March 2018

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Paul McDermott was once a member of the musical comedy group, The Doug Anthony Allstars. The name is very local. Doug Anthony was a politician and the longtime leader of the Australian Country Party The National Party.

Paul now hosts a quiz show on our ABC TV. I quite like the the quiz show, but what on earth has happened to Paul? Paul is very talented. There is no doubt about that.

I was once in a tram in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, returning home after getting my hair cut. Paul got on the tram and I thought to myself, gee, you are hotter looking in real life than on tv. It was partly his understated yet perfect dress, and he moved with grace. Maybe that is what really attracts me to some people, that they move gracefully. And that is not about being a fat or thin person. Many large people move with grace. Many thin people don't. There are no rules.

Anyway, clearly I like Paul ...
I have updated the Sammy J post with a little I heard on guns in the US on radio this evening. Easy to go back and read the single paragraph update, and perhaps it gives us all hope.

In an attempt to overhaul my body a little bit, I bought an 8 week bodyweight transformation program. For a while there I almost enjoyed it. Today was the last workout of the program and I have to say I’m very relieved.

For the first half of the program I was feeling really good but by week 7 I’d hit the wall. I was feeling really run down and needed a few days off from the gym. Ultimately it took me 9 weeks to finish off the program.

In my usual way, I didn’t do as much as I could have to transform myself, not really changing my diet that much but I had no intention of looking like a Men&rsquo

Okay, I haven't written anything for 13 days. Why? Nyr? Er? I'm not really sure. I'd like to say I have been busy, but I haven't. Time got away, and here we are, sometime later. I haven't written since 6th March, time flies when you are having fun. 

I had some pot, I have been a bit stoned, it ran out last Friday, and no, I wouldn't say I have come too again by today, being Monday, despite what Sam might say.

Now, I am not going to try and catch up with words, no, sorry.So, I am going to fill in the days with photos I have taken.

I bought a cheap CD of Great Operatic Arias, and I have popped that on for inspiration. I'm not really a great operatic aria type, but what the fuck, why not. It is all a bit Priscilla, really. I wonder what operatic divas think being compared to drag queens? (here's a clue, who cares) Anyway, here goes (with the photos). To the photo folder!



This weeks Man Crush Monday is dedicated to a friend of mine Morgan ( @mrgnarchr on twitter)

in his honor this weeks crush goes to another Black Panther Cast member

**Drum Roll**

Michael B Jordan

Remember this ginormous mural I showed you last year, about five or six building storeys tall? I came across another by the same artist and I do not understand it at all. Fire Fighting Nephew once worked at the backpacker bar and accommodation place in St Kilda known as XBase, the location of this mural.

As you can see by the hot guy people in the photo, it is also a very large mural. What to make of it? Backpackers often work on the land in Australia to earn money. I really don't know. I wonder what Big Willey's Bingo is like? It does sound ever so English backpacker, a double ...

I guess some of you have been wondering where I’ve been for the last month or so.

Did I die?
Did I give up on blogging?
Or was I just caught up in my own little world and too lazy to do anything extra?

If you picked the third one you are 100% right. I’ve been caught up in a new relationship and have been too busy with that to sit down and think about what I could write. I know its slack, but I was having too much fun and enjoying living in the moment to care…

As a side note, my account is due to expire at the end of the month and I’m thinking about transitioning to a self hosted blog, so I’ll have to keep you posted on that.

The Liebster Award Liebster Award

While I was in my bubble, a blogging friend nominated me for the Liebster


I make no secret of the fact I develop a crush on some of my models. Some I lust after, some I laugh with and the (thankfully) rare one I barely tolerate. Today was a crush kind of day. Leonardo is a 23 year old Italian traveller enjoying exploring life here in Australia. He’s a tattoo enthusiast and aspiring tattoo artist. He’s also a surfer and a bit of a hippy, free soul. Having never done a photo shoot before, he said yes when I asked. He even has “One life, one chance” tattooed on his knees.

Leonardo isn’t the type of guy that I usually go for at all. I’m not a massive fan of a lot of tattoos or piercings but there is something incredibly sexy about Leonardo. His vibe is very chilled, relaxed and open

I heard or read this somewhere, and I suppose it is true.

"Another day of oppressive gun control in Australia has ended peacefully."

Please Federal Minister Dutton, do not at relax any of our gun laws. If anything, make them tighter.

Although since the tougher laws were enacted, we still have people with guns shooting people, but at least they are mostly criminals shooting criminals. The last large gun massacre of innocent people in Australia was in 1996. Then PM Howard enacted some very restrictive gun laws and while I have little to thank him for, I do thank him for that. A shooting of a non criminal type here is rare and is big news if it happens.

At five minutes to seven Thursday nights before the news on ABC TV, there was a satirical segment by the late John Clarke and Stephen Dawe. I did put up one or two of them some time ago. As the brilliant John Clarke is the late, eventually a replacement programme has been developed ...
adelaide fringe: by a thread - one fell swoop circusBy A Thread is seven performers from One Fell Swoop Circus and a long, long length of white rope.

In essence the rope is the eighth performer in the show and changes moods and style along with the rest of the cast.

One of my favourite things about this show is that (almost) any time the rope is being held (or based) by any of the performers, they're on stage, where it can be seen. It becomes as much about the performers providing the support as it does the ones doing the tricks.

The other thing I really ...