August 2018

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A single mother and her teenage daughter lead a love/hate struggling life finding solace and disappointment in each other and in the men in their lives.

'A Taste of Honey' was a first play hit from Shelagh Delaney in 1958 and again in the subsequent film version but has rarely been performed since.

Now staged by Belvoir St Theatre this production has been transplanted to an Australian setting whilst seemingly retaining much of its original regional British character.

BAD us New York City.

I may well have written a similar post in the past about the clocks, but hey, indulge me.

I've mentioned Flinders Street Station a few times of late. I am fond of it. It is the major train station for our suburban trains and externally, it is a wonderful beast. Not so historic nor nice inside, unfortunately.

These clocks above the steps up to the station indicate the train departure time on various train lines, helpful to those who see their train will soon depart and dash across Flinders Street in great haste. There were once altered by a man with a stick and there were also some drop down displays that he would change, giving a little more informations, such as Express to Caulfield. I don't remember them showing the platform as they now do.

The state government wanted to save on the labour costs of having a dedicated person changing them constantly, and so decided digital display would replace them ...
I am never quite sure or the meaning of irony.

After two nights of tossing and turning and not sleeping well as I decided what to write to Mother's property investor neighbour next door, it has suddenly occurred to me that R and myself, among other reasons, moved to The Highrise so that we did not have to deal with such things as old fences and falling trees.

We don't have to worry about external matters here. We just pay the body corporate/owners' corporation payment and it is not our problem.

While I am not sure if I am correct, oh the irony of bad sleeps worrying about Mother's fence and tree. I thought I had such personal things nailed.

I’ve photographed Jorge three times now, the most recent time being early this year. It was possibly my least successful shoot with him. Nothing to do with Jorge. He always turns up looking amazing with a great attitude. I was just off my game a bit that morning.

It’s no surprise that the latest download “Woodland” has already sold relatively well. Jorge is very popular with my Instagram followers and his the behind the scenes video of his first shoot has over 117,000 views on YouTube. Amazing. For some reason in the past few months my youtube channel has just been gathering


Young 'wannabes' in a Manhattan magazine office chat, gossip and compete. As diverse as they may be one thing they are in agreement is that their colleague 'Gloria' is an oddball. Someone who no-one seems to like very much.

Their ethics are stretched following a tragic event.

Apparently this play, regarded as a satire and drama, was a finalist in the Pulitzer Prize. I don't see that merit myself. The cast worked hard to squeeze humour from dialogue that was fairly predictable at the outset. Several twists lifted the plot briefly ...

This weeks Tune Tuesday is brought to you by another Gay Icon whose reign over the music industry for 6 decades with a hit in everyone. Commencing her career back in 1963 with then partner Sonny Bono. If you didn’t guess I am talking about Cher, the one and only at the age of 72 she is owning it and loving everything she is doing.


Making her way back into the movie industry this year with her role in Mamma Mia 2 starting opposite stars Meryl Strep, Christine Baranski and Julie Waters. You probably name it and this women has done it. I can’t wait to see her live later in the air it is going to be epic and seriously will be nothing short of amazing.

So this week with Cher releasing an ABBA tribute album and releasing the

It strikes me that the people who write computer code and design and maintain technology systems are well paid.  Yet the person who has to answer the telephone in a call centre who has a script to follow and deal with irate or technology illiterate people, that is pick up the pieces that well paid tech people have failed to get right, gets quite poorly paid. Humans are an unknown thing, so it takes quite some skill when dealing with humans at the end of a telephone line. It is skill some of us have and some of us don't. We could all learn computer programming and other tech stuffs.

Perhaps I am little unfair on the techies. What about those who move huge amounts of money around the world and make obscene amounts of money, or heads of corporations that get paid seven or eight figure sums annually.

Bone Doctor is now a GP, a general doctor. If she has become rich in her profession, she is not telling us and is not showing any signs of great ...

If I get invited to a party or an event where I don’t know anyone I’m pretty talented at saying no. Over the weekend a work colleague took me to the birthday party of a friend of hers. He’s a gay man in his mid/late forties and at his previous parties, she said he had lots of single gay friends there.

So on Saturday night I met up with her, her boyfriend, his brother and another friend and had a drink before we all went to the birthday boy’s apartment.

There were precisely zero eligible gay men at the party. All the gay men were either in couples or of vastly different ages to me. We are talking 15 years older or younger. My colleague swears it was a very different party to the years previous that she


Florence (Saoirse Ronan) and Edward (Billy Howle) have arrived at their beachside hotel to commence their honeymoon. Both are nervous and inexperienced making their first steps into marriage a painful affair. Flashbacks show their courtship conducted despite the constraints of differing social backgrounds.

I think that the intention is to present 'On Chesil Beach' ...

This week, I really would love to be this one’s friend she throws shade like no other and looks fabulous while doing it. Now before we get into probably her most notable and recent work lets take a look back at what happened once before. Starting her career in an all girl group Seduction you should all know the great hit of “Two To Make It Right”.

She has since continued her singing and musical career by collaborating with stars across the decades most recently RuPaul on several of her songs (available on iTunes). Most notably of late she is a Judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race taking a permanent spot on the panel in season 3.

This week I am crushing on the amazing Michelle Visage.