March 2018

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Life can take you by surprise and it does, often. Today it did, twice, for me.

In the past, I’ve posted about Active Naturists and the man who runs it, Kirill many times. A few weeks ago Kirill was in Miami and riding his bike to a nude yoga class and was hit by an SUV. Kirill was in the bike lane and observing all the road rules but still got hit. This morning I found out that he passed away.

Kirill was a pioneer for nudism around the world. He set up the Gymnasium nude camp at Burning Man a few years ago and was always promoting nude adventure travel around the world. He will be a huge loss to the nudist world. I only met him once in New York but a nicer guy you won’t meet.

In stark contrast, this afternoon I had a catch up with some friends of mine and I was very very pleasantly surprised to find out they are having a baby after trying for 4 years and two rounds of IVF. I’ve learnt through several friends having

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Yup, it was delicious. Conveniently located across from Dan Murphy’s (I’m only kind of joking), this warehouse space has always been appealing as a place for coffee, a snack or breakfast. Bread & Circus is brightly coloured and whimsical, and though husband thinks the lunch menu is more interesting, I liked my breakfast a lot.

In fact, three of the four of us had the parmesan-not-so-scrambled eggs with truffle oil. The sourdough bread was delicious. The generous amount of butter was of course delicious and the fresh herbs and greens really made this come alive. And the fourth of our party liked her porridge.

Coffee only comes in one size, and apparently soy milk isn’t natural enough so is not an option (but I thought the coffee was very good anyways).

The first one is perhaps not as bad as it seems. It looks like Autumn and everything is covered with dead leaves. The jetty seems to have gone.

Hear the noise and laughter at the pool?

I was fortunate enough to visit the National Gallery of Australia's exhibition Indigenous Australia when I was in Berlin.

The exhibition was touted as masterworks from the NGA's extensive collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. And for me, it was certainly nice to see so many familiar works on display on the other side of the world.

But I was left wondering what the German audience would have thought of the show.

Oddly, there was not a single gallery label in sight. According to the lady at the front desk, "labels are no longer fashionable".

In my view, the NGA missed an ...
adelaide fringe: circus'cision by head first acrobatsCircus'cision is what happens when the boys from Elixir invite their friends to come and play...

And because it's a rotating cast depending on the day, the show I saw may not be the show you see. With the exception of the Elixir boys, Cal Harris (acting as the MC), Thomas Gorham and Rowan Thomas.

Oh, and when Harris asks the audience if anybody needs a cuddle during his opening spiel I'm never NOT going to put my hand up ...
I was excited to see a Lufthansa plane painted in their new livery as I boarded my flight out of Frankfurt on Tuesday.

I like the clean, new look. It's very chic. Here is a picture I found online.
But it seems I'm in the minority.

Some marketing and design experts have been highly critical of the new design overhaul. Fans of the airline have also lamented the loss of the iconic Lufthansa yellow from the planes.
I  am not sure if this delightful story was recorded when ABC Radio Kindergarten of the Air opened in 1943 or some time before, but I believe it is from about then. The sound effects are brilliant and at the end you can hear the clatter of the wheels of the little engine spinning furiously as the train loses grip.

A very good friend of mine is having surgery tomorrow. It’s big, important surgery that will have lasting effects. If he’s been aware that he was at risk and had recognised symptoms earlier he may not be in this position. What is the problem? My friend is only 41 and he has an enlarged prostate.

The surgery tomorrow takes out part of his prostate which has been blocking his urethra and cutting off the flow from the bladder. The only reason they found this was because it caused a life-threatening infection.

Looking back my friend had had trouble from this for years. We are all lead to believe that we only need to have our prostates checked over forty and I’m still yet to have a check

Hey Space Time Travellers incase you missed all the fun of Mardi Gras this year and weren’t able to check