November 2017

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A few months before I was made redundant from my job I lost the use of the studio at work for a couple of reasons not related to me, then with the redundancy and a lack of a studio I haven’t really been doing much photography. That all seems poised to change.

This morning I was put in touch with Mr Gay Brazil 2016, Rafael Fagundes who happens to be in Australia. Normally I second guess myself and hesitate to contact people about doing a shoot but that strategy hasn’t worked that well in the past (duh) so I sent him a message straight away and we are doing a simple beach shoot early on Thursday morning. On Saturday I have a paid shoot from someone that has seen my work and wants to push himself out of his comfort zone and pose for me. Then on Sunday I’m doing the sexy duo erotic shoot for the fourth issue of QAMA Magazine which sadly won’t be out for a few months.

Then the following weekend I am shooting another Brazilian who


Drop by for a dosa at Masala Darbar. I know that Indian cuisine has contributed many delights to the world, but this is my current obsession. A perfect, crisp pancake that looks like it will be too filling to eat… but is light and airy. The filling, usually of potatoes, may fill you up, it’s true. And then there’s the condiments: a small tin of dahl, some chili sauce (not as spicy as it looks) and a delicious coconut chutney. This really was a very good dish.

It’s location? A new restaurant that has opened up in the strange little strip of restaurants on Cleveland Street between Bourke and Crown streets. South Asian restaurants have had to compete against the long-established and seemingly unbeatable Maya empire

Cool heads required
I’m awake at 3.30am. As I glanced over at my watch, I really wished it had been later. 5am, perhaps. I’d been dreaming about Dusty Springfield recording sessions. Hours of Dusty singing like a black lady. Endless questions about how black she really sounded. Endless listening to tape play back of her voice, as she stood in the recording booth very patiently. Endless recording studios, always filled with people. Big wide brimmed hats, flared jeans. The heat of LA and their long shadow afternoons. The cold of winter, in crammed London recording studios setup in bluestone warehouses. Wide piazzas of Italy, sun drenched as in honey. Hot and dank New Orleans, giant rubber plants and mangroves, eating fried donuts dusted with icing sugar. Strong coffee. Always coffee. All with a soul soundtrack playing relentlessly over the top.

What? Ah? Er? The bedroom was dark. Oh, its early. It was no good, I was awake. 
I potted up a punnet of petunias in a large purple pot, probably over planting. They were standing up like Brazilian goats, but now while it is not hot, the humidity is was at around 70% and they were not happy at all. They like it hot and dry. Just wait a day or so petals, and all will be well.

Well, the photo did not work out too well and they look a bit better now, even though it is still humid. I have been pinching out the tips of the petunias.

Saturday night was a birthday dinner celebration for our friend who turned 75. I was discussing with someone his own technology devices and to my surprise, he has the same tablet computer I have. We agreed that the storage needs to be larger for us to store 'movies'. My tablet storage space is the same as my phone. We went onto to discussing Youtube and how helpful it is with almost anything. He has shrunk since an illness and finds shirts too long for him. Although he knows his way around a needle ...

Early in 2009 I did two shoots with the lovely Kieran. He’s a guy who lives down in my home town of Wollongong and a really nice guy. I think back then he had read my blog and offered to model for me. Sadly for Kieran both the shoots we did were in the middle of the night. The first was for a moody shoot in the ocean pool at Bronte Beach and the water was not very warm. The second was in the carpark under the building I was living in at the time.

Last week when I put a call out for a second guy to pose in an erotic shoot with a model coming from the U.S. Kieran gave me a shout and told me he was keen. Kieran and I had caught up early this year for the first time in about 7 years so it was really nice to hear from him again. I’m

The Leader of the House, Christopher Pyne, has made plain the Government's determination to amend the Marriage Act by Christmas: "The Australian people expect their Parliament to respect the clear mandate of themarriage survey and legislate for marriage equality before the end of the year.We also need to ensure both the House and the Senate do all they can to resolve thecitizenship issue. That
He'll Be Back
I go for a walk early, before it gets hot, says Sam. Am I someone's nana, I think.

Sam leaves 7.45am. So do I. We head in different directions, at the corner. We still wave until the other one is out of sight.

I walk for an hour. Love Never Felt So Good.

I smoke pot in the garden in the sun, listening to Michael Jackson's hits, His number 1s. All the good stuff. He is a musical genius. The sun is glorious.

Sam messages me for a mid morning update. I tell him I am meditating. Shhh!

When “good enough”, isn’t