May 2017

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Say good bye to exhousemates, how long will it be before I see this garden again?

This hotel has received the worst reviews that I’ve ever read. Period. They are so terrible as to be comical, and yet, since my mother booked this hotel for our five-night stay in New York City, non-refundable, without checking with me first, it has caused me no small amount of anxiety.

Right across from Penn Station and Madison Gardens. You can see the entrance on the right.

Hotels are so expensive in NYC that when this pop-up ad appeared in her browser, and she saw that the Hotel Pennsylvania was centrally located (it is mentioned in reviews often that reviewers consider the location the only good thing) and the cheapest deal she could find, she booked it.


There was a time when you travelled, you would see different fashions, people wearing different clothing to what you were used to at home. Not so now. The world has become generic. In every European city we visited, fashion was the same as here in Australia. If R's great nephew is to go by, the fashions in Britain are the same.

This is our apartment in Barcelona. It was a very direct and straight route from the airport to our apartment, with us arriving mid afternoon and R's sister and brother in law arriving by about 10pm. It was a very late night with lots of booze involved. R and myself had been out to get provisions and afternoon tea. We didn't feel like dinner.

On Friday, the Family Court of Australia registered a US surrogacy order, for the first time when there had been a commercial surrogacy arrangement. This is only the second time that the Court has registered a US surrogacy order. The effect of registration is that the parents through surrogacy who are recognised as parents at law in the United States are also recognised as parents at law
Hakan Serbes, picture from The Gay Side of Life.  Lovely.

Every now and then I realise that I get opportunities that a lot of people don’t get from time to time. Saturday afternoon saw me filming Chris, whom I recently photographed in an erotic shoot, for a promo video for his escorting work. Now I admit, I didn’t do a lot of research for the requirements of a promo video for an escort, nor did I really realise that a promo video was entirely necessary.

Even if it’s not really necessary, we thought we’d do one anyway.

So on Saturday afternoon Chris and I set about recording some footage. It may have been weird watching him wank while we did the erotic shoot a few weeks ago but it was even more disconcerting when the footage for this is ALL about seduction and sexuality. It’s very hard to remain focused and ensure you get all the footage you need.

Needless to say when I got home I spent some quality time with myself to ease the frustrations that had built up over the

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