September 2018

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There are a lot of reasons to be impressed with Joe’s Table, a hole in the wall, nestled at the side of the large courtyard of the Republic Apartments that host various restaurants and children playing.

But I didn’t even notice the biggest reason until well into the meal. Though the service was seamless, orders taken, water poured, it only dawned on us when one of our party went up to ask for something that Joe runs the whole place! There were no other waiters, there were no other people helping in the kitchen. It was just Joe! How amazing, to be able to do that.

And while one of our party was


scot marsh

Last weekend siblings Fire Fighting Nephew and Hippie Niece went bushwalking in the Grampian Ranges here in Victoria. In Melbourne on the Saturday, the weather was atrocious. Seems it was even worse in Grampians, with snow. Such is our spring weather. Come Sunday, the weather must have been better. I wonder if they built a campfire, smoked a joint and heated up a couple of tins of baked beans.


Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. That became my life: a series of trying to survive, instead of actually living each day.

The post I Thought I Might Be A Paedophile For Years; I Had No Idea It Was Because Of OCD appeared first on Narnold Knows.

I’d heard rumours over the last two years of Wok and Noodle Bar’s owner, Jun Toyoda, and Chef Kazuteru O-San’s tiny ramen restaurant at the top of Llankelly Place, but I’d never tried it (or seen an empty seat, as it’s really just a hole in the wall). What a surprise to find that it has such a generic name that doesn’t do it justice, though it seems like its reputation has been drawing in a steady flow of customers.

It’s pretty adorable, a little piece of Japan in Sydney, a tiny hole in the wall like in Tokyo and Osaka. They serve authentic Japanese drinks (as well as the food) and it really does feel like a part of Japan has been transplanted to Potts Point.

Just the thing for me to buy, a kit model English cathedral. Imagine me with my shaky hands making a model. I would have the tower clock in the vestry and the alter as high chair for short people, with a non slate roof made out of collection plates.  For a moment I considered buying one as a challenge to assemble and at £25, the price is not too bad. It was only a few years ago I assembled a balsa wood plane, complete with tiny engine that would propel it along a smooth surface via rubber bands, but it would not lift off into the air.

But the clincher for not buying the cathedral kit was this, the cost of delivery. I stopped buying advent calendars from Germany for Little Jo. The price of the calendars was reasonable, the postage not.

I bought a small item online from Dick Smith, aka Kogan. (More about that later) I hadn't seen it around and and it was only $7. But the postage was $10.

For the cathedral model kit:

Please ...

Today I had a discussion with a guy that I know through a nudist group. It was a very wide ranging conversation that covered a lot of bases. At one point we were talking about a guy that was at one of the group events. I follow this guy on Instagram and have only met him once so I genuinely cannot say that I know him but his Instagram has changed lately. There are no more cheeky nude selfies at waterfalls etc like there used to be. The change seems to have coincided with a new girlfriend that he has.

The guy I was chatting to (not the guy with the girlfriend) said that the girlfriend isn’t into social nudity and he’s not sure how comfortable she is with the idea at all. It would be really sad if this guy wasn’t allowed to

I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to clothing and labels. I tend to dress down and avoid branded

This coming a little late for a few reasons life is hectic, my laptop has decided to only work when it is plugged in so I can’t blog without a power point and I am not a fan of writing whole blogs on my phone, so between working, applying for jobs, going to the gym, playing, coaching and taking stats for netball and trying to still have a social life it has been rather difficult to find time to sit down and write not to mention I have 18 blogs in my drafts and at least another 10 ideas I haven’t even started. Not to mention the amount of blogs I need to catch up on reading.

Anyway I could probably write about that all day long but lets get to what you all came here for…..well I assume you did anyway, this weeks TUNE TUESDAY……………….is the lovely Rihanna. if you didn’t guest from the title…..I am finding it hard to remember my previous artiest so they are now going into the heading so


Does Crown Street and Sydney need more Thai food? In the Mood for Thai always seemed popular, and I liked the mood and decor, so was surprised when it closed down to be replaced by another Thai restaurant.

At first glance, I couldn’t see the appeal: the prices for dinner seemed pretty high. I reckon if you’re going to spend that much, you could spend a little more and go to the various top-notch Thai eateries around the city, or wander down closer to Chinatown for the more famous ones like Chat Thai or Boon Cafe (recently reviewed in the New York Times).

Still, one shouldn’t judge without trying, so