March 2017

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grievous vs kenobijetty fishing
A house in the suburbs

Catching up on my photo editing last weekend I finally got to work on these images of Scott. Scott is an aerial straps performer who I met at my circus school. To do aerial straps you need strength and flexibility and when it’s done well it is beautiful and very impressive to watch. What was also impressive to watch was how at ease Scott was naked in front of the camera. He’s not a shy boy. Why would you be when you’ve worked so hard on your body and your craft?

This was a fairly low key photo shoot in Scott’s apartment so we were working with natural light. We are having chats about a more bonkers creative shoot that we could do together and I’m sure we’ll get some great images from that one as well. Scott has been working on some creative self

Now that is a question to strike minor terror in my heart. It is a common, seemingly inoffensive way to open a conversation. One of my friends will begin every telephone conversation with that question even if our previous conversation was only a day or two earlier. So why does my heart sink when I'm asked it?

I put my reaction down to my upbringing. Mine was a solitary upbringing. I was an only child. No siblings. My only two cousins arrived on this planet years after I did and so there was no childhood connection there. My parents, struggling to establish themselves financially, both worked full time in part to finance the very expensive private school in ...

I’m trying to eat less meat these days. It’s good to do so for the environment and for my health. But sausages are a weakness. I’ve wanted to try the Snag Stand many a time, but flashier fare has called in the Food Court of the Westfield CBD. But this was a perfect occasion to grab something quick and try it out (and this Food Court is turning into my go-to place to grab lunch after mid-morning meetings in the CBD, dentists appointments or Nespresso stock-ups).

Offering a wide range of different types of gourmet sausages, I opted for the ‘Toulouse’, a grilled pork, wine and garlic sausage, with sauteed onions and rosemary mushrooms and truffle aioli on a toasted brioche roll ($10.90).

We have now been connected to the NBN for over two months. We pay TPG $70 per month for our connection and phone with nearly all phone calls free, and aside from some set up issues, now it just works, without fault.

For our $70 we get unlimited data at a speed of up to 100mb per second. In practice it is less than that figure but not that much less. The upload speed is amazing, at around 40mb per second. This is very noticeable when just uploading photos for a blog post.

Downloads of videos are very fast too. Wink to gypsy Jakob in Bulgaria.

We are saving heaps of money after disconnecting our Telstra high speed cable internet that cost us about $120 per month (with a freebie device for watching and recording tv and some free movies, that were rubbish. We disconnected it after a week) and connecting to NBN fibre to the building via TPG. We had speeds of around 35mb per second for download. Now we have near 100mb per second.

But for web ...
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Aligning employee/employer values
We continue to call these criminals terrorists and their acts terrorist attacks, because the general community with accept such labels, and not blame the politicians, rather they are more likely to praise the politician’s for trying to protect us, but really, aren’t these perpetrators the “them” fighting back against the “us” in the increasingly unjust and inequitable world our politics is creating.