September 2017

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To my surprise they all said 'no'.
The current marriage equality survey has huge swathes of the country thinking about 'yes' or 'no'. I'm firmly in the 'yes' camp for fairly obvious reasons and to my relief most people I know appear to be of like mind. That is to be expected, I suppose.
So who surprised me by saying 'no'? Well, it was nothing to with marriage equality. I'm about to depart for a holiday in South Africa and neighbouring countries. In preparation for the trip I visited my usual foreign exchange outlet to purchase some South African Rand. I wasn't expecting any problem. After all, the Eastern suburbs of Sydney has a very large South African expat community.

Has anyone ever owned a pair of Mizuno speedos?  These look really hot – if anyone knows where to find them, email me ( – yes I’m still working on the comments but should be done very soon) and if you find these, I will give away a months membership to

These look like the old speedo Aquablades which I only ever had one pair of.  I liked the Aquablade material but the cut was too wide on the hips for my taste.  And they were darn expensive.

Mizuno SpeedoJapanese Mizuno Speedo

It is very rare that I am caught short. It is very rare that I ever use public toilets. If I do, I expect them to be functional and clean. If I have to pay a mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound to use them, no problem.

We set out to an island off the Thai coast in Pattaya on a Chinese style junk boat. It broke down along the way. The bare topped Thai hunk transferred us to another boat to get to the island. I tried to look old and frail, but to no avail. He did not carry me from boat to boat. I was only about 35 and about 60kg.

The junk boat was similar to this boat and really was junk.

A sumptuous lunch ...
When people say that Australian politics has had a period of great instability, over the last 10 years, I say we’ve had two wreckers, both Christians I might add, one very public wrecker in Tony Abbott and one private wrecker in Kevin Rudd who have destroyed what could have been two very fine Prime Ministers, in Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull. I think Julia Gillard did better than Malcolm Turnbull is doing, but it is still a great tragedy that the egos of two men could have caused such disarray in our political system.
How awful was the city today, even more crowded than usual with a gazillion school children on the streets. It is school holidays here.

The niece and one of her mother's are kind of camping, that is Little Jo and Bone Doctor.

The cub scouts' motto is Be Prepared, and 3700 excited children are packing woggles, torches and sleeping bags for Cuboree, Australia's biggest-ever cubs camp.Meanwhile a crack team of adult volunteers overseen by Scouts Victoria are creating a tent city for the five-day event at Gilwell Park, Gembrook, which starts next Monday.Four semi-trailer loads of food will be delivered each day of Cuboree, a total of 1.7km of sausages.Camp ...
LouiJover was a new discovery for me on my trip to Melbourne in 2017.
Loui Jover (born April 1967) is an Australian painter and artist.[1 He is known for his artwork in ink wash paintings on vintage book pages. Jover started his work on art in his childhood, but did not start public art until 1989, when he joined the Australian army as an illustrator and photographer.: Wikipedia
There is a good interview with him here:

In a world that is increasingly “connected” by social media there is possibly an oversupply of communication in the world. Sometimes it’s best to just strip that back and do away with words.

Why communicate with clumsy words when a picture is worth a thousand of them? If one picture is worth a thousand words, surely an album of photos is worth many, many thousands. It seems so unnecessary to write a message when you can just sent dick pics.

Whether or not the recipient has asked for them or not, a bunch of photos, the more gynaecological the better, will serve as the perfect ice breaker. Goodness knows, fourteen photos of the groins of a couple says pure romance to me.

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I is busy with 101 one things. Luckily I prepared this minor and non challenging post earlier.

 My daily weather remark will be one of the following. Too hot, too cold, too windy, too grey, too wet, too humid. I love to complain about the weather. R tolerates heat a bit better than I do, especially as he can stay home in the cool when it is hot. But he complains even more than I do over winter.

Sunny winter days seemed few and far between this year, but there was at least one day when I went out for a winter stroll, ostensibly to exercise my back. It was just lovely.

I have memories of the grass being dry and brown.

A workmate sent this open letter to our PM Malcolm Turnbull. It was republished in the Huffington Post. I know the author well enough and he is an ok guy.