May 2018

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Welcome back for another fabulous Tuesday I hope that Monday wasn’t too bad for you and that this weeks Man Crush got you through the day if it was.

For those that are new this is where I share the hits and sometimes misses of my discovery weekly playlist from Spotify and then give you my song of the week.

So lets get to it!


Shady Lady: Ani Lorak

Just when you think Eurovision has escaped my playlist for another year boom!! IT comes back with a banger from 2008. This superstar is a great euro dance hit. and who doesn’t love a shady lady, I am sure many of you are  shady yourselves.

Ireland, a place I imagine as being a bit like England, only more cramped. No, I haven't crossed the Irish Sea by ferry, although we did see one such ferry at Fleetwood on the English west coast once when we took a break at Fleetwood on our round tram trip from Blackpool. R has made the trip, in the seventies, and kissed the Blarney Stone. He subsequently got really lucky and met me in 1979. Please don't ask his opinion on that.

A miserable, wet, cramped, strongly  religious Catholic country with repressive social orders, have always been my thoughts. What was the point of getting rid of English government to turn into such a repressive country. Having said that, I like the Irish in Australia, the backpackers who serve me my coffee and brunch in cafes. I like their accents and I like how friendly they are.

But what on earth has happened in Ireland in recent years?

A tourism boom for a start.

But the country held a ...

This woman has provided many amazing memories throughout the last 31 years. Since she released Locomotion in 1987 and was derided in the press for being a flash in the pan, she’s constantly proven herself tackling different styles of music and selling out massive tours. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but she’s mine. I’m not one of the new generation of fans that send death threats to anyone who criticises their idol but if anyone spouts bullshit about Kylie not being able to sing, I’ll shout you down.

One thing I don’t think she should be doing is acting. She may have found fame acting in Neighbours but she’s made some awful movies.

Regardless, today she turns 50 and looks absolutely incredible for it. She seems to have eased up on the botox these days which leaves her looking much more natural and still just as gorgeous.

In honour of her birthday, below is her new music video for

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I hate this time of year, well, perhaps hate is too strong. It was dark already as I walked through the gardens to the Richmond train station, on my way to Lauri’s, my ex’s dinner.

It is my bit for the world environment, besides, if you go to the south side, by the time you find parking, it is just as quick to go by train, one stop, two stops from Richmond station.

I listened to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On. The park was gorgeous, really, the muted hues of autumn, but it was essentially night time. I don’t mind the dark, really, but I prefer the sun.

Off to Clara Street, Peter (Lauri’s ex, one before me) is away. I gathered Pete was somewhere between Shanghai and Seoul, nobody was quite sure. What was he doing there? Nobody was quite sure? Someone joked he was working for the peace process. I thought he was a painter, a successful painter. (perhaps he could paint the fat orange one and the insane fat one ...


Its another Monday Morning and we are all at work when we would much rather be at home still in bed. So hopefully this sexy hunk of a man brightens up your morning.

This week we switch from Marvel and hop on over to DC for a week. This guy hits all my body, fitness, bro goals and he just seems like a great guy off camera as well as on. I wish i could do half the things he can.


So this week my Man Crush Monday goes to Stephen Amell or you may know him as the Arrow.

I've shown you this mural before but it was a long time ago, with a lesser camera. However I did stitch the last one together to make it one panel. This time it is just in sections. Left to right, the first two are on one side of an alley and the the last three panels are on the other side. The second mural is much larger. Because it is a narrow walking alley, it is rather hard to photograph. Rather nice, aren't they, with good detail. Click the photos to make them larger.



I promise to keep up the pace of releasing a download every week for as long as I can. Today I photographed what may be the last outdoor nude until after winter. It feels a bit mean to be getting models naked outdoors in Winter which officially starts in a few days here in Sydney.

Today’s release is Philippe which I photographed a little over two years ago. He took me by surprise with his gorgeous looks and dark skin when he announced he was from the Ukraine. Quite possibly I’m a bit ignorant about geographic and racial mixes but I wasn’t expecting a black man to come from Eastern Europe.

The morning we shot this, you can see a yacht in the background of a few of the shots and it turns out it was some friends who spent the

I vacuumed the lounge room. Clearly, Sam has change my once happy yearly spring clean, maybe twice a year plus spills, to a two week cycle, three week cycle, depends how you count. He and I do it every Sunday, and I guess I have got used to a certain look. He went away on a Friday, (I’m sure there was a pre-emptive clean just before he left though, mutterings about how I can't be trusted, or something) and I didn’t do house work that Sunday, or last Sunday. So that, now, means it, apparently, takes 2 weeks for me to reach my cleaning threshold. Gosh there is debris all over the floor, now isn’t there? I kept thinking.

I swept the back yard, it is macadamia nut season. They are like marbles on the paving. But more than that, is that they just come and come and if I didn’t sweep them up my back yard would be full of macadamia nuts. They cluster like minions.

I hung the washing out.

I have to go to my ex's ...

Is Beijing Legend legendary? Maybe not. But it’s pretty great food. Located in a part of Pyrmont I’m unfamiliar with, it’s basically above the John Street Square stop on the light rail. I don’t know the history of the light rail but this entrance looks like nothing else in Sydney, almost like descending into a Disneyland ride. What else lies beneath the surface of this neighbourhood?

I brought my pal Josh here, who has lived in and travelled in China far more than I have so I figured I could ask him pertinent questions. And I was right. The Beijing Combination Noodle was something that I would have passed by on the menu without a second thought, but he said it’s his go-to dish. I thought it was