February 2018

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His position has become untenable
You just have to be yourself. It seems like such an easy proposition, now doesn't it. Just be yourself. If only everybody was just themselves, how refreshing would that be?

So many people have trouble with this, seemingly, simple concept.
We've got all the technology in the world to make our lives easier, but even that doesn't help us just being ourselves. 

Sad Really.

A new wave of anti-gay oppression is sweeping Indonesia


Discover Weekly comes out with the goods again this week.

For those tuning in for the first time, welcome and this is basically me going through my Discover weekly playlist on spotify and seeing what the hits and misses of the week are.

The highs this week:

Can I Go Now, Jennifer Love Hewitt:

For those born post 2000’s probably will have no idea who she is, but for those born prior to 2000 will remember from such great shows as Party of Five and Ghost Whisperer. How could we forget that she was also a Pop star as well, now this is no Bare Naked but its still a pretty good song and worth the listen.


Sister; Sister2Sister (S2S):

Again this for those 30 year old pop children of the 90s, these girls are Aussie Pop royalty and while their career was

My step mother could be described as brusque at times. Upon meeting her, R was immediately afraid of her. All Father's grandchildren were cautious when around her, but really, she is a very loving person who had an extremely hard poverty filled childhood and was a deserted wife left with two children to bring up and her highflying son died in his fifties. Her daughter in a good personal relationship with her second partner and has custody of some of her grandchildren because of parental drug issues. Unlike Mother, Step Mother is a mistress of budgeting money. Also unlike Mother at 83, she is a couple of years older, she is very social, has a partner, drives, has a mobile phone, a digital camera and her first computer ran Windows 3.1. She is on Facebook and posts at times. The contrast between them is remarkable yet they share the same old fashioned first name.

Her at times brusque manner comes from her being defensive about her humble background and a ...
Dear President, this is not a difficult problem, that is the problem of the massacre of school children while they are at school. Your plan to arm teachers may be considered by some, but I read that there was an armed guard on site at the school, to no avail.

Farmers may need guns. Police may need guns. Security guards may need guns. Tenuously, sporting shooters may need guns.

Teachers need guns? I bet most wish they had them at times and take out those most troublesome students.

Apart from the aforementioned, no one else needs guns. It is simple, just ban guns for everyone else. There will still be the underworld who have guns, but they generally will not impact on your average citizen, lest of all school kiddies.

Not hard Donny. Guns kill people in the hands of people, and you only have to look at the gun murder stats of the US compared to those of  Canada., or pretty well any other country in the western world.

It is a ...
OK, it's getting exciting.

First warning for the parade day itself.  Everyone, both marchers and volunteers, need to be ready to join us for a rehearsal in Moore Park, in front of the Sydney Football Stadium at 4pm this Saturday.  Everyone must bring plain white shoes, marchers must bring their red swimwear, and patrol cap, and volunteers should ideally bring their own uniform, or a borrowed uniform.  We will have uniforms to hand out, but supplying your own makes returning it logistically easier.  Any red shorts are fine.

You must be sober and clean of any drugs or alcohol, both when you arrive and throughout the event or you will be removed from the float.

We will be gathering regardless of the weather, and will have ponchos if need be.

Do not bring much gear to leave behind.  This will be left in a van here, and not retrieved until after the parade.  We anticipate to be finished about ...

We are going to do our beach rehearsal this Wednesday 28 February.  The media have been invited, and we want to take advantage of as much daylight as we can, so aim to arrive from 6.30pm on the balcony at the pavilion and we'll move down onto the sand for 7pm.  We'll have both our video guy Mike and our photographer Justin there too.

Be sure to bring your red Rival swimwear that you have been issued, and your lifesaver cap.

This is our final rehearsal before the big event so come along to get that final polish.  Note that we have now included the larger coloured flags within the routine so you'll need to learn how they are incorporated.

Any supporters and volunteers coming to the parade are welcome to join us at rehearsal on Wednesday night too.

This will also be your final chance to collect your swimwear prior to parade day so be sure to swing down.

Oh, and if it's raining, we'll ...

Do you ever feel like life just isn’t giving you a break? Maybe I’m just not learning lessons and life is just trying to teach me.

At the moment I’m going through one of my lonely phases. Really lonely. As usual it seems to coincide with a long drought of sexual action. It also coincides with doing some gay weddings as a celebrant. So far at all the weddings I’ve been to, including three same sex weddings and one straight wedding of a couple with a lot of LGBT friends, there have been at most one single gay man at any wedding, most there have been none.

I fully realise that I’m probably the problem. A dear friend saw a psychic a couple of weeks ago and even he said that I



As most of you know I play competitive sport and a few things have happened over the last week that got me thinking about all the teams that I have played in be that state level or down to my social comps that I played along the way. I started my sporting journey as a kid at the age of 5 kicking a soccer ball and then I picked up a netball at age 6. I also had small moments of tennis, athletics, swimming, basketball and gymnastics mixed in there. I did soccer and netball simultaneously until age 12 were I have up soccer to continue playing netball.

I consider myself lucky that my parents, mainly my mother took the time out of her life to drive me around from different netball competitions, training’s and