August 2018

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Local guide explaining the drying processBack breaking work of turning the fish over ...
Just a reminder that this Friday 31 August is Wear it Purple Day, created to empower young LGBT people.

The City of Sydney council is hosting an event in Hyde Park for LGBT Emergency Services personnel, and LWP are invited to swing on down.  The event goes from 11am until about 3pm, but the formalities are from noon until 2pm, and (we're told) lunch is provided, probably 12.30pm to 1.30pm.  If you are in town, swing on down and say hi, and bring your lifesaving cap to show your support.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Gary, Dom, Tracey and the committee
With our new Bosch dishwasher came $100 worth of free Finish dishwashing products, tablets, a couple of smell nice things to hang inside and some interior cleaning and descaling tablets. The salesman told us of the bonus but there was not mention on any documentation. I went online and applied (it took a few minutes to do as there was much detail to fill in online). The large box was delivered in a timely manner.

But then another box arrived. I now assume it was an automatic process once the dishwasher was bought and by me applying, we received the bonus a second time. A clerical error by someone, but I will return the second box. Ho bloody ho. As if. My honesty only goes so far and does not extend to the multinational companies such as  Bosch and Reckitt Coleman.

Pleasing Al Qaeda (‘The Base’)
Actually I'm not an expert on Crab and wasn't looking forward to having to dismantle one for its meat but Mb had been told of a Colombo restaurant, Ministry of Crab, which is highly ranked in a survey Asian restaurants and which is booked out daily. Mb made our reservations two months ago and when we arrived there last night we encountered a more casual venue than I was expecting but one with loads of atmosphere.

I enjoyed the quality of the dishes we ordered if not the work needed to get at the meat in the main courses. I suppose I'm averse to getting my fingers sticky and messy.

I don't agree with many who say politicians do nothing and always do wrong. Most work hard and spend long hours in service for their electorates and for their state and country, for which they are adequately rewarded but not particularly richly rewarded if you compare them to wankers bankers.

I cannot remember really nasty people in politics until the conservative Premier of Victoria Jeff Kennett was elected in the early 1990s. He was elected for a second term, much to my surprise, but chucked out at the next election. (I forget about Joh Bjelke Petersen.... actually, there have been a few more)

There are some really nasty people in Federal politics now, such as backbencher Tony Abbott and Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, who brought such trouble to our Federal Liberal Party and caused paralysis of our country for nearly a week when he challenged our former Prime Minister and kind of won, seeing the end of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime ...

It’s far from unusual for me to get people asking for the frontal shots of models that I’ve posted on Instagram or complaining on a youtube video that I haven’t shown the guy’s cock. Frustrating, but not unusual. On one comment recently when someone asked why I don’t post them I replied because you can’t on Instagram/Youtube and I don’t make porn. I have dabbled in erotic photography as we all know and I like the challenge of it but I’ve said that I have no real interest in making porn.

Yesterday I was approached by a model I’ve shared recently to ask if I would be interested in filming some porn. He wants to make some videos and his flatmate builds websites and they’ve decided that

I was crossing the road outside the old fire station. The road was clear, it was kind of quiet this morning. I was nearly across the road to the tram stop when some guy in a Toureg came around the corner drove up behind me and tooted me because I hadn’t quite completed crossing the road, despite having on 100 metres to a red light. 

Really, I thought?He stopped at Albert Street. I walked along the tram stop in the middle of the road. I caught up with him. 
“That got you a long way, didn’t it mate,” I said.

He wound down his window, “I’m sorry.”

“That got you a long way.”

“So why don’t you get off the fucken road so we can drive you fucken, moron,” he said. Angry as you like. Not even 8am.

The light changed to green.

“Buddy, where’s your emergency?” I asked.

He drove off.

We arrived in Colombo on schedule just before midnight last night and were safely at our hotel around 1am. We arranged to arrive 24 hours ahead of the others on our tour partly to get over the travel but also to meet a prearranged dinner reservation at the highly recommended (by friends) Ministry of Crab Restaurant.

Our plan was to use the extra daytime for personal investigation of Colombo but in the event we discover that our hotel is about 35kms from the centre of Colombo and our naive visions of doing the universal 'Red Bus' city tour dissipated. Never mind, our hotel is a mini resort of sorts and a pleasant way to spend a lazy day.

Glimpses of the inviting pool from my room.


This weeks Tune Tuesday is brought to you by one video clip I saw over the last week that I just loved so I had to base a whole blog around it. Yes one small video of 54 seconds gets a whole blog cause I am that type of person. And just to hopefully make you stick around and read the whole blog that clip will be at the very end.


This weeks artist is Kesha or is it Ke$ha either way I do like her style and music, lets take a look at some of her discography.

Tik Tok: (2009)
I honestly don’t think you can go passed her break through song that really brought her onto the music scene. This pop, funk, banger really made an impact back in 2009. Basically a party  anthem about partying all night long and really who hasn’t done that in their younger lives……..well I may have done it with in the