July 2017

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I don't think there are too  many species of birds in the world who seem to just play for pleasure. Corellas are a sub specie of the Australian cockatoo.  Have a look at their antics on a spinning roof ventilator atop a home in Perth.

Man have I been busy!!!  Approaching 11pm here and after getting up at 6am this morning, I’ve had maybe an hour off when I ducked down to town for lunch.

Good think I love my work and I love you guys too.

What Kip and I have been working on is a new server for a bunch of the blog software stuff.  There are some new things that we’ve been working on which unfortunately isn’t very visible but makes things work a lot better.  There is probably another week of being busy for me ahead but we are over the hump.

I have been dying to tell you guys about the Married Guy, I’m thinking that tomorrow morning I’m going to make a fire in the fireplace, chill out on my couch, in a speedo and pour my heart out to you guys – hahaha.

I can tell you right now that a week or so ago the Married Guy fucked his first man arse.  That didn’t sound right, the Married Guy has fucked his wife’s

Whilst we spent the vast majority of our stay in Bali at Sanur and were happy to do so we also paid brief visits to other tourist spots, namely Ubud, Kintamani, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

These visits only reinforced my preference for Sanur which provided the leisurely, sedate holiday experience I was seeking.

Whilst in Seminyak we spent twenty minutes or so wandering around public areas in the W Bali Resort. This exclusive resort is quite an eye opener. Stunning in parts, the biggest stun (or sting) would probably be to your wallet.

Some photos ...
Boycott, spoil or campaign?
I’m only warming up slowly. I am managing to fight off a bout of shivering, only just.

6.30am. I find my thick red jumper to put on under my hoodie, so another joint is possible, before Saffy gets up. I find that even with exercising, I can wear shorts in any weather, as long as my top is warm. I need gloves, though. And a second pair of track pants, if I was honest.

“Give me a little drink, from your Loving cuup…”

I had only just come in, when my earbuds were pulled out forcibly, in the middle of Ruby Tuesday. “Look at you wrapped in your bunny rug.”

“It is freezing, it is true, it is freezing.”

“What time did you get up?”

“Oh, you know.”

“Oh, you know,” he parrots. He takes me off by screwing up his mouth and making a lot of zzzzzzzzz noises.

“Good morning, pumpkin.”

“Don’t you good morning ...

Before I left on my holiday I had been joking with friends that if I can’t get laid in Berlin then I was going to come back to Sydney and put myself down. Berlin is a fantastic city with a certain reputation for it’s sexual availability. Lots of gay bars have back rooms and it just seems like if you want sex, it’s really simple to find it.

On this trip I did actually rediscover my sexual mojo. I’m not going to go into detail about what I did because that’s no one else’s business but mine. Having said that, it was a combination of gay saunas and Grindr that were the conduits for my sexual reawakening. I hadn’t been to a sauna in a few years and the last time it wasn’t a great experience. You definitely have to be in the right headspace to venture into an establishment like that and thankfully, holiday Brenton was in that headspace.

Now I just need to keep that momentum up and not let my preconceptions

Buddy slept with us. I woke up at 3.15am to very little doona to cover myself. I’d had some full on dream, which I could instantly not recall the moment I woke up. I was a wake after that. I needed a dump, which turns out to be a massive quantity of air farted out to great abandon, after I turn the coffee machine on to warm up. Always turn the coffee machine on first, it takes the longest.

You see going to bed at 10.10pm, he counts up the hours on his fingers, sucking in air, “3.15. 5 hours.” More sucking of air. “That’s a bit short, even for me.” I only really need 6 hours.

It takes some time for the coffee machine to whir into life. I find my phone, pick the light app to turn on the lounge room lights, plug in my laptop, take a shit, make coffee, clean the kitchen, roll the joint, transport the coffee and the joint outside, transport my laptop outside – never transport a laptop and a cup of coffee in the same ...
As much as I don't have a type (no, I did not say I am desperate), tennis player Roger Federer is not really my type. I cannot think of him in any sort of sexual manner at all. That is rare for me. His looks just do not appeal to me. The point of saying that is that I am unbiased by any desire for him.

But isn't he just the bestest tennis player. He shames Australia's current tennis players by his on court behaviour. While I am not really a tennis watcher, I cannot help but know about him from tv and other media. I have never seen him slam a racquet to the ground, criticise an umpire or abuse anyone, make excuses for an off match, let along brag about the money he makes. He just plays tennis, really well.

There is no contrast between him and Australia's horrors', Tomic and Kyrgios.

Former tennis champions Boris Becker and John McEnroe are often asked for their opinions on current tennis players. I am not sure why, as ...
I thought someone might get it. Does this help at all. I want his character name.

Some sights from Sanur Beach front.

Receding tide.Sunrise ...