September 2017

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Homophobia has always been a problem in Australian sport but there are many sportsmen and sportswomen across all the codes

When my most recent dating situation was called off, the guy said that he wanted to catch up as friends. So far that hasn’t happened and I’m not sure it will. I hope it does. He’s a genuinely nice guy. One of my friends in particular has lectured me on not becoming his emotional punching bag. She thinks it’s a terrible idea to catch up.

The whole situation has me thinking. Do people that have been friendzoned ever get back out of that friend zone? I certainly don’t expect to but I wonder if it happens.

Has anyone of you, my dear readers, been friendzoned by someone only to rekindle the romance further down the line? If so, please comment with the story of how you got back

Yesterday Sydney's temperature reached 34ºc (93ºf). The hottest day the city has experienced at this time of year (Spring) in 158 years.

Today the forecast top is 18ºc (64ºf). A short time ago the temperature had reached 15ºc (59ºf) but the apparent temperature was 6ºc (43ºf).

An effective ...
I just love elm trees. Hops have appeared by the 9th of September and then leaves will come but when I took these photos, the trees were winter bare. The hops will quickly dry and fall off, spreading the trees' seed and the leaves will burst forth from the branches with the most brilliant and fresh green.

If we have a killer succession of over 40 degree days during summer, there may be a huge leaf drop, but otherwise, the trees will look ok into late summer. By March the trees will look very tired and with a sense of relief,  drop their leaves through April and May, and then bunker down for our winter. One can only hope that winter next year is not a long and painful as this year's winter has been.

I was lucky enough to get the the Underbelly Festival with some of my friends here in London and catch

There are times when life just feels like it’s trying to test you. Losing my job and being told a dating situation was over on the same day wasn’t great. Now as well as trying to find a new job and make the most of all the opportunities I have in front of me, it looks like my living situation is becoming unworkable. It’s nothing my housemate is doing or anything like that.

Since the renovations I now have ALL my stuff in my bedroom including two bookshelves and a desk. It’s just too crowded in there. There is also a bit of a problem with the internet. The modem is now in a cupboard and the signal in my bedroom is absolutely rubbish. So it could be time to start looking for

Our rail operator Metro Trains' contract has been extended for seven years, as has the contract of our tram operator Yarra Trams. The best news about this that I can see is that wrap around advertising will be banned. I hoped it is phrased as not placing commercial advertising on train, tram and bus windows, but I have the awful feeling it won't go that far.

The State Government is building a new underground train line, a rather long and expensive one. While it is a great thing, I may be dead before it opens in 2025. We put up with the construction but never get the benefit. I expect the construction might be sped up at some point.

There is a public competition to name the five new railway stations. Governments love to bring the public on board with their grand projects.

It's a bit silly really. Three of the temporary station names are very obvious and should stand, but two are much more complicated. Arden, Parkville and Domain ...
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  Gotta love a man with a story, and Frank Andrews’s is a good one. He left a corporate career in banking to pursue a love of coffee. He got involved in coffee roasting and won an award for his 3 Colombians blend. He opened up Cafe Without A Name in Alexandria, top rated on Beanhunter, and now, within sight of the Coca-Cola sign at Kings Cross, Frankie’s Beans is serving up premium coffee.

I was intrigued, having been invited to a special launch of the Fractional Atmospheric Brew (FAB). And by the end of the evening, I’d learned more than ever about coffee (and was completely buzzed out of my mind on caffeine). So, here’s the scoop. There’s a new trend (how new, I’m not sure) for filter coffee. This confused me at first, since that’s what I think of as the (terrible) coffee that I grew up with in