February 2018

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This Review is a terrible mistake; it should never have been opened.
Settle down. I mean below The Highrise. Joining in with River for Sunday Selections.

Not too long after we moved here, roads flooded. I remember seeing Melbourne Grammar boys wading and skylarking through the water.

Many years on, last year the same area flooded. I think the drainage has now been properly fixed. Time will tell.


Teenager Shane (Wil King) has arrived in Sydney's seedy Kings Cross from rural Goulburn and on his second day working in a liquor store meets two customers, Will (Guy Simon) and Peter (Simon Burke).

Shane endures the pangs of coming to terms with his sexuality through his infatuation with Will and his growing friendship with the older, experienced Peter.

'Strangers in Between' is a coming of age play. The stereotypes are a little too cliched at times and King's clingy ...

Looking for photo shoots to turn into pdf downloads to sell is giving me opportunities to reinterpret old photo shoots. I finished making this one “Home Alone” featuring the delicious Scott, @strapsandlines on Instagram, when I noticed that I did the shoot exactly one year ago tomorrow.

Scott had just broken up with a girlfriend and was living in an almost empty apartment. It had beautiful soft natural lighting coming in and we decided that it would work really nicely. Scott is not a shy man and he looks beautiful nude. He’s been performing straps in various circus environments around New Zealand and Australia and the work he has put in really shows. He


I have to admit that what I loved most about Corduroy, the first time I came here, was that I couldn’t see the name anywhere. I’m not sure if I just didn’t look under the counter in the front or if they didn’t have a sign at the time. It just seemed like it was so cool that it didn’t even need a name.

These days, the name is more visible, and it’s just a sweet and relaxed place to either grab a takeaway coffee or sit at the handful of tables in the back. I’ve had a handful of large lattés in the last few weeks here and they’re always perfect.

Corduroy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

When practicing religion causes harm to other people, it cannot be acceptable.
Where the exercise of one person’s human rights violates another, the line has been crossed.

No this is not a dedication to Shannon Noll. This is for all the single people out there who are the last single person in their group of friends. I had a moment of bitter single came out and rose its ugly head. My best gay friends in Melbourne are seeing great lovely boys at the moment not that I have met them yet but from the way they talk about them and the excitement they get from them I can tell they are being treated well. So I am the last single friend in the group and I just had a selfish “WHAT ABOUT ME” moment.

I think we all have it occasionally when things seem to be happening for everyone else and your life seems to have paused and nothing is changing for the better. You are basically

They are breaking the social compact by imposing their theologies on other groups and overall society