March 2018

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I’m reluctant to call these vintage but these Denim Rufskin briefs definitely aren’t current. I have featured these in the
Referring to Sunday just past.

A family get together was held at the usual local to us hotel to celebrate Mother's 84th, R's and Little M's 4th. As usual the staff were terrific. Fortunately it was quiet in the hotel, aside from us lot.

Mother, ABI Brother, Tradie Brother, Sister and Bone Doctor and Little Jo, R and myself, Ex Sis in Law and her husband, Firefighting Nephew, Oldest Niece with Little M and Little Em and Hippie Niece with the twin girls.

It was a nice but loud and chaotic lunch and I think everyone felt a little drained.

I can't remember if I mentioned it but Hippie Niece is still struggling with being Mother to the twins and with the relationship with her partner. There had been a build up and it came to a head in some way we do not know and she was back in the Mother and Baby Unit of a large public hospital for about two weeks, obtensily to have her medication adjusted but there was more to it. We ...

Issue #4 is out now of QAMA Magazine. It’s an online magazine that is free although you might need a free registration to see it because of possible adult content. This is the third issue of the magazine that I’ve been a contributor and it’s possibly my most challenging work yet.

QAMA Roja isn’t a large volume but it’s all about the colour RED. My series, called “RED” is all about expressing the emotions that the colour Red embodies. Passion, lust, anger, love. The two models were fantastic to work with. Mr Revell has made his return to my lens after many years and the other

As a pay tax as you go wage slave, I don't have opportunities to rort the tax system. We did when we had our investment flat, and while we did very nicely with capital gain, the sale of said flat paying off this place, we paid a huge amount of capital gains tax. Fire fighting nephew could have lived in the place for free for twelve months and we pretended we lived there and there would have been little tax to pay and we would be so much better off.
Our Brother Friends used to get money spent on their own home billed as a tax deductible expense on their investment flat. People are rorting the system all the time.
It is curious to me that our government wants to cut company tax. The federal government has just cracked down even harder on the poorest of our society, yet it wants to cut company tax. Transfer money from the poorest to the profitable companies? Yet, it is not like companies here pay tax anway, well not if they are multinational tech companies ...
call me by your name - is it better to speak or die?It's been a while since I've been as blown away by a movie as I was by Call Me By Your Name.

Everything about this movie is just beautiful and perfect. It's not big or flashy... if anything, it's an incredibly sensual and languid movie, taking it's time with it's 132 minute run time.

It also avoided a lot of the tropes I'm used to from this kind of story... and I don't think it qualifies as spoilers if I say that there's no great manufactured conflict and resolution, there's no exposure/outing, there's ...
In a little under three weeks I’m heading off to Phuket Thailand for TropOut. Summer here is done and although

I like a good concept and Jimmy Blanco is both playful and brash, announcing itself as a hybrid of Latin America and Australia, and a lot of fun. But branding wasn’t enough to save Jimmy on Friday night.

I’ve actually eaten at this restaurant in at least three different incarnations, maybe more. It’s got a long, strange shape, facing off against an Asian restaurant as a mirror image, and I suspect that the kitchen is small, and that’s the reason why the restaurants always serve tapas and casual food.

We came for the Pisco Sours. And they were very good, served in a champagne flute. Love me a Pisco Sour. But otherwise, it was a bit of a series of disasters, even though the charming manager did his best to


It’s a charmless part of Elizabeth Street, just south of Cleveland, so a perfectly charming Vietnamese cafe gets extra points. Also, the air of mystery was intriguing since it’s hard to actually tell what the name of the restaurant is.

The local workers know about it, it seems. There’s a nice line up to get dishes freshly made or assembled by a woman who I assume is owner, chef, manager and waitress (who was also very charming). It being summer, she’s not cooking hot food yet, so there was no Pho available, nor steamed rice rolls, and she also said she’s doing to roll out the Vietnamese beef curry which I imagine is tasty. So, I almost went for a Banh Mi which looked stuffed with goodness, a generous combination of ingredients.




Back for another week of music and fun stuff!!!



Living for Love: Madonna

We start this week off with one of the all time greats of the world MADONNA, another pop hit from an all time great from her latest album Rebel Heart. What better way to live then for Love! I would say can this women do no wrong but I don’t like every Madonna .


Pink Love: Kristinia DeBarge:

All Night All Night he want the pink love from her…….now now lets not jump to any conclusions her but I’m going to say it’s gonna be a good night all round really. Not that I enjoy the Pink love but you know each to

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