October 2017

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Well, as I posted yesterday I was quite nervous heading to the orgy last night. My friend had bailed on me due to illness and I was heading in alone.

As it turned out I was very pleasantly surprised by the night. All the shenanigans were very respectful. People seemed to understand who may or may not be interested in them and no one took any rejection of advances as anything personal.

Of course it was bound to happen that I saw a few people I knew but no-one that caused any awkwardness. In fact one of the guys I’ve only met twice and I’d seen him in the locker room at the gym and it was a very pleasant surprise to see him in action.

Ultimately it was a little too crowded for

A lesson in finances 101. No matter how friendly you think you are with your ex, no matter if you consider yourselves to be soul mates continuing long after you have finished your relationship, complete the finances, get everything sign, sealed and delivered, as they say. 

We had everything in both our names long after we were in. relationships with other people. Mark had access to our mortgage that I had taken over as a part of our break up. He got one house. I got the other house and the mortgage. He had access to, what was now, my mortgage and he used it to finance his latest venture. Both houses remained in both our names.

"It will be fine, Mark and I would never take advantage." I used to say to my friend Jill, which used to infuriate her.

"Don't leave anything to chance," Jill used to say.

"We're not leaving anything to chance," I'd reply. "You just ...
Discover a different side to gay adult superstar Billy Santoro. Billy gets real and opens up about the porn industry, social media  + more! Welcome to the third instalment of Behind The Porn. This is a series of articles where I interview the biggest names in the world of gay porn. The goal? To showcase […]
Reject the Smith Bill
Yes, it was my last post before holidays but the deck will be pretty well cleared if I just mention we saw this show today, courtesy a birthday gift from Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo. The musical show was clever, funny, vulgar and crude......and great fun.

In an extraordinary photo, Country Mum has posted a photo of what looks to be a pink rainbow. It costs you nothing to add her blog to your reader and some of her photos are stunning, as I pointed out to ABC Radio Riverina which didn't seem to follow up with an interview ...
(Retrospective post)

Whilst in Livingstone we went on a Rhino walking safari. This occurred in the Mosi Oa Tunya National Park which is Zambia's smallest National Park. The Park is home of a number of White Rhinos. These Rhinos aren't actually white in appearance. Their name is a translation error by early British explorers who were told by locals that they had come across Wide-mouthed Rhinos.

The safari is cleverly constructed. Led by 'Skinny' the local guide and kept safe by 'Stanley the protector' our small group walked single file - so as not to suggest to animals that we were in attack formation - as we followed Rhino tracks and droppings in our 'search' for the White Rhinos.

The heat was intense as the temperature passed into the 40s centigrade (+104 fahrenheit). After about an hour we eventually 'located' the White Rhinos. Later events suggested clearly that the ...

In three hours from now I’m supposed to be going to an orgy. There is a group that organises them every few months and a couple of friends have been and said they are fun.

Right now I’m not sure I’m going. My friend that was going to go with me and has been before has just pulled out (pun intended) because he’s sick. So now, not only am I hungover and not feeling wildly horny, I’m also going alone.

The only time I’ve ever been to a big organised orgy I hated it. It was many years ago and it was way too crowded with 200 guys and very very few of them my type. This one is a different group and I’m led to believe about 50 guys.

Part of me wants to bail out

It's been a year since we last returned to the Discworld with the Unseen Theatre Company, and this time it's back to Ankh-Morpork and the creature of the Disc's first newspaper with The Truth.

Hugh O'Connor, usually hidden behind the grinning skull of the anthropomorphic personification of Death in Unseen productions, steps up as William de Worde, the unlikely and, as is often the case in Pratchett's work, somewhat unwilling hero of the piece. I especially enjoyed his (some would say childish, I would say very funny) choices towards the end of the play, when he's coming up ...
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