January 2018

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'The Greatest Showman' is a musical which chronicles the life of P T Barnum who rose from childhood poverty to international renown as a Circus promoter.

The story is presented in Baz Luhrmann style without matching Baz's levels of excess. The songs are by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the duo behind La La Land and in my opinion they are a great improvement over the earlier work.

The plot gallops along from one musical number to the next by performers who for the most part are competent ...
I went to the Queen Vic markets yesterday with the intention of getting some seafood.

To my surprise, one of the vendors had these for sale (albeit a less colourful variety than the one in the picture):
The creatures are called mantis shrimp, so named because they have appendages that resemble the arms of the praying mantis. They use these appendages to strike at their prey (such as crabs) with such force that mantis shrimp are even capable of smashing glass. Disconcertingly, they are also known by another name: 'thumb splitter'.

Needless to say, I couldn't resit the temptation of giving the thumb splitters a try and ...
When Step Father died in 2009, the husband of Mother's best friend collected his ashes from the undertaker. Eventually Mother asked if he wanted to give her the ashes and he said he was quite happy to keep them for a while. He kept the ashes in his study and said he has a chat with Step Father every so often.

On Boxing Day at Ex Sis in Laws, Mother's friend had sent a gift via Tradie Brother, a special powered fertiliser in a box for something. I cried out, It's Step Father's ashes! M and N are sick of having them lying around. It was very funny at the time.

Eventually when we add Mother's ashes, we will scatter both at the lovely Rose Avenue Beach, Cowes, Phillip Island, a place where the whole family remembers for wonderful holidays.

We headed into the city for Indian food for lunch, it’s kind of a Saturday tradition. Ha ha, tradition, I say. How long do you have to be doing something for it to become a tradition? Our Saturday routine. Married couple. “On Saturday, me and the missus like going into town for some of that Indian food.”

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t like sharing my lunch with sparrows, one of the problems at Melbourne Central with its open walkways. Some of them have black faces, and some of them have pale faces, and some of them have brown stripes. The little monsters are all around, hopping from rafters to tables to peck at the dishes, a swish of the hand and they are gone, but they are soon back. I guess they are just trying to eke out an existence like the rest of us. “Get away,” I say. I flap out my hand. Swish, swish. They jump and fly up to the roof again, only to drop back down once my hands are busy again. “Get away ...

manly shorebetween the waves


Title: The Gifted

TV Show 2017

Cast: Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Sean Teale, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Coby Bell, Jamie Chung, Blair Redford, Emma Dumont, Garrett Dillahunt and Skyler Samuels

Spin-off from the X-men universe based around the aftermath of an incident only know as July 15th. Where a blast energy from a mutant which killed innocent civilians mutant and human alike. Fast forward 4 years and this is where the show picks up, the X-men and Brotherhood are no where to be found. Mutants are being hunted and placed under arrests to protect the human population.

When Reed Strucker’s (Stephen Moyer) families world is turned upside down with the development of his teenage son and daughters abilities they must go on the run and find

Something lighter today.

Most cruise ships don't have a lot of external hull decoration. We were surprised to see this rather colourful ship in Mykonos earlier this year.

I saw a similar ship recently at Port Melbourne's Station Pier. I believe the one above is the Norwegian Star and the one visiting here was the Norwegian Jewel.
There really do look terrific. They are all displayed without further clicking at the company website.

I recently got asked by a mate who has only been in Melbourne for a few months for date ideas for a first date, and no I’m not bitter at all that he has a first date at all. But that is something for another day.

As a long time Melburnian one would think I would know a couple of things to do in and around Melbourne, but when it came down to it all I could think were the cliché first dates of dinner, drinks and a movie.

So it got me thinking what is there to do in Melbourne?

National Gallery of Victoria: a day of art with a variety of restaurants within the NGV for that drink. With both Galleries a short walk from the CBD this allows for the date to continue long into the night.

The Astor Theatre: While this does fall into the cliché first dates, I feel the Astor offers a small twist, while the Astor does show big blockbuster movies, it is known for showing cult classics  and some fabulous double

I’m not an atheist, although I won’t be offended if you call me one. I will accept it, but here is why I might not like the label.

I got thinking about it with all the religious opposition to gay marriage. And when I see the tall Somalian Jesus man sprouting on fervently in the dog park, seemingly always to a young Somalin boy who was too young to defend himself against such talk. And I think about it when I see the buttoned up middle aged conservatives staking out the corner near the commission flats, in my mind, picking on the vulnerable and the less educated.

Just because I don’t believe in your super natural stories about a supreme being, it doesn’t mean I have to be labelled, which buys into the religious paradigm just by its very nature. Giving me a label is just justifying your religious beliefs, in a sense, which I think are absurd.

It’s called not buying into it, I guess. You know, when you debate ...