January 2018

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The old Brewery entrance is all that has been retained at this 21st Century tower precinct


For those that read my blog  “When is hanging out a date? And what’s the difference?” This is the follow up from burgers and a drink. After that we continued texting and decided that I would go to his place and have dinner and we would play video games and watch a movie.

Friday comes around and I do my best to look nice but casual at the same time cause that’s my style. It is pouring with rain when I arrive so he comes out to my car with an umbrella to show me how to get into his place cause the entry is down an alley way, which I affectionately dubbed “Rape Alley”.

He cooks dinner which is lovely, we drink wine and then we walk down the street to a nice little bar near his place and have a glass of wine. We head back to his place go upstairs to his room, chatting this whole time, no awkward

There's an I in LGBTI



Welcome back to Tune Tuesday lets see what Spotify had in store this week:

Love Burning Alive: Lena Fayre

This girl will take you to out of space and you can walk through fire together. You just gotta tell her where you wanna go. Its a great pop track, with a good dance beat worth the listen.

Love Changes: Musikk

Dance track that build you into something to dance around you bathroom or house too while you tidy up from your crazy life and according to this one Love makes you fly and will make the rules.

2 Become 1: Van Bobbi

Now I was a little sceptical about this one cause it’s a classic and can anyone really do the Spice Girls better than the Spice Girls. While this isn’t as good or better then the original its a good track and who doesn’t want to listen to a Guy sing “Let

Well, that is us buggered then isn't it. When we lived in Balaclava, on Saturdays when I was not working we would often catch the tram up Chapel Street to Prahran for brunch and general shopping but not food shopping. That was done in Balaclava by just walking to the supermarket every few days.  R wanted nothing to do with Balaclava after we moved here.

For the last 16 years or ritual has been, when I am not working or R on his own, is to drive to Prahran, park in the Cato Street car park and shop. Bordering the carpark is Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, with Aldi not too far away, and also the cheap liquour outlet Dan Murphys, or Dan's as we call it. There are some good and cheap places nearby to have brunch and we have become very good customers of Chemist Warehouse in Chapel Street and occasional customers of Priceline chemist and other businesses nearby. My doctor's surgery also borders the car park, as does R's optician, and ...

One year ago today an Instagram account was born. In that short year the Naked Werewolves have amassed very very nearly 5,000 followers by sharing submitted photos of like minded followers.

Like minded how? We all enjoy being nude and enjoying life without the restriction of pants. Their page is genuinely a celebration of social nudity, solo nudity and just plain old nudity. There are no restrictions placed on the type of body you have to have to be posted.

One of the things I often find myself thinking when I’m nude at the beach is how very different the human body can be from person to person and why should we make some people feel

A Qantas A380 being towed to a hangar at Sydney Airport for a little R&R - or maintenance? - before its next flight
It reached 39 degrees yesterday, 102F. Well, it is summer and we knew it was coming, as we did a high overnight temperature, but look how hot it was at 3:43am.

Some 40,000 homes lost power yesterday in Victoria, it seems from blown fuses in substations or at transformers. That is not good. But how about this snip from The Age.
AusNet spokesman Hugo Armstrong said that as of 9.30pm, about 7500 homes were without power. By Monday morning, the figure had been reduced to 1500.AusNet look after the city's northern and eastern suburbs as well as eastern Victoria."There are a lot ...


MAN CRUSH MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A literal super hero this weeks MCM is non other then the Captain himself….Chris Evans. Some may remember his short stint as the Human Torch, but the performance went up in flames and he came back stronger then ever as the man with a shield Captain America.

Or you might remember him from that naked man with cream on his bits from Not Another Teen Movie.


Dear Mr Ruddock Can this Review also consider the freedoms of atheists and those without religious beliefs? “Article 18 [of the United Nations ICCPR] protects theistic, non-theistic and atheistic beliefs,...