November 2017

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Someone brought this up the other day I thought I’d give this a try…. I’m going to sell my speedos on eBay.

I have no idea if any of you guys will actually be interested but I’ll give it a try.  Last Wednesday (Tuesday USA time) I put up a dozen pairs from my speedo collection which members had access to.  There are 5 items still left.

Click here or go to –

The five items remaining are:

ADIDAS CoupleAussieBum Portsea

We haven't worked this hard for a compromise
No, I don't have phlegm, well not a huge lot. Phlegm is an English street artist, well enough known to Grace who is rather fond of his work. You can see of Phlegm's Perth works by using the search facility at Grace's Perth Daily Photo.

Remember back here I showed you a mural of a robot in Chapel Street, Prahran. There was a piece in a local newspaper featuring the mural.

The mural is very large and I learnt from the article that the work is by the English street artist Phlegm. 
My photo never ...
No compromises

After years of struggling to find guys willing to even shoot full frontal, now that I’m dipping my toe in the world of erotic photography it seems I’ve tapped into something and a bunch of guys willing to go further than I ever anticipated are coming out of the woodwork.

In a week I’ll be shooting another series for Issue #4 of QAMA and this will have two guys in it. I put a call out on Facebook for a second guy willing to get naked and hard for a shoot with the original model and I’ve been surprised at the people putting their hands up.

It’s a pleasant surprise but a surprise nonetheless. It seems that guys are all or nothing when it comes to nudity. Discreet implied

I was taking some snaps of the orchestra and audience returning to their seats ahead of the resumption  of the Broadway to La Scala concert in the Sydney Opera House yesterday. I didn't notice the raised finger at the bottom until later.

But therein lies a story. The finger appears to be against the grey hair of a gentleman. But that was no gentleman. That grey-haired head belongs to a Radio Shock Jock. A very well known Sydney Shock Jock. Probably Australia's most notoriously known Shock Jock in a city which has a gaggle of notorious Shock Jocks.

Blow it; I'll tell you who. ...
Drove to the country for the day. Took Buddy bushwalking in a national forest. It was a beautiful day.

Have you heard of the Melbourne Shuffle? I thought not. I believe Andre Serox is German and was visiting Melbourne when he invented his own dance and named it the Melbourne Shuffle. If the dancing and or music is not to your taste, there is some nice Hanover scenery in the clip.
forking it 2017 - big open spaceforking it 2017 - notorious p.i.g.Guess what... there was a Fork on the Road today... it's been five years (technically the anniversary is on ...

This one off concert in the Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House today follows on from similar concerts staged in 2015. Opera Singers Teddy Tahu RhodesDavid HobsonGreta Bradman and stage and screen performer Lisa McCune perform a series musical and operatic favourites. Limited concerts are also programmed for other capital ...