April 2017

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Who knows if it’s inspired by my new found motivation at the gym and feeling a little better about my body again or just because the location and the opportunity collided, but this morning as I left my friend’s country property I thought I’d grab some nude pics on their property sign. I pulled up my car so that I could prop my phone up on the roof and set up the timer ready to go.

What I hadn’t counted on was that when I was on the sign, it looks straight up the road towards oncoming traffic. Thankfully three hours out of Sydney there isn’t much traffic in that part of the world. As I jumped down from taking the last photo though a small truck came towards me so I quickly pulled on my shorts. I was standing behind my car shirtless as the guy went


In 1996 historian David Irving, a noted Holocaust denier, sued Professor Deborah Lipstadt and her publishers claiming she had libelled him in her book, 'Denying the Holocaust'.

The film 'Denial' recounts the legal battle, how the defence case was formulated, the trial and the outcome.

A beautifully acted film with fascinating glimpses into the British justice system and its protagonists.


When I was a kid, out family home had a sun room, which I filled with indoor plants, it was my thing, my hobby. I loved nothing more than getting some cuttings from wherever and disappearing up the side of the house, where I kept my pots and potting mix and such things, potting them up and then taking them to join my sunroom collection. Every surface of that sunroom was covered in pots of green leaves and sometimes flowers.

I loved it. And I, seemed, to have green fingers as everything I planted grew. I found a lot of joy in those ever changing plants.

So, I guess, it comes as no surprise that my house now is filled with indoor plants. I even have one, I call it my first ever plant, a begonia, which now towers over our heads. I'd forgotten about it when I headed out into the world and discovered boys and dancing and a new life. However, some time ago now, mum and I were out in her garden looking around when I spotted a pot up the side of ...
Joining in with River and others for Sunday Selections. At the exact time this is published, our pilot should be pulling hard on his joystick as we take off from Melbourne Airport. What were we on when we decided the cheap 5am flight was a good idea? We'll be away for a few weeks. I may be able to drop in a comment on your blog posts, but as usual, I don't blog when I am on holidays.

This is not quite as I remember a Sandman panel van, aka a shagging wagon. As the saying used to go, if the van's a rocking, don't bother knocking.


OK, I’m looking for the speedos pictured in these two movies below (yes, if you are a member, you can watch both of these movies featuring these guys wearing these speedos).

I believe they are an Andrew Christian Edge but they aren’t available on their site anymore.  Does anyone own these or know anything about them?

And of course, if you would like me to stop temping/teasing you – click here to join right now, $4.95 will come off your credit card and then you can watch these movies immediately.  Really quite simple.

Sex in Speedos

wonderwalls 2015 - askewwonderwalls 2015 - smug
Corvette Brunswick Street this afternoon