March 2018

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A big happy birthday to everyone's favourite weatherman, Nate Byrne (and his magnificent dimples).

Damien Hirst, the British artist famed for his sharks (and other animals) in formaldehyde, has produced a new body of work which he entitled 'the veil series'.

The similarities with aboriginal art from the Utopia region of Central Australia are remarkable.
And so are the US$500,000-1,700,000 price tags.
Our friend of 25 years died at 3pm Thursday. Life goes on. I will post more about him in the future.

I was having a bite to eat in QV in town last Monday. I was sitting at a long bar facing the escalators. A man came and sat next to me and began eating his lunch. The building jerked up and down for a couple of seconds. He looked across to me, to see if I was disturbed by this apparent earth tremor. I wasn't as I had already guessed what it was, though I have never experienced it before. A couple of minutes later it happened again and again he looked across at me. My bacon and egg buttie and phone were preocupying me. I had quickly realised that it was a rumble from underground trains in the City Loop. We certainly experienced the same at the Holiday Inn, in Potts Point, Sydney where we stayed when R's sister married her beau, that is noise and shaking from the Sydney's Eastern Suburbs railway.

As you can see in the photos, seagulls were ...


A guy I follow on Instagram and Twitter Tom Rees ( @thetomress on both) posted the above a few weeks ago and it got me thinking how much I actually do this! and not just at the gym but out in the world or while scrolling social media.

I spend half my time at the gym comparing myself to others not taking into account that they have probably training longer then me, different genetics and all round are training for something completely different. It’s always a why can”t I do that or Why don’t I look like that or Why can’t I lift that much. It’s something I need to constantly remind myself that it is a work in progress and its all about pushing yourself and continuing to challenge yourself and you will reach your goal. Everyone’s path is different and they may cross at times, but building

We both like chilli, Sam way more than me, even though it plays havoc with his stomach. But I'm glad he draws the line at shit the bed hot sauce. He sent me a photo, I don't think he thought I believed him.

Lord, this was good!

I first started following David Lebovitz’s website and newsletters when living in Paris. He had wonderful hints for living in Paris, hunting down the best places to eat and buy treats, and great recipes, which always come with a great story about why you should make them.

And the tone of his writing always felt like I was being good advice from a friend: a learned and cultured and quirky friend. I’ve tried a number of his recipes, and when I saw he’d posted this recipe for an almond tart from the restaurant Chez Panisse, well I knew I should try it.

It was not as difficult as it sounded. Granted, the top doesn’t look like the one on his webpage, suffering the ‘cornflake effect’ that he warned

I tried to catch up my poetry blog during the afternoon. I kind of succeeded. It was a slog. Turning poems I have jotted down since last November, that was the last time I posted on Urban Poet, into something worth posting. And they weren’t that good to begin with. So, there were a lot that just stayed in my poetry file.

It was a beautiful day. I did poetry broken up by spots of gardening. My Impatiens haven’t grown. I bought them as seeds from the $2, so who knows how good they were. Well, ten days later and they haven’t started to germinate. I should get some more seeds, and grown them in seed raising pots first.

I didn’t really have the poetry inspiration flowing, oh well.

Don’t you hate it when you make a promise to yourself to do something or never do something again and then the one opportunity you get to fulfil that promise, you break it instead? About four years ago there was a guy working out at my gym. We’d sort of nod hi and that was it. Then he disappeared. About six months later he turned up in the supermarket near my job in a very different part of town to the gym. He actually said to me “I know you don’t I?” and I explained that we trained at the same gym. Turns out he’d just moved to this other area and for some reason I made an assumption in my head that he had moved with a partner. No idea what gave me that impression. After making polite ...
As Marie in London said, Andrew's Downton Abbey goes on.

We dined late tonight as we were just back from a flying hospital visit to say goodbye to our long time friend who has been in hospital since before Christmas.

His life support is being turned off and his organs will shut down quite quickly. Death of someone close now involves umpteen phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook posts.

It is a very sad time for us and all involved, as it is a premature and unexpected although not a sudden death. I will write more about it in the future, and while I am sure you want to offer me some sympathy in comments, please refrain. I don't know how to turn comments off and I won't be posting tomorrow.

I'm for bed now, even though it is not even 9:00pm. I've had enough of today and I will have a little cry, the third for the day, and then sleep well.

It has been one hell of a day travelling but pretty good considering – I was upgraded to business class which is always nice.  There were some cute male air hostesses as always, thank you QANTAS.

Right now I’m on the train and headed up the coast.  I’ll grab an Uber from the Gosford train station to my place, where I will strip out of these travelling clothes, that feel gross, I’m wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos under my jeans and I’m jumping straight into the ocean.  The weather is gorgeous today and I can’t wait to feel the sand in my speedo, I mean between my toes.

Aussie Speedos