May 2018

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A recent post by a fellow blogger friend of mine Millennial Gay called Yay Sports, got me thinking and may have re-inspired my faith in dating someone who isn’t into sports. You should head over and read his blog.

In my history of dating it’s been increasingly difficult to find someone that either A) has the same level of passion I have for sport (netball mainly check my previous post called Passion) or B) is willing to support my passion for it and not ultimately judge me for the amount of time it takes up in my life.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy on sports whether that is coaching, playing, spectating live or watching on TV. Many nights of the week I’ll be found playing and

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The Bosch is washing the dishes. We normally put the dishwasher on in the morning but just to try it out, we put it on this time after dinner.  Have I ever said we lead exciting lives? A conversation last night led to to crack about about The Bosch during WW1. No problem said I. Thyssenkrupp maintain our lifts well enough. Same same. We move on.

Good Guys, where we bought the machine, uses Airtasker as installers. The third named bloke in emails was the actual installer. I am sure the first name one, Ben, would have been hot. Andrew texted the evening before, I will be there between 12 and 2. I replied with delivery instructions, that is it must be delivered through the garage, park in Queens Lane and call us to come down to open the garage door and escort you. Then I realised he had my phone number and I would be out at doctor's appointment at 12.45. I texted again with R's phone number to call. He arrived a bit early the next day and I was ...
R tells me I am talking nonsense, but heavily drummed into me as a youngun was to never drink water or fill the kettle from the hot tap. I think he may have forgotten his childhood. I actually thought the reason was that the hot water system had a copper lining and you would ingest copper from the hot water. It seems it was all about the header tank. Yes, we had one, that filled the header tank of the gravity fed electric hot water system in the roof. My mother still has such a system. Our bathroom renovations, when they eventually happen, will have mixer taps. Our kitchen has a nice mixer tap. Mixer tap or not, I will always fill the kettle with cold water from the cold water swivel.

You may find this video about the English and their separate taps amusing. I remember a couple of English houses we stayed in had pull cords for light switches as it was dangerous to have bathroom wet hands and touch an electrical switch. I also remember one such place did not ...


This is a new award I received the Nomination from a new follower Mercy Swu you should head over and check her out.

Story about how my blog started, well it really started for me wanting an outlet for thoughts in my head and then kind of steam rolled from there. I have found that I enjoy writing and putting together the things for my site. Whether its from my dating life, family life, friends, netball, gym, reviewing movies or tv whatever it is I like sharing my experiences and thoughts with everyone.

Two pieces of advice for new bloggers:

Don’t stress about those views to begin with, when you first start you’ll be forever waiting for people to look at your page and post and it will feel like forever between them but they will come. Utilise the ...
A couple of spliffs at 5am, I couldn't sleep. Then another at 6am, and a second coffee. It is cold outside at 6am.

I've got a job interview at 12.30pm. Sam doesn't think I am taking this seriously.

"She'll be right," I say. "A couple of coffees at 11am, I'll be good."

Do you think it is all the coffees, not being able to sleep? This is the boy who could have an espresso night cap and still get a full night's sleep.

It's not really a job interview as such. I've worked there before, I've worked with all of them. It is really just to discuss hours. Maybe a contract to sign.

What could go wrong?

Sam's going for a job interview too. A job in the finance sector, which he hated last time, I might just add. But the offer is too good.

"You have a job 5 minutes from home, with normal hours that you love," I say.
Crooks, cheats, liars and many more adjectives could I come up with, and in Australia if we look at our many large financial institutions, you will see much the same. Carillion in the UK had many and varied fingers in pies. If you are really interested, here is a link with the full story. Here is a snip that tells you what the company actually did, and below that is self explanatory by the headline. Nothing will ever change until board members and directors of such companies are sent to gaol. Fines mean nothing more than a business expense to them. British taxpayers will have to pay the pension contributions that the company did not.

Back home in Queensland, while I doubt he will spend any or much time in gaol, at least ...

We all know how Grindr works. Mostly endless chat with very little mutual gratification, often served with some attitude, rudeness or if you’re lucky a few nice cock shots.

Even though it is usually about getting naked and getting off I have heard of some mythical beings meeting their partners on the apps and forging a relationship which is nice to hear, as it is to hear that people actually get to meet someone for sex rather than the time wasting etc that seems so prevalent.

Over the weekend someone messaged me and we were doing a tiny bit of chat. He asked what I was looking for which at the time was some quick casual no strings fun. He said he was looking for a boyfriend. Sure, it’s not unheard of on Grindr. Then he asked me how to go


The Cantonese villagers who moved to Vancouver in the 1900s populated Chinatown and opened up Chinese businesses. One of them was the ‘Hong Kong Cafe’ which apparently was located at the Chinese Theatre on Pender Street from the 1930s and then settled in the 1940s to 149 East Pender Street run by Victor Lum where it became famous for its apple tarts and oxtail soup. Victor’s grandson, Brian McBay, mentions it here.

I have memories of when my father took me here, at an age that I can barely remember. It was a wonderful combination of a North American diner, and something Chinese, from my heritage, village Chinese and immigrant



Eurovision 2018 Lisbon Grand Final. After 2 semi-finals we have our final 26 songs competing for the title of Eurovision Song Contest Winner 2018 and who gets to host in 2019. So this is how it went down.

semi final 1

We open where we left off from Semi Final 2 with Ukraine coming out of his coffin piano and setting the stage on fire literally, his performance was better then his semi-final one.

Enter act two and our first of the big five with Spain and we finally learn that yes they are in fact in a real-life relationship and that’s about as surprising and interesting as this act gets. British Host Graham Norton probably had the best description with “I give it a month”.

Slovenia one dark horse of the