December 2017

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Everyone in this world is different and approach life differently. Sometimes that fascinates me and sometimes it just makes me think “What on earth are you thinking?”

At the Naked Werewolves camping trip Wolf Fest 2017, a guy turned up late in the afternoon on day 2 that knew of one of the organisers. He was a guy in his 50’s I’d guess and seemed nice enough but then proceeded to do things that just baffled me.

He set up his tent a fair way away but then kept drifting in and out of our camp which was absolutely fine but at one point he sat down right amongst us and sort of chatted but then also brought a


The eighth film in the Star Wars series, 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' tells effectively the same story as each of its predecessors. A motley group of rebels, grossly outnumbered, band together to fight the evil leadership of the Galaxy. This latest edition also focusses on the future of the line of Jedis.

Recent episodes have become stale in my opinion but this film is an improvement. It makes good use of humour, has some magnificent images and, as to be expected, is filled with excellent special effects. ...
ferris wheelcoloured flags

A casual Vietnamese meal with the family during the Christmas holiday period. My favourite Vietnamese dish are Nem, the deep fried spring rolls with a delicate rice noodle crust or wrapper. These were suitably delicious and the highlight of the night.

I quite liked the squid dish but it was a bit too visceral for my family. We had a fried rice with red chicken, which turned out to be little balls of chicken, a slow-cooked pork shoulder dish and a beef dish.

I liked the food better the last time I came, two years ago. Something felt off to me this night, the sauces a bit too sweet or some spice combination not


They say that good Thai food in Sydney can be even better than in Thailand because the chefs have access to better quality produce and are free from tradition to create better dishes. When my family was visiting from overseas, then, Thai food was the first place I took them to.

The Chat Thai in Chinatown is always impossible to get into (we checked) so we backtracked a few blocks to Yok Yor. My family from Hawaii believe that the Pad Thai is among the best (and most interesting) they’ve ever had, with more sauce than usual, wet and delicious. I was happy to show off how many Thai restaurants cook whole fish here, which I think is stupendous.

And basically, everything else we ordered

View from the deck
It is very muggy on the deck this morning, possibly the muggiest morning we have had. There is a wisp of a breeze, cooling us just a little.

The birds cheep, so many different bird calls, sounding all around us.

Couldn’t resist getting these orange corymbia flowers (aka flowering gum) this morning at the South Melbourne markets.

We kind of panicked when we returned from our European holiday in about June to discover our air con steam off water tray element was buggered. After enquiring about the price of replacing and learning it would be whole new tray, for around $1000 fitted, we sat back to think.

There was not a useful suggestion from any of you, aside from one about using a big car washing sponge to absorb the water and then wring the sponge out. I bought such as sponge but as it was new, it wasn't terribly absorbent. In the winter, I didn't have to remove water very often with the soft plastic water bottle, by squeezing the bottle, putting the opening in the water to suck it up and then emptying it into a bucket.

Once the electric bill arrived, I realised that the element to steam off the water was using a lot of electricity, maybe near $100 for three months, about a dollar a day. At times it would come on if the just the air was humid.

What to do? Then ...

Over the years that I’ve been exploring social nudity the conversation about running into someone you know has come up many times. If you’ve been a nudie long enough it’s bound to have happened and for the most part, it’s rarely a big deal. After all the person you know is at the same place and probably nude too right?

I have only been genuinely uncomfortable once at the nude beach when I saw someone I know. It was a life-long family friend who isn’t a nudie. He was at the nude beach with a friend that wanted to go there. I was lying down about 15-20 metres away and once I saw that he was there, I didn’t stand up or go for a swim once. Just wasn’t going to happen. I