October 2017

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Joining with River and others for Sunday Selections. Very random this week.

Castrani and Gilbert is an upmarket South Yarra real estate agency. I really like their window panels. The entrance to the often overcrowded South Yarra Station, an old, now disused, Z1 class tram in Toorak Road, could be Melbourne Church of  England Grammar or the selective government school Melbourne Boys' High (I think it is just called Melbourne High School now) and lastly Prahran Market, which is actually in South Yarra.

It is a while since I  have seen the PWMU ...
Sophie Monk is topical in Australia as a participant (I rely on R here for advice), The Bachelorette. I have heard a bit a about her. I remember her from a tv show some years ago. She was a brilliant actor in a tv show. What was the tv show? Internet Movie Data Base is usually a reliable source, but I am not seeing the show I can recall. It was about local council shenanigans in Sydney. It was well before shows like The Office, or our own ABC The Games or Utopia.This is a photo of Sophie Monk.

It is not gelling for me. She seems too young.

After much Googling, finally the the name of the tv showed up, Grass ...
(Retrospective post)

It is sad to write that the Victoria Falls proved to be the one disappointment of our trip. Unfortunately mother nature and climate deprived us of the full wonder of these Falls that I assume they are at their peak. A number of dry years has reduced the flow of water at Falls considerably, at least on the Zambian side. A hint of their more usual majesty is visible in the distance on the Zimbabwe side.


Three months after I got back from the amazing trip that was my European adventure this year, I’ve had time to finally start editing footage from the trip. Naturally, as I did with photos, I’ve started with Iceland.

Going through all the footage just made me think about how much fun we had exploring that wild, cold, beautiful place that is Iceland.

So if you have a spare 9 minutes, check out the video below. Feel free to also subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the like button on all the videos.

Plot to stymie marriage equality

Yesterday turned into a big day, I got a bunch of work done.  I sucked off the Married Guy in the locker room at the local pool, he sucked me off as well and I had a HUGE load!!!  Then I headed down to Manly to hang out with some mates.  I’m actually writing this blog post sitting on the deck.

I think we are going to go to brunch somewhere and then I’ll drive back north this afternoon, if the weather is OK will surf tomorrow morning with the crew – then I’m going to work on getting the darn comments working on this.  I love reading your feedback and really miss it so I promise I’ll spend some time working on it.

Before I left I took this photos of the speedos that were involved in the Married Guy fucking me which I finally published last week.  They have been washed since then and they don’t include the AussieBum’s that the Married Guy wore…. he took them home with him.

Blue days, sunny haze, come what mays, upward we gaze
Aside from the big lunch for my birthday, the actual day of my birthday, Saturday, was quite low key, with shopping in the morning, pottering about in the afternoon and an early meal out. I guess I must have been feeling relaxed as at the end of my week off, I brought a jigsaw up from the recycling charity bin.

It is a 3D jigsaw, you know, the picture changes depending on the angle you are looking from. R made a good start.

I finished off the border, and then it got hard and we became sick of it taking up space, so back in the box it went and back to the recycle bin, along with another we had.
(Retrospective post)

Our accommodation for our three days stay in Zambia was at The Royal Livingstone Hotel which is situated alongside the Victoria Falls. This is a very comfortable hotel indeed with wildlife roaming freely on the grounds.

The entry drive to the hotel ...
Lime Marmalade. I found an unopened bottle of lime marmalade in the back of the fridge. If you had asked me, I'd never have said I'd like lime marmalade, but I do. It is yum. My god, it is good. Go get yourself a bottle, I recommend it.