January 2018

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I'm vacuuming the pond. Yes, you read it right. Sam bought a pond vacuum, one of the many mystery packages that arrive here daily from his online shopping habit, and now I'm hoovering up the fish shit. Headphones on, Frank Ocean, somehow it seemed appropriate, playing in my ears. The day is warm, there is a slight breeze. It's not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

Thought I’d start a little trend and give you some gorgeous looking men.

And my first Man Crush Monday has to go to my ultimate celebrity crush and if he ever wants to dip his toe in the man pool I’ll gladly take one for the team. He has a beautiful wife which may be a small issue.  But if things change I call dibs!!! He is the man for everyone both funny and a body to die for.

It’s none other then Ryan Reynolds!!!


My friend H has a new puppy; a groodle which is a mix of golden retriever and poodle.

I think she looks cute. The puppy's name is Maili. You have a choice regarding the meaning of the name depending on which origin you prefer. There are Irish, Polynesian and Hebrew origins. From Polynesian roots the meaning is gentle breeze. From Hebrew the meaning is sea of bitterness or rebelliousness. From Gaelic the meaning is pearl. The name is a variant of both Molly and Mary.
About five years ago, three new gay guys started at my work. One was a petite little cutie but also a stuck up pretentious twat. He has gone on to other areas. Another was extremely nice looking, and set up another gay workmate to fail and received a nice bit of compensation from the company. The third is still at my workplace and has become a friend, with whom we have socialised a couple of times and I am in regular contact with.

Over the past six months, four new gay guys have come to my work. Their age range is 30 to 50. The last of them is a tall, slim, dark and a little effem, perhaps a little ethereal. One transferred from another area in my employment and he has all the straight women hanging off his every word. I can see why. He pays them a lot of attention. Three of the four carry facial hair, one black, one red, one blondish red. One with Italian heritage is quite hot looking but oh, his voice is so loud and sounds like a cross cut saw in action. ...

Is it just me or do other people get caught out by a comment from a friend who offers an insight about how the rest of the world sees you?

It’s no surprise to me that at times my perspective on how I’m perceived is a little different to those around me. This morning I was at breakfast with some good mates of mine and one of them commented how different he thinks I am now compared to when he met me just over four years ago.

Apparently back then I came across as quite serious and a bit negative. That kind of shook me up a bit to hear. I know that some of the gay world sees me as no fun because I don’t go out taking copious amounts of party drugs and having tonnes of random sex. Interestingly though he says that


The following is a guest post from Romantic in the big city. One of my gay blogging buddies.

A friend told me I was overreacting to my most recent break up because the guy wasn’t even officially my boyfriend. It didn’t matter to my friend that I spent 6 months with this guy. It didn’t matter he said he loved me and I said I loved him. It didn’t matter we flew across the world multiple times for each other. All that mattered to my friend was that we never had the title, and therefore I shouldn’t have felt the pain that comes when a relationship breaks. But who said something has to have a name in order for it be real, and why is a label the only way to justify the pain?

Gay culture is filled with a lot of “almost” relationships. I know I am not the only one to fall for someone who let them down or someone who was too scared to commit. I think it’s the norm



Part 2 for the things about me, I understand that some of these will over lap but meh deal with it.

I’d like to answer some questions that you want to know so message or comment on here or contact me on my socials.
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Name: Brent Anthony Pace Height: Approx 173cm Age: 30 Sports: I like most sports but I play, coach and umpire Netball and I play Rugby Union Colours: Green and Blue Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Brown BFF: Scott ( toast_ee) and Jacque (waitingnmontauk) Grade: Well and truly finished school Pattern: I love a good print paired with a good block colour Current Mood: Needy but optimistic Self Harmed: Emotionally yes not physically Subject: Meh don’t know Depressed: Currently no Been Depressed: Yes i’d say yes ...

Since the Sonoma bakeries have such a great reputation for supplying bread to many places in Sydney, the bread and pastries at one of their cafés were great. I got to introduce my non-Australian family to a perfect Lamington. The cinnamon bun was tasty as was the almond croissant. One of us had toast with a bit of Pepe Saya butter.

My problem was a mismatch of expectations. We were hoping for a relaxed brunch place to sit down. But the seating area across from the counter was cramped and packed out when we dropped by, so we found seating in the back yard, a bit wet that day, but we managed. So, between ordering at the counter and being out back, it was less formal than the other brunch places we passed by in Five Ways.

If that suits you though, this café is a cut above with the quality of its baking and food


Bill & Toni’s has been around since the early 1970s and eventually, it was long-time customers that took over both ownership and management. It serves up Italian-Australian food in huge portions, home style, with a friendly vibe.

You can order enormous plates of protein, big plates of pasta, or go crazy and do a combo. My American family was pretty pleased with this option.

Truthfully, I can’t say we loved the food. My cannelloni was a big saucy mess; nephew’s Chicken Schnitzel was unlike pub schnitty’s that I’ve encountered; this had some eggplant baked on top of it as well as sauce, looked like it had been sort of blowtorched to the plate and was unfortunately dry. The pastas were pretty standard.