April 2018

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Kylie Minogue is the artist that I have credited with providing the soundtrack to my life. Everyone has that one artist that they love. Do I believe everything she does is amazing? No. Is her new album “Golden” her best? No. It has gone to number one on the UK charts and the Australian charts.

I think with radio stations not really playing many women over 40 these days, including icons like Madonna, that Kylie has adopted the approach of just doing what she wants and having fun. This “Country Kylie” vibe on the new album is certainly a departure from what she’s done before and in this new video, below for Stop Me From Falling, it just looks like she had a lot of fun. She’s poking fun at her reputation of going for younger, tall dark and handsome men who end up hurting her. It’s cheesy, catchy and fun.

Walk the Walls was a street art festival held for the first time this year ( 2018) in Caringbah, NSW

the ox king
We are in Tassie, so posts written in advance for a couple of days. I think Tasmania has the internet, so I am not far away.

I feel quite possessive about Jussy, but he is not Australia's Jussy. He is Canada's Jussy, the Prime Minister no less. When he marched as a supporter in Toronto's Gay Pride March, he was perfectly dressed for the occasion. No doubt his sense of style comes from Old Ma Margaret (or perhaps his missus).

It seems Jussy likes to go native when he travels overseas, and makes his family do ...
(two weeks now) Allow me to make it into a long week. Friday last was the funeral of our friend. We went back to his partner's now home for drinks and cake. We dropped two friends off after we left, doubling our journey time home. Saturday I worked and R did shopping. Sunday we went into town to buy presents for our 1 year old nieces.  Monday morning R did his volunteer work and I went into town for some reason. Tuesday we went to Sydney. Wednesday we came home.

Thursday was Mother Day and I went along, a big mistake. I am so in the way when it a Thursday Mother Day for R. Loud words were exchanged on the car trip home.

Friday, doctor's appointment for R. Some Prahran shopping, and then dinner with Brighton Antique Dealer, not as simple as that sounds and worth a post on its own.

Saturday, basic shopping in South Melbourne and then to the twin's 1st birthday party on the Mornington Peninsula. Brought Little Jo back home with ...
Joy members please sign up to clean up Joy.
The angry and threatening response by Joy management to the criticisms levelled against them clearly demonstrates their inability to comprehend any viewpoint but their own. This is the same behaviour that...

When it comes to dating I can’t help but think I am my own worst enemy when it comes to letting go of past feelings of hurt and isolating myself to never be hurt again. I build these walls so high that no one can climb them and so thick that no one can break through. In a repeated cycle of falling for someone letting them close and then pushing them away.

People say the heart wants what the heart wants well this heart just wants to be loved and felt wanted unconditionally. This brain says yep that’s fine but you aren’t letting anyone in again cause what happened last time.

But in doing so am I causing myself more harm then I am protecting myself? By pushing others away to protect me

Hey there ASTT fans, Well I’ve been in Phuket now for four days and it’s been a packed trip so
I’ve been posing for artist Preogon from some time now. You may remember some of his previous work from other
It was terrible crash, 110 years ago, in the now Melbourne suburb of Sunshine where the Ballarat train meets the Bendigo train before they arrive at Spencer Street Station. Back then Sunshine was an outlying area of Melbourne. The Bendigo train was very late arriving and the brakes failed completely, it would seem. 44 were killed and 413 injured. A song was written about the incident and has now appeared on Youtube.