July 2018

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Brighton Antique Dealer is on a three month world sea cruise. She is nearly the same age as Mother, 83, but they are very different. To my surprise, I received a Whatsapp message from BAD. The thought of receiving a Whatsapp message from Mother does my head in. BAD was in Oman and could not find any boys to kiss, which is her ongoing joke, as he only goes anywhere to kiss the boys, mostly gay boys. Not long later she was in Petra. I so wanted to reply to her, well your first husband was an Arab, are you looking for a third husband, another Arab? I will wait until I see her face to face to ask her about that, as a joke of course.

Well after she left from Sydney on the Sea Princess, I have finally looked at her itinerary and the ship bridge webcam. As I type, 21.13 11/07, she is in Dubrovnik. I didn't imagine that she would visit the place yesterday that R and myself remember as being such a surprise where we had just a magical day last year, Kotor in ...

The new opportunity to ask questions in Instagram Stories has given me some suggestions on where to go in Europe next year. Now that sailing is off the table it has forced me to keep myself open t new opportunities.

Part of the appeal of sailing was covering a bunch of different places without having travel days lugging my luggage around. So what is a good alternative? A camper van! We had the exact same freedom last year in Iceland and it was great fun so I’m thinking ten to 12 days driving myself around Corsica and Sardinia will be fantastic. There are a lot of nudist camp grounds on both islands.

Another Instagram follower through a very unexpected suggestion of Slovenia and after some googling it seems like a beautiful option with some opportunities for adventure. Not sure about nudity though. I messaged a friend who is a travel agent and asked her to find good options on flights because it seems those locations are a bit awkward to get

Note the final sentence below. Unlike in Australia, Canada and England, you don't get slogged an usurious fare when you catch a train to the airport. It is actually cheaper if you travelling by train to catch a plane. That is a great incentive to get people to use the train rather clogging up roads.

The Shanghai Maglev was opened for public use in 2004. It runs between Pudong Airport and Longyang Road subway station (east of Shanghai). Maximum service speed is 431 km/h, however this speed is normally only reached between 09:00 – 10:45 and 15:00 – 16:45; at other times it runs at a maximum speed of 300 km/h. The line is a demonstration line, and does not really run anywhere particularly useful (unless you happen to live near Longyang Road subway station). There are no intermediate stops, and the 30km route roughly parallels part of the number 2 subway line. Services run every 15 to 20 minutes between 06:45 and 21:30 and the 7 to 9 minute ...
 Great to revisit the external walls of the art centre Tabacalera in Madrid which were changed in 2016.

You can see the previous set of works in my 2014 posting here:

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In Tasmania, there’s a bit of talk about abortion.  Something that should be well and truly settled in Australia.

Alas, the Australian Christian Lobby continues to push their very selective agenda on things that they see as sins.  Whether it’s raging against same-sex marriage or the rights of women, they continue to assert that their values are the right ones.

It’s time that organisations like the ACL are challenged more directly.  Their uninspired and broad sweeping generalisations don’t add to any debate.  The image they use in their tweet to link to the article shows a well and truly born baby.&nbsp



I have been listening this song a lot over the last few weeks because its pretty great. It’s not my all time favourite RuPaul song but the lyrics each Queen added to the track really has add a personal touch to the song a makes it resonate with me.

[Verse 1: Aquaria]
Curtains up with the lights flashing bright
The number one showstopping diva here for your delight
Life, liberty, and me!
Serving face and dressed to the nines
Come on, give me my encore, baby, it’s showtime
Turning looks, stunting pretty
I’m the bitch from New York City
Playing at the parties and I know that I am carrying
I might be an Aquarian but—


Aquaria wasn’t one of my favourite queens at the

Perth Scotland or Perth Western Australia? WA has it. While not everyone sings, you can't help but think people arrived at work in very happy moods.

The north south railway line in Perth is brilliant and we travelled on it when we visited Perth a couple of years ago, and that is the railway line used in this clip. Grace? Sami? City bound from Butler or Mandurah? Yes, still in Australia but nearly five hours flying time away from us. Said to be the largest most isolated city in the world as its next biggest city is five hours flying time away, which would be Melbourne or Sydney. We loved our visit to Perth and isn't this more to love about Perth. My only criticism is that it is very 'white' for a large Australian city, but I think that is changing as the city grows.

So, it would appear that my vague plans to sail nude around Sardinia and/or Corsica have been dashed. Saltyboys have released their 2019 calendar and they aren’t doing that trip next year and the Sicily trip which sounds good isn’t until September. I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get a holiday before that. The plan was to go around July next year.

A quick search through the other gay sailing companies tells me they aren’t doing anything like that either. Damn.

So now I need to find a new plan. The original plan, as vague as it was started in Portugal, then to Sardinia/Corsica, over to Sicily, maybe somewhere else in Italy before finishing in the South of France. As is my

Hi all,

Quick post in the off season,

NSW Police have invited SLSNSW to participate in the Emergency Services, Wear it Purple day to celebrate LGBT inclusion amongst all the emergency services and raise awareness of youth LGBT suicide and bullying.

There is a photoshoot planned for next Tuesday 9am in Centennial Park, uniforms required (no need to bring swimmers, far too cold).

Then following that on Wear it Purple Day Friday 31 August, NSW Police Sydney Metro Region and City of Sydney council will be hosting an event in Hyde Park, either in lifesaving uniform or wearing purple.  Details to follow on the time for this.  Again this will be to promote prevention of homophobic and transphobic bullying and violence and the impact on young people.

Hope to see you there.  See the 2014 photoshoot below.

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