May 2017

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My own g-banger

Male G-String Bikini

the lego batman movie - the joker notorious lowrider - awkward box and background framing ...
The Globbers – Luca and Alessandro – are pretty much the epitome of gay travel wanderlust. They’re living their passion for world travel together. Since I’m in the midst of planning my own three month international travel adventure, I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to others who share a passion for long-term world travel. It’s one […]

This Sunday, weather dependent, two friends and I are off for a naked adventure. Another friend has given us directions to find a beautiful but very secluded trail in the National Park not far out of Sydney where we plan on doing a bit of nude hiking. I’ve never really been brave enough to hike anywhere nude before apart from the signposted trail to a nude beach where nudity is expected.

This is a trail in a park that is most definitely not a legal nude location but the friend that gave us directions has photographic evidence to prove that he was very comfortably naked and he assures us that not a single other person was on the trail or at the waterhole where they ended up. Sounds perfect to me. I’ve even raised the idea if it’s a suitable spot that it might be a location for a photo shoot with Jorge who is keen for another shoot.

Fingers crossed the weather holds and even though we are week out from Winter officially starting here

Our flight from Dubai to Lisbon was almost uneventful. The road our hotel was in was blocked off by police. Clearly something was happening but we weren't sure what it was. We walked down the steep hill with our cases. We noticed some people with red carnations. Later I found out from Perth blogger Sami's post about it being Anzac Day in Australia and Freedom Day in Portugal.

We caught a taxi for not a great distance to our hotel. The receptionist was very humourous. We complained that we had a double bed and not twin beds, as requested. He had paperwork that said double and we had paperwork that said twin. He suggested we went out and have coffee and although she would not be happy about it, the maid would saw the bed in half and remake them. The room was modest but clean and functional with a nice outlook.

Storms are best viewed rather than experienced.

The partially invisible man.

Um, about the boats, you know.


I’ve had noodles from Yunnan before, both in Yunnan and at a little restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown. The noodle is called Mixian and it’s a spaghetti-shaped rice noodle.

I like it; it’s familiar in two ways, both because of the rice noodle texture (familiar to me as a thick Chinese vermicelli) and then also reminding me of the Italian spaghetti, but lighter.

We couldn’t get into Momofuku’s noodle bar after drinks at Huertas (I could have expected that) but this place, on a corner, looked fun, and we didn’t know how newly opened it is.

I had a dish with coconut milk and shrimp; husband had some spicy chicken.

On Friday next week,  2nd June, one of the world's oldest and largest surrogacy agencies, Circle Surrogacy, will be holding an evening drinks and surrogacy information night in Sydney. I will be in attendance. The event runs from 6.30 to 8.30pm and is free. For more information- register here.

In exactly one calendar month, I board a plane bound for the other side of the world and a big adventure.

In the planning stages, Greece took a lot more of the energy than other parts of the trip with a fair share of hassles getting accommodation sorted. Iceland was the initial priority and source of excitement given that it was the bucket list destination that I’d been thinking of for 15 years.

With all of that, apart from booking accommodation in Germany and organising to meet up with a friend in Cologne, I don’t really know what I’m going to do. I’ll be exploring Cologne with my friend who has promised to take me to a big German sauna (not the gay sex venue kind) for a big communal naked experience.

Berlin is a different story. I’m there for four days and apart from the Holocaust Memorial, sunbathing naked in the Tiergarten just because I can and probably a slutty visit to the Laboratory Sex Club, I don&rsquo


Today was a glorious day here on the Australian Central Coast.  I was up early banging out some work and by 9am I thought I deserved a little bit of time in my speedo in the great out doors.

So I packed up and headed north to Birdie Beach.  Before leaving, I checked Grindr but it was a little too early and a little too much of a Tuesday for any Grindr potential.  I decided to wear my white AussieBum Coolabah speedos which I really love but since they are white, they are SUPER see through when they are wet.  This makes them a little bit inappropriate for use at the public pool or anywhere public for that matter so I don’t get to wear them as much as I would like.

In the spirit of me spending a couple of hours today wearing speedos which had a very very visible penis line (VPL), I thought I’d post a bunch of my favourite VPL pics for you guys.

Enjoy – and you know all these photos come from the