December 2017

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Norwegian scientists, concerned for the effects of over population on the planet, discover the means to miniaturise almost any organism. The discovery leads to voluntary but irreversible 'Downsizing' transition programs for individuals who wish to enjoy an improved lifestyle whilst reducing their impact on the environment.

Paul (Matt Damon) is a disillusioned underachiever struggling financially to get ahead who is persuaded to join the transition program with his hesitant wife.
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I have made a banana cake nearly every day we have been away.

Commercial station Channel 7 reporter Cath Turner was reporting on some nonsense to do with those born to rule royals in Britain. Oh, was it don't invite the Obamas to the wedding next year because then we will have to invite Trumpet. I have noted that Betty Battenberg has learnt her lesson after Diana and now embraces the new housewives to the royal family, from blackish to really old and in between.

Sandringham was mentioned, as that is where the Royals were. It should be an easy place to pronounce, but in Australia it is not. We go between posh, which almost omits the final 'a' vowel to broad Australian where it is flat, nasally and stretched out. I noted Cath Turner's diction was excellent and she hit the sweet spot by pronouncing Sandringham neither in broad Aussie or posh Aussie, but right in the middle.

Let's take an interlude with a picture of the newest Royal housewife. Ah, she is quite attractive without being ...
Flying into Sydney after spending Christmas in Brisbane

If ever a man was entitled to leave a media footprint, then Jason Gould’s remarkable talents would make it so. If ever a man was entitled to sip from the often poisoned chalice of fame and celebrity then that dubious honor would fall to Jason Gould before many others. Strange then, that we know so little of Jason Gould the artist. Or the man, for that matter.

While Gould’s body of work thus far is too sparse to sustain fandomania – gay or otherwise – he has created earnestly, albeit on his own dabbling terms. In doing so he ...

My butt and cock are a little bit sore from yesterdays threesome with Alex and his boyfriend…. I’ll write more about that tomorrow.

What I do want to share with you guys now is that earlier today I was walking down the beach to town tograb a kilo of prawns for lunch and at one point this guy and girl walked from their towels down to the beach.  They were in their late 20’s I’m guessing and yes, he was wearing a classic black speedo brand speedo!!!

Despite what some people may think, young Aussie guys don’t usually wear speedos when hanging out at the beach.  At the pool when swimming laps that is different or if lifeguards are training they will wear speedos but not usually in social situations.

And the guy was really fucking hot!!!  Of course I walked home the same way by which time the couple were back on their towels both reading a book and he was there working on his speedo tan.

If that

Apart from plans for the evening of Christmas Eve, we had nothing else planned. We went for a wander in a area close to where we shop in Prahran, but at the Windsor end of Chapel Street, where we rarely venture. I think this is on top of a tertiary education building, which itself is being transformed.

An old sign I'd not noticed before, maybe recently exposed. Five seconds of research tells me H Metcher was about to open a shop in Glenferrie Road, Malvern, in 1909. The shop would offer house decorating, picture framing and supply wallpapers and artists' materials. I would assume he also had this shop in Chapel Street with ...
I’ve got shitty internet in the hinterland of the northern rivers, so it is hard to post.

The sun is shining, so what do I care.