December 2017

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I'm continuing to draw down my annual leave, which means 2 day working weeks from now until Christmas. Woohoo!

Today, Truffles and I walked with Nathan to his work in South Melbourne and we wandered down a street (I think it was Napier) that was lined with beautiful flowering jacarandas. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos.

I normally associate jacarandas with Sydney and Brisbane. I didn't realise they did so well in Melbourne. Even though most of the flowers were past their prime and the trees are not as big as the ones I found on the web from more subtropical regions (see above example), the sight was still quite stunning ...
I was at home watching ABC News this morning and I see they have a very good looking and charismatic weather presenter.
Of course, I had to do some further research.

His name is Nate Byrne and he is a meteorologist, science communicator, oceanographer and a former lieutenant of the Royal Australian Navy. Can he be any more perfect?

Someone named Tess made a comment on an old post and  provided a link to a short clip from the 1959 movie, On the Beach, starring Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck.
It was set in Australia and most of the filming took place in Melbourne and the very outer suburbs of Frankston and Berwick, and on Phillip Island. I haven't seen the film and I was delighted to watch the short clip Tess referred me to. Gardner and Peck stroll down Swanston Street, and getting in the way everyone. There is Mother's favourite place to dine in the city, the Classic Restaurant, which I thought was Classic Cafe. She took we children there many times after shopping for afternoon tea before catching a train home.
Ava dashes across Flinders Street to the station, which hasn't changed a huge deal on the outside. Its new paint job is currently being slowly revealed. The ever so modern blue Harris train (filled with asbestos) is in the station but I did not think the sound of ...

This is what the front of my ADIDAS speedos look like right now….

Speedo ErectionSpeedo BonerHuge Speedo BonerSpeedo Cock

I've always wondered why gay people want to get married? However that just seems to be me. 

I have, on the other hand, always believed in equality. Everyone being treated equally in the eyes of the law is a no-brainer. And the federal parliament agreed today and legalised gay marriage, which is good. We're all now equal, as it should be. The message to all gay Australians is now unequivocal, the rest of the country now sees you as equal.

The Parliament has just voted yes to the Marriage Equality Bill!!!

Some snaps from the Art Gallery of New South Wales where the current main exhibition is Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age.

Gift wrapping seems to be part of the service in many shop nowadays.

When it's free, the demand seems to be especially high. Yesterday, I bought a few things from a shop and was told there would be a 1-1.5 hour wait. I left the items with the shop attendant and picked them up today. They had been beautifully wrapped (much better than what I could have possibly done). I was very impressed.

I had to buy a birthday present today and was able to take advantage of the Christmas wrapping service to get the birthday gift wrapped too. Perfect!

Today is looking like a very big day.

Firstly all the little normal stuff. It’s a beautiful day here today and normally I’d hit the beach with my junk out as soon as I could but a mate wants to come with me and he’s not available til midday so I’ll collect him around then and we’ll head down for a few hours this afternoon. That is probably better with the tides.

So my morning will be spent doing job applications, looking for other avenues and getting all that sorted. Then this afternoon it’s more naked in the sunshine time like I did last Friday. What a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

This afternoon it is looking increasingly likely that the Australian Parliament will finally vote in

The sales assistant sprayed the perfume on my wrist. I took a sniff.

Me: "It smells like the moist towelettes you get at KFC."
Sales assistant: "Wait a few minutes for the alcohol to dissipate."
Me: "Oh yeah. It smell much better now."