October 2017

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Stop Adani
I had a Qantas gift voucher I needed to redeem before the end of the year so Nathan and I decided to go to Adelaide for a day trip.

We arrived in the mid morning and headed to a lovely cafe for brekky before wandering over to the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA). I've never been to AGSA before and I was really impressed by the way they display their collections. Old paintings hung alongside contemporary sculptures. It was fantastic. The highlight for me was this wall of Nolan portraits.
Our visit to Adelaide happen to coincide with Tarnanthi, the festival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art so we also got to check out the exhibition at AGSA ...
R had an appointment and I was home. We both caught the route 16 tram to St Kilda from different directions and lunched and then went for a St Kilda stroll, always pleasurable. I ducked into the supermarket in Acland Street for something, totally forgetting that we needed a French stick, bread, for the evening's dinner. R had mentioned it earlier. It was to go with Kai Su Min, Chop Suey, whatever you like to call it. It was from the freezer, taken out by R in the morning to thaw.

There is another supermarket in St Kilda, so after our seaside walk, we caught the tram to the second one and bought a French Stick. Once home, R realised that we had agreed to catch up with friends that night for dinner. I don't know how he forgot. I don't know how I forgot. R has a lot on his mind at the moment.

The Kai Su Min is fine in the fridge for tomorrow night. Not sure about the French Stick. A good French Stick will not have preservative and may not ...
reed balancebotanical fluff

Several years ago I went to a party held by the Sydney Gay Nudist group called Sunboys. It was known by another name at the time. It was at a large private home and I didn’t know the guys well that I went with. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the experience. The party was skewed to a much older crowd and it felt like a large portion of them were just waiting for sex to kick off.

A number of my friends have been in the last couple of years to their parties and say they have really enjoyed them. Apparently they have managed to attract a younger crowd as well as the older guys that make up the staple of nudist events.

So tonight a group of us are going to another one of the parties, being held


Man, I was full after the pho. Or should I say… I was pho-ll.

Heh, heh.

Phomo is a splash of colour along Wulugul Walk in Barangaroo. Since the specialty of the house was pho, that’s what we had. Husband had raw and cooked beef; and I had the beef combination (not noticing it had beef tripe in it, which I don’t mind, but explains why husband stuck to the other beef).

With lots of herbs and sprouts and sauce and a lemon slice, I thought the broth was delicious, the noodles appropriately slippery and I had a nice selection of beef things. I like interactive food, in any case. As a main, mine was $17.50.

We also split a plate of spring rolls, and my god: these were among the tastiest of the


caper erg

When we were last in London our nearest station was Lancaster Gate on the Central Line. It's a nice area with expensive and well kept houses. Marie describes the area here.

The station was closed for a few months this year while the lifts were replaced. The lifts were massive, holding somewhere around 70 people each, I seem to recall. The station does not have escalators so what about using the stairs? This photo by Stuart Axe demonstrates why the station had to be closed.

   We arrived a little early in Newtown before meeting our friends to go to Black Ginger, so I dragged husband to have a drink here. I’d seen the signs saying it’s a tequila bar… and hey, I like tequila. It’s upstairs in the revamped railway station, and has a good atmosphere.

But oh Sydney, you and your twenty dollar cocktails. I had a smoked margarita made with mezcal. Husband had the infamous “Bulldog” which has a Corona beer shoved into a Margarita. I would think this could be dangerous for the careless. If you tried to pull out the bottle, your glass would overflow.


Pleasant and easy with particularly friendly service, Black Ginger has a nice feeling of being your neighbourhood Vietnamese restaurant. The menu is pretty standard in terms of the usual hits: banana blossom salad, various duck dishes, spicy salads, pho, shaken beef, chicken curry. I’m not sure there was anything that stood out as unusual.

But everything we had was tasty. The pho was particularly nice with a slightly sweet broth. I recommend getting a big bowl of that and splitting it among your table. I always like the deep fried spring rolls, the Vietnamese pancake was appropriately crispy and filled with freshly cooked bean sprouts. There were lots of herbs to tear off and add to the various dishes.