January 2018

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It's been too hot to write anything. I have been spending my time in front of the air conditioner with Buddy, Bear, Milo (even if he is all cat indifferent to it all) and Sam in our bedroom. Sad state of affairs as there is no Netflix on the bedroom teli.

I have never seen Buddy struggle like he did yesterday, before we. retired to the bedroom.

So clearly, we need one of those industrial fans, that I passed on buying in Bunnings the other day, or an internet teli in the bedroom. Ha ha, first world problems, indeed.

We did manage to clean out the fish pond on Saturday. I couldn't help wondering what it would be like to be a fish on a hot day. Oh yes, major philosophical thinking going on here.

It is still early now, but its meant to be close to 40 degrees again today, but there is a bit of a cool breeze now. I'm getting things done before the sun really heats up. I'm just about to make ...
I wonder whether you could leave your baby in the pram when it was hooked on to the front of a West Australian, Fremantle tram. I don't see why not. Peeps born in the 1950s are very resilient.

Photo by Noel Reed.

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot that everyone seemed to really like here and on Instagram. So what am I going to do? Sell a 48 page download of the shoot of course.

The two boys looked amazing in the beautiful light we had down there in the very wild and tropical looking jungle. It was a really long day by the time we drove down there and did the shoot then found something to eat and came home but it was a very satisfying shoot.

I’m hoping that everyone is enjoying these downloads. Shooting with these in the back of my mind is challenging me to try and get as many interesting angles, setups and shots as

Clearly indoor plants have become a 'thing'.

I was wandering around Collingwood yesterday and saw a young lady with two big pot plants under each arm. Less than a block away, three people were walking along the street, each carrying a plant.

I later made my way to the Fitzroy nursery on Brunswick Street and I've never seen it so busy. I could barely move inside the shop.

And it seems that this obsession with plants, driven by young hipster types, has led to plant shops stocking all kinds of rare and wonderful plants that ...


I was inspired to write this after I saw on twitter someone I follow there brother came out recently by putting it on social media. In this day and age I guess it’s a way to tell everyone all at the same time without having to have the awkward conversation with everyone in your family.

I’m sure my story is similar in someways to many peoples but with its unique twist. At the time I was turn 23, I had been with my then boyfriend for almost 12 months. I had officially been doing stuff with boys for about 2 years at thats stage. Oh my first time and the first boy I kissed, the memories but that’s a story for a different blog.

I was out to most of my friends, any new friends I made knew, all my netball friends new considering most of them are gay it was an easy transiting to tell them.

After a little pressure from said boyfriend, I


It looks like a casual café, albeit with some nice artwork and greenery up, but the food is sophisticated. With a focus on vegetables, the dishes here are ‘globally influenced’ and more importantly, tasty.

For three of us, we ordered five dishes to share, two proteins, and that was the right amount (with a BYO bottle of wine brought by our pal: thanks J). The crisp, light, zucchini flowers with a sauce of sheep’s cheese was maybe my favourite, generously salty.

I thought the squid salad (or was it cuttlefish, I can never tell them apart) was a very interesting combo of the squid, herbs, chili and fennel, I believe.

We ordered one of the specials of the day: meatballs, which were&hellip


I’m two weeks in to my eight week bodyweight transformation workout. While most gay men at the gym seem to be wanting to bulk up, I’m aiming to go the other way a little. Losing muscle is not on my agenda but after nearly hitting 90kg in the first half of last year I felt sluggish and lethargic. It also made it harder at circus classes.

Functional movement, flexibility and losing some fat is my goal. The last two weeks have also sadly seen me out at dinners etc nearly every night and eating/drinking the wrong things. So now that I’m getting used to the style of workout, if I shape up my diet and drinking habits for the rest of the six remaining weeks I will hopefully see a drastic improvement.

What is it about back fat

I think it’s time for another jockstrap challenge don’t you? Your challenge can be either a situation or a place

As expected, the other day when I went for a swim, I was the only person I saw wearing speedos.

There weren’t many people lap swimming but I’m pretty sure my AussieBum Portsea’s got a few looks.  I enjoyed half an hour or so in the sauna as well.

This weekend Kip and I are going to be putting in a bunch of work.  There is no snow on the forecast until next week and it is a bit of a zoo up here on the weekends.

This afternoon I’m going to be writing about our threesome last weekend….  I’m not sure how this is going to work.  Kip and I are both sitting at his dinner table (5 monitors between us), we are both wearing speedos (Kip a classic black speedo and me my AussieBum Portsea’s again), Kip is wearing socks, I’m wearing my Ugg boots.

When I start writing about our threesome I’m going to get hard just thinking about it, let alone writing about it sitting across