July 2018

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Check out the Monday mural posts by Sami, Jackie and Grace.

Somewhere north of the city in Nicholson Street, I suppose Brunswick, is a building with a ground level car park and these murals within. The artist seems to have the name Lushsux. It was a little dim so some of the photos are not so good. Should I look up Lushsux and find out if Lush does suck or not? Ok, here we go. Well, I am not sure what to make of this site. Let's just enjoy his work.


It’s been a long busy weekend but my god I’ve been adulting so hard. Yesterday and today I’ve been setting up flatpack furniture that I needed to get set up. Word of advice. Don’t buy furniture from Kmart. It’s dirt cheap and barely worth that money. A small bedside table with drawers that I bought wouldn’t actually go together. So I smashed it to vent my frustration.

A trip to Ikea this morning sorted out just about everything I needed. Although I’ve now bought two packets of light globes and neither of them fit the lamp that I have bought for my bedroom. So there have been frustrations.

All the frustrations are more than balanced out by how nice it feels here and sitting on


In the crucial marginal seats of Longman in Queensland and Braddon in Tasmania, as well as two Western Australian seats in Perth and Fremantle, the ALP managed to regain seats.

The South Australian seat of Mayo was also secured away from the Coalition, with the Centre Alliance notching up a significant win.

Alexander Downer’s daughter Georgina Downer contested but lost the seat of Mayo.

The person who has shown poor judgement, yet again, and who can't be trusted, by ...
They built a national LGBTI campaigning organisation, raised $20m worth of support, trained and hired staff – and then as soon as the marriage bill passed, they dismantled it all...

LWP spoke today at the SLSNSW conference.  We had two sessions, one on inclusion and diversity, and one on thoughts and ideas, where we got the word out about an inclusive, progressive and welcoming lifesaving culture.  We received a lot of positive feedback from staff and members, at state, branch and club levels alike.  We also chatted with representatives from Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and Victoria who have also asked us to speak at their state conference too.

It's great to see such progress.  Everyone should feel proud of the work we are doing.

Gary, Bastien, Mick and the committee
For weeks, the Political pundits told us that at least two electorates in the 'Super Saturday' by-elections were too close to call.

They weren't. The ABC's Antony Green called the results well within two hours of the respective poll closures.

Winner (NewsLocker)Loser (The New Daily)Forget News Polls.
BAD is bound for Reykjavik from Ireland.

Joining in with River and Elephant's Child for Sunday Selections. That is, photos that don't really fit anywhere else and are just kind of random. Well, that is my version of SS.

Palm trees for Gosia, at Station Pier.

Pretty bottles. The champagne sparkling wine is probably awful.


I confess: I passed up eating here previously because… of the sign. I couldn’t read it at first, and it looks more like Pott’Spat than Spot, which is an even more terrible name for a restaurant. The childish lettering, the bad rhyme. Agh. But please try to get by that, as I did. For once I did, as my friends R & F encouraged us, the food was not just surprisingly good, but really very good.

I had slow-cooked lamb with melted scamorza (a cheese) and a poached egg on a crispy brioche, and it was an elegant and delicious order, plated beautifully, and just the right size. Two of our party had a breakfast bowl with kale and quinoa and falafel and an egg and again, it was lovely to look


I may have given my old housemate notice 11 weeks ago and had to stay at my sister’s place for 5 weeks but it has finally happened. I’m in the new apartment and 90% set up.

It feels so good to be here and I’m very pleased that I pushed through and got nearly everything organised yesterday. It was absolutely exhausting but having everything in it’s place on the same day you move in is a very worthwhile exercise. Last night I was so tired that I was in bed and sound asleep by 8.30pm and slept solidly for just over 10 hours. It was bliss to be back in my queen size bed.

My bedroom is quite small but since I only need my bed in there and a bedside table it’s absolutely fine

avcon 2018 - fairly odd parents - wanda and cosmoavcon 2018 - persona 5 - queen and genderbent pantherOkay, it's been a couple of weeks... there's quite a bit to get to.

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