Saturday, 14th of October, the night of my 60th birthday and while I have been doing it for some time in preparation, I do love to wallow in nostalgia and at my age, why should I not. I've had a great and relaxing day, spent with R.

This piece of music was used to great repetitive effect in the tv show Inspector George Gently last week. In my opinion it was the best ever episode of Inspector George Gently and is called Gently with Class. All performances were first class but Geraldine Somerville shone.

Oh, you want to know more about the cast. I said, you want to know more about the cast, ok! This is Geraldine Somerville, character Alethea Blackstone. GS was just brilliant. Photo from Getty Images.