February 2018

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Whether or not this was a conscious marketing decision, putting a bit of London’s Covent Garden smack dab in the middle of Sydney’s Chinatown, at the bottom of Dixon Street, seems a good move, and the fellow behind me in the line at the bar seemed really quite pleased to be in a pub called Covent Garden.

I’ve walked by here many a time, but have never quite been drawn in. But… waiting for a table at Ho Jiak (highly recommended Malaysian food), it was a good option. We scored a table outside, from which we saw a punch up between builders who seemed to have been drinking all afternoon and the bouncers, and drank a bottle of Rolling Pinot Grigio for $28. I mean: hurrah. That is a good ten or twenty cheaper than in Surry Hills. And I’ve always liked the Rolling brand and it’s jaunty label with a bicycle on it.

Freedom of religion does not justify discriminating against others
From GetUp! The Turnbull Government has launched an all-out attack on our democratic rights. This video from top viral media lab Juice Media explains exactly what’s at stake. This is...
Buddy has had a sore paw. It is an allergic thing, he gets it from time to time. It seems to be a bulldog thing, many of them seem to get it.

It is the time he gets really grumpy, as his paw swells and swells, and he gets really unhappy. If we touch it, he snarls and growls. He wouldn't bite, although it is a little disconcerting, he is just telling us that it really hurts.

We bath it twice daily, with medicated shampoo. If one of us tries it, he growls and complains, but if it is two of us holding him and bathing the paw, he becomes compliant and he doesn't complain very much.

It only lasts for a few days, the angry Buddy, the the swelling pops, and he doesn't care any more about it.


Another Monday Comes around and another Man Crush Monday for you all.

Today’s MCM is from one of my new favourite movies as of about 2 weeks ago. Thanks Marvel for another great superhero movie. Now I couldn’t find any shirtless photos but even with out them I’d happily let him carry me away.

This weeks Man Crush Monday goes to Winston Duke.

Our friend is still in hospital with diabetes related problems. He has suffered from non healing nasty sores on his legs, a skin graft, golden staph, sepsis of blood, a bad reaction to antibiotics. He can't walk, although hopefully he will be able to once the other issues are dealt with.

His Fijian Indian partner visits the hospital daily and gives good care, but he is being very sullen. As I say to R, you can get away with being a petulant young black queen when you are young, but it does not work when you get older, like over 50. He is ignoring us. I always try to find a reason or excuse for people's bad behaviour, and this so annoys R. Regardless, being rude to people if you are struggling a bit with life is not the way to engender sympathy, comfort and help.

Christmas for our friend and his partner and the various visiting relatives of his partner from Fiji and New Zealand did not turn out as planned. Our friend asked if we had some free ...
adelaide fringe: a night at the musicalsThis is my second time seeing A Night At The Musicals by my favourite cabaret diva Le Gateau Chocolat and his partner in musical theatre crime Johnny Woo.

And while I don't think the overall structure of the show has changed (there might be one new number, I honestly don't remember), it's definitely found it's groove and developed into an even better experience.

This show, as Woo and Chocolat proudly proclaim, is where "musical theatre ...
Taking my seat for 'Single Asian Female' I immediately had a yearning for Yum Cha or something similar.

The main set was a family run Chinese Restaurant. Don't be fooled by the empty seats in the auditorium. By the time the play commenced every seat was occupied.

Jorge and I have collaborated twice before on photo shoots with the first being especially popular on my youtube channel. For a few months now we have been talking about doing another shoot and finally, a few weeks ago we got around to it. Jorge had floated the idea of being a woodland nymph in this shoot and I loved the idea. I’m not sure I pulled it off completely as I don’t think I was on my best form that day.

It goes without saying that Jorge was looking as ridiculously sexy as ever and his cheeky nature was

adelaide fringe: attrape moi! (catch me!)Clearly there's something in the water up in Canada, given the number of of great circus and physical theatre acts they produce... and Atrappe Moi! (or Catch Me!) by Flip FabriQue is no exception.

In the middle of a rainstorm, a group of friends come together again after time apart and when the sun comes out, they start to play.

The friends in question are Sebastian Afonso, Bruno Gagnon, Jérémie Arsenault, Jade Dussault, Jonathan Julien and Yann LeBlanc (not all of whom are shown in the image on the right, but I ...