March 2017

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Not nearly as interesting this week.

We saw rivers in Canada where the waters did not immediately merge and mix.

The dangers of running a red light in Gibraltar.

This trip to the UK I’m reviving my letter writing. I really do mean letter writing too, I’m not talking

When I first started out doing male nude photography I struggled to find people willing to strip in front of my camera. I had no portfolio to show them and no models to reassure them that I wasn’t some creep. Thankfully a few people took a chance and when others saw those images more and more people have trusted me. As a result I have about 14 years worth of photo shoots with dozens of wonderful models. 95% of the models I’ve worked with have been fantastic, enthusiastic and there to be part of the creative process and to make some cool images.

There have been a number of guys over the years who post comments on photos that I share saying things like “Why haven’t you asked me to model for you?” or “I must be too


Hmm. Coffee at 11am on a Saturday. In search of a little fuel in between the Max Dupain-inspired exhibit at the State Library and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Three people behind the counter but not enough staff: the cashier was taking orders and payments and trying to make the coffee at the same time. A bit of a wait and a queue forming!

Coffee was fine, especially with baklava from the gozleme ladies nearby. But if the Espresso bar had been open, I have the feeling it would have been better.

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Why don't those people who have children and who want paid parental leave and paid childcare pay extra tax to pay for it? A system like HECS for education could be set up for those people who have children, so they could pay extra tax over a period of time to pay for the costs of their own children. Why can't that be done?

Primarily, I was thinking about the problem of childcare, which seems to be a problem for which nobody has a solution. 60 minutes had a piece on it this week. People also seem to be concerned about parental leave and it not being enough for families to raise children. So, why don't we adopt a user pays system, like education and HECS, or even tolls on new road developments, families could have as much parental leave and child care as they choose, or want, and then with an increase in their tax, like HECs, they could pay for the amount used over a period of time until the debt had been paid off, just like HECS and then their ...
The contrast between the eastern Melbourne suburb of Camberwell to the south London suburb of Camberwell has always interested me. There is gentrification happening in London's Camberwell. No need for that in our very posh Camberwell. To paraphrase former PM, the late God Gough, its north south traffic sewer, Burke Road, contains the longest stretch of bible bashers in Australia. Yes, Camberwell is ever so middle class, with many church goers and is a 'dry' area. That is no hotels and if a restaurant wants to serve alcohol, as is the normal, it must apply for a liquour license, but also to the local council, whereupon residents must vote in a referendum on the application.

Another suburb name sticks out, Brooklyn. The borough of Brooklyn in New York is undergoing rapid gentrification. I suppose most people get to Brooklyn using the Brooklyn Bridge. We used the Subway.  I remember it as being the first time I saw a lad on those electric ...
I’m looking for fit sexy guys aged 18+ in London comfortable with their bodies to pose in underwear for the
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The green unicorns have shed their horns and wandered back to their pastures... the glittery pink and green rainbow that's been spread over the city for the last month has shone it's last... the 2017 Fringe is well and truly over.

It's been over a week since I went to my last show and I've watched, somewhat sadly, from the bus each morning as both the Garden and Gluttony are dismantled and returned to regular and slightly dull parks (albeit with a little bit more albino grass than before).

Weirdly, while I don't feel like it's been the busiest Fringe, I did equal my previous record of 24 shows (although this was ...
Are you fully present and awake in your life? Are you aware of what’s going on around you and of your own behaviour? And would you know if you weren’t? I live in Australia which holds the unenviable title of one of the fattest countries in the world. Yet about half of all overweight people don’t consider […]