April 2019

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It wasn't until after we left Tauranga that we learnt how to pronounce the name. If you are a Melburnian, it is a little like Tooronga.

It was a bus to the town area and this time we had to pay $15 return. The port in Tauranga, as we passed by in the bus, was huge and is the largest port in New Zealand. We were dropped off on one side of a railway line and had to walk across the track. It is a reasonable sized town and with very busy motor traffic but quite calm and slow traffic. The streets and the calm traffic reminded me a little of Hirosaki in Japan.

How hard was it pushed on the ship and on the bus that there were two for one coffees for ship passengers at Robert Harris. It wasn't the only time businesses were pushed. I would have liked to support a smaller local cafe for our coffee, but R was determined to get our two for one price coffee. Except, what did he do when he ordered? He forgot about the two for one deal and paid full price ...
Ok, we don't really want to eat the rich. They are either extremely thin or very fat.

But we can protest like Kyle has about the excesses of capitalism and aren't we being overwhelmed by private and public advertising! Good on ya Kyle. Luv ya man. (Thanks to Marcus W? for the Retweet)

A friend from university wrote and said: “My daughter just got into UWC. Please tell me that UWC is worth it.”

So, having attended Pearson College from 1986 to 1988, I can answer the question, at least from my perspective, though I won’t answer the question: is the United World College movement worth the resources invested in it versus what it brings to the world (which is a question that graduates often ask themselves)?

I’ll simply answer: was it worth it for me?

Dear M.

Was the United World Colleges worth it for me? In high school, I felt out of place. I was too smart and too political. I was not athletic enough nor socially comfortable. I was bored in most of my classes, taught by teachers who seemed pretty bored themselves.

When I arrived at Pearson College, what was perhaps the most


Everything that comes out of Scott Morison's mouth is a lie
We were told in advance that there wasn't much in Gisborne. I don't know why the ship stopped there. It would be better to stop at nearby Napier with its famous Art Deco houses. Nevertheless, Gisborne was a pleasant little town. We weren't the only cruise liner in the area. It was a ferry.

It was tenders to shore, the ship boats.

Our twin nieces turn two tomorrow. They are less clingy now to their mother and their personalities are starting to shine through and are far more agreeable.

We had a family barbeque at Ex Sis in Law's abode today to celebrate. Most of the family was there, including the pregnant with a boy oldest niece, and her Little M and Little Em who love their twin cousins dearly. Mother was there of course and Ex Sis in Law's husband was a little flirtatious with her, which went down well.

I have fallen in love with Es Sis in Law's husband's daughter's partner.  He is twenty one, lean, with a nice bubble butt as they say in the US and sadly balding at such a young age. He is not too bad looking, but wow, what a personality. All the little nieces adore him and the adults really like him.

Unbelievably R could not unscrew the top off a soft drink. I asked Tradie Brother but realised he was in the middle of eating and his hands ...
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I saw Tim Wilson sprinting towards Spring Street passed no 1 Treasury Place. She’s a really fat queen.
I haven't finished posting about our NZ holiday and now I have another one to post about. No wonder family on Facebook said, you are away again? You are never home. We have to travel while we can. It gets harder as you get older.

We had a great time in Sydney in spite of a bit of a mix up. Not so returning home. We chose our flight home based on the time. The flight was 12.55pm and hotel checkout time in Australia is 10.00am. Plenty of time to get to the airport, have something to eat and coffee. We were to arrive in Melbourne at 2.30pm, early enough to beat any traffic congestion on the motorway as we neared the city in what should have been a 25 minute drive home.

Not so, said Tigerair. The incoming plane is late, so you will be late leaving, about one hour. That put us in heavy traffic congestion and we weren't home until after 4pm. A whole day taken for a flight that is actually 1 hour 7 minutes. Do ...

Hey Israel Folau, God's plan for fuckwits is Centrelink.