December 2017

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We headed into the city for Saturday lunch. The three young Asian twenty-somethings, sitting next to us, had their ramen delivered to their table, after which they bowed their heads and prayed before they ate. I am always taken aback, just a little, when I see mental disorder up close and personal.

Nathan and I went to a homewares shop in Collingwood today.

It has a bit of an 'ye olde' feel about it.

There was no cash register, the laptop computer was hidden behind an old box and the sales attendants wrote out the receipt by hand.

Fine. I can see what the shop is trying to achieve.

But....with a huge line of customers all waiting for their purchases to be individually hand written onto a piece of paper, the whole process seemed unnecessarily cumbersome and time consuming. It was also resource intensive; it took two sales assistants to process the order. One to pack the item and the other to add the item onto the hand written receipt.

The situation wasn't helped by the fact that many items did not have price tags so the sales attendants had to look up the items on the lap top.

Meanwhile, three other sales attendants stood nearby doing nothing.
Two blocks of tracks for Sydney's new CBD and South-Eastern line under construction have been revealed on George Street between Park and King Streets.

George Street at Park Street, looking north towards Market StreetGeorge Street at Queen Victoria Building & Hilton Hotel, looking north ...

On Thursday afternoon, shortly before 6pm, Australia legalised Same Sex Marriage. Once the public vote results came in on 15th November it feels like it’s all happened very quickly.

There were only four members of Parliament who voted against the bill and a few more than that who abstained. One of those abstainers was our gutless former Prime Minister who instigated the idea of the public vote, Tony Abbott. His own electorate voted 75% Yes in the vote and yet he campaigned long and hard against equality and then campaigned hard for religious freedom amendments. He had said it was crucial to have democracy and let the people have their say but when it came down to it he chickened out of representing his electorate’s wishes or even having the backbone to vote with his own opinions.

As of today, LGBTIQ couples can fill out the Notice of Intent to Marry form which means that on 9th of January the first same sex weddings will occur in

Truffles has a new dog bowl for Christmas.

It was hand made in Melbourne by an architect-turned-ceramicist. And 'yes', it was very expensive. In fact, it costs more than any of the human crockery in the house.

I just need to make sure that my (exceedingly) clumsy other half doesn't accidentally break it in the wash.
The ever so brilliant English tv show Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister had an episode where the biggest threat to a politician's career was to appointed Minister for Northern Ireland. 'Please Prime Minister, not Minister for Northern Ireland. Give me the Ministry for Health or Transport, but not Northern Ireland'.  It was something like that.

I wonder if diplomats in Israel are feeling a bit like being appointed Minister for Northern Ireland. The American embassy in Israel is in the very civilised, open and embracing seaside city of Tel Aviv. For some reason beyond my understanding, Trumpet wants the American embassy to relocate to Jerusalem. It seems like he may have his way. Are American diplomats in Israel pleading, 'Please Mr President, not Jerusalem. Anywhere but there'. From my understanding, I should think so.

So why does Trumpet want the embassy in Jerusalem and not Tel Aviv? As I suspected, he doesn't ...

Have you guys seen this weeks “Speedo Movie of the Week“?

The “Movie of the Week” thing is something I’ve added recently for blog members.

This movie pretty much depicts one the speedo fantasies that I’ve had a chance to be a part of on several occasions (of course I have more than one fantasy).

Real men, looking great in their speedos, outdoors, in a pool, sucking cock and fucking arse….

Even the animals are celebrating the passage of Australia's marriage equality legislation.

As a child I was often the target of this comment. For those unfamiliar with the term 'cacky-handed' it  meant 'left-handed'. (Indeed Apple spell check is clearly unfamiliar with the term autocorrecting my typing each time to 'cocky-handed' which I have had to manually over-ride.)

Nowadays, even though we 'cacky-handed' ones still represent little more than about 10% of the world's population, it is very rare for anyone to make that observation to me.

Today Australia's Governor General gave Royal Assent to Parliament's legislation allowing Marriage Equality. It is now the law of ...
Not so long ago, I was in Cash Converters looking at DVDs when I came across a movie on the cover of which it was stated, "The most disgusting movie ever made." Well, that got my interest. That is a big call I thought, best I buy that and have a look. It is a rape revenge movie, so today when I was home alone, I thought I'd pop it on and have a look.

Sam's and my taste in movies couldn't be more opposed. He likes big action block busters like Transformers, Avengers, Thor and the like, and I like movies that are not that, so he wouldn't want to watch this movie anyway.

Not that this movie is to my tastes. I hate violent movies, but when they make such a claim as the most disgusting movie ever made, well, you just have to give it a go. I'm pretty sure I will turn it off before it gets to the end, but be that as it may, with much trepidation I slid it into the DVD player.

Buddy headed to the back door ...