September 2018

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Trust technology? We do all the time and trust it with our lives. But like skydiving, letting elephants to step over you while you lie on the ground and swimming where sharks or crocodiles are likely to be, you can reduce you can reduce your odds of an injury or death by behaving sensibly.

Just to note, apparently the car owner, the driver, thought that the car was fitted with pedestrian detection and it was not. That cost $3,000 more on top of the purchase price. It is included now with many cars.
Did not expect this in the town of Katoomba, about 2 hours drive west of Sydney. An alley with amazing art by some of Australia's most well-known street artists.
Scott nagy
Has anyone else noticed that on the promos for A Current Affair Tracey Grimshaw looks like a blow up doll?

What does one do if you’re Sydneysiders in Melbourne for the weekend? Eat and drink, I’d say (though we also loved the MOMA exhibit at the NGV). Bar Lourinhã was a superb choice for dining. It felt like Melbourne. Stylish and hip, kind of quirky too. It was very crowded on the Friday night, but we’d made our reservation.

It was hard to choose what to order because everything looked good. And it was. In fact, there was not a miss, and every dish that came out, we oohed and ahhed over. No, I should admit that the chicken liver and pistachio migas (a sort of deconstructed sandwich) was a bit too livery for the rest of the table, but I liked it.

We all particularly liked the croquettes to start with

(ok, I did not preempt)

Yes, there is a good chance we all may be in some kind of care home when we are old. Preempting the ABC Four Corners television broadcast, the government has announced a Royal Commision into care for the elderly. Royal Commissions have extraordinary powers, and we of a certain age all know what will be turned up.

This Royal Commission will cost tens of millions of dollars that could be better spent for care for elderly in nursing homes. According to the esteemed Sir Humphrey Appleby governments usually announce a Royal Commission when they know what the outcome will be. The government will make some new rules, but not address the problem that private profit making care where the primary motive for care for the elderly is a healthy profit return for shareholders, is simply not compatible with good care for the elderly, unless there are strong, enforceable and ...
Dear ABC Staff. You have to do better. Doing well is no longer good enough.

Emma Alberici, you let the team down with some wrong minor details. You have to be perfect.

Faine, while you speak on air for three and a half hours on air daily and have done so for many years, apparently you once said something that was called into question. Shame on you. You must do better.

Symons, your black humour was appreciated by many, yet someone called you to account over one remark. Shame on you. You should be sacked. Ah, you were, and ratings for your former time slot have been halved. You could have lasted until you had a stroke or a heart attack like former breakfast presenter Peter Evans and had a public memorial service at St Paul's Cathedral just like Evans did.

I think it is safe to say Our ABC is in a terrible management mess at the moment. Meanwhile, the workers on ground keep churning out good product. I ...

When someone raises a question that really makes you think in a public forum it’s always fascinating to hear the range or responses. One of my models yesterday posed a couple of questions in his Instagram stories that were really fascinating and apparently he got a LOT of people weighing in with their opinions.

The questions were essentially, if you are a top or a bottom is it about the sensation of that role physically or is the role that you are into with that role. I went on to discuss this with a friend last night. For me my role depends on my mood but I’m very happy to say that I’m genuinely 50/50 split. A lot of people make jokes at that. Maybe this is something I should ask the


I was walking home after dropping off some used clothes at the Australian Red Cross in Paddington (my favourite op-shop to donate to) and grabbed a takeaway latte with my handy keep cup from Ampersand Cafe. It was so good, and the ambience so excellent that I managed to head back for a proper sit-down latte a week or so later.

The coffee has a lightness about it, a creaminess, which I liked. And I loved the atmosphere: sit among the books at the back, if you like.

Or there are tiny tables in a small courtyard, with books on top of most of them. The view of Oxford Street is not necessarily a beautiful

Am I the only person who doesn't think Kitty Flanagan is funny?

Mother: She is in hospital, which was once a Jewish hospital. Over the course of a five days she is having two skin cancers removed. She tried to stay longer but the hospital told her that is all her health fund will pay for. Unfortunately the hospital is ten minutes drive away, so there is no excuse for me not to visit my dear mother.

Mother was served with a fencing notice by the property investor who said to me on the phone, hi, I'm your Mum's neighbour. We have eventually responded with offer of paying the cheapest quote.

Little Jo: She has the surname of both her mothers. Silly Sister booked airline ticket for Little Jo to fly to Japan in one surname. The ticket had to be reissued at the airport. Their flight was 90 minutes late leaving Melbourne and no time was picked up. Little Jo has started a Wordpress blog about their holiday. I think Sister is writing it, but it is good and there is clearly input from Little Jo. It is password ...