February 2018

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Picture it a Gay fairy-tale,

You match on Tinder, Chat for a few days, Go on a date,

Fall madly in love and live happily ever after.

Well that’s not what happened.


Boy 1 we did match on Tinder , we did chat for a few days, but we both forget that we had semi arranged to meet for a drink and failed to confirm. But a forgotten date left my Thursday night open to meet Boy 2. We started chatting on Grindr and then moved to Facebook messenger, yes this did allow for the stalking of Facebook page much easier when you add each other. Tho I am pretty much an expert and can probably find anyone via social media, I’m open for hire if anyone requires such a service.

Usually things a couple mutual friends as we are gay if we didn’t have any friends in common I would have been more worried. The chat over the few days mixes


A new incarnation of the restaurant on the corner of Taylor Square. The last one, Coco Cubano, lasted for a fair few years, and before that, it was, um, Cafe 191, perhaps?  No matter what incarnation, it’s a good place to look down Oxford Street from Taylor Square, an iconic Sydney view, and the name, appropriately, comes from the 43rd Lord Mayor of Sydney, in office from 1905 to 1906, whose name was bequeathed upon the square, er, triangle.

When we were there, for lunch, the young and friendly wait staff didn’t seem to have the hang of the waitering bit. You know at yum cha restaurants where the staff have developed the ability to look all around you and see right through you and avoid being called upon to find out


OK guys, long weekend here in the US, Presidents Day and you wouldn’t believe it but today on the chairlift I was asked 3 times, not once, not twice but three times if we celebrate Presidents Day in Australia.

By the third time I just replied…. yeah but we call it Prime Ministers Day.

When I was here a couple of summers ago for a Lake Powell trip and wedding with Kip, I was asked multiple times if Australia Celebrates Independence Day (July 4th).

A lot of my American friends are amazingly smart and well traveled and most people who said these things realized their mistake quickly.

Anyways, tonight, in about 30 minutes, Kip is hosting his Speedo Only Party.  It was supposed to be last weekend but it was dumping snow and the main highway from Denver to the mountains (I-70) was closed.  It might have worked out for the better though because I ordered (had sent to me) 3 new pairs of speedos.

2 Pairs of ADIDAS



It’s Monday and while we all have to get up and go to work and push through another week without a sugar daddy or a million dollar bank account at least we can look at an attractive man to start the week.

This week Man Crush Monday goes to a guy that went from Twink to Muscle Daddy, so you really can achieve your dreams. It’s probably one for the millennials but you know everyone can appreciate it.



Doesn't chlorinated chicken and hormone reared beef sound delightful? We probably eat both in Australia. I don't know about chlorinated chicken, but our livestock are given hormones. I won't go down the road of the joke about hormones. 'Tis enough to write whore moans. (Note to self, add sexism label so at least people who are offended understand the irony, or maybe just poor humour)

From The Guardian.

According to a document outlining the project, mistakenly published online by the IFT, the groups will “hash out an ‘ideal’ US-UK free trade agreement (FTA)” that includes Britain recognising US standards which are widely seen as weaker than those adopted by the EU. Such a move would allow imports of chlorinated chicken and hormone-reared beef to be sold in the UK ...
ANZ Tower (l) and Sydney Tower (r)Australia Square (l), the Law Courts (c), towers on Macquarie Street (r) ...

It was merely three days ago that I posted about my new job. It’s an exciting time. The stability very much suits my temperament. As much as I love the idea of racing off in a converted van to live on the road and explore Australia taking photos and video, having a steady income and somewhere to be every day makes me feel secure. That’s not to say the van life won’t win out one day. You never know.

On Friday night however, my plans to treating myself to a drone may have taken a slight hit. At the wedding I was taking photos at as well as being celebrant, my camera started doing a lot of weird things. The built in flash no longer folds and stays down and quite often I started getting error and “busy” warnings which is not at all ideal. Photography may not be my primary career but of late it has earnt me some pretty good pocket money through the occasional sale of prints and through the sale of the digital downloads.


adelaide fringe: flesh and blood by unpolished theatreLet's just start with the most important thing and move on from there, shall we...

Flesh and Bone by London's Unpolished Theatre is AMAZING!

Writer, director and actor Elliot Warren has taken the rhythm and metre (and occasionally the words) of Shakespeare and transported it to an East London housing estate and the two just mesh together perfectly.

The stage is bare, the five actors are dressed much as you would expect in singlets, tracksuits and ...
adelaide fringe: tom flanagan - kaputWe first saw Tom Flanagan's Kaput back in 2012 and his show has only gotten better in the last six years.

If I'm remembering correctly, almost all of the show is the same, structure wise, it just feels more "lived in" if that makes sense.

And I absolutely laughed until I was crying.

Although, full disclosure, part of that was because Ma ended up being a major part of the finale of the show, which just made it all the funnier. Part of the show ...

Dimitri’s Pizzeria is an absolute institution in Surry Hills. I remember it from my first days in Sydney, from 1999 onwards, though I’ve somehow never managed to make it in. But recently, I was drawn in by their chalk signage advertising good Italian wine when we were looking for a cheap meal. I was surprised at the combination of the restaurant looking classic, but also contemporary, and the menu too: an emphasis on the organic and homemade (in the pizza dough, the pasta).

I asked the friendly owner and he said he took it over many years ago (eight?) from the original owner. We split a pizza and it was totally delicious, and we had a very interesting chilled organic wine, called Rosso Carbo, a 2017 from Abruzzo. A bit pricey for the wine (I didn’t check the prices before ordering it) but very nice.

The other