May 2018

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Yes, there will be a #2.

I was amused by some foreign born workmates' conversation, which I had little to contribute to as I don't think I've ever watched The Voice, a tv singing competition. They all said their children make them watch it but also conceded it was a good way to destress after work. They all seemed terribly knowledgeable. Was that the show where a female won against Anthony Callea and the winner's name put into Google took everyone to a gay pornstar's website? I've remembered her name now. Casey Donovan. She is a rather good singer.

One bloke said he commented negatively on an over the top flamboyant reaction by one contestant. Dad, don't be so anti gay. He held up his hands in horror and perplexment to his daughter. How is that anti gay? It is nothing to do with him being gay.

Another said, I love the Scottish bloke. He confesses to mad sex, taking drugs, drinking and smoking excessively and ...
Saturday night has changed from the days when I refused to ever stay home on a Saturday night. The night usually concluded with some 'fun' together. Hey hey, it is Saturday night, nookie night. Not soured by thoughts of going to church on Sunday, I always work up the next morning with a happy self satisfied relaxed smile on my face. Saturday night is now a night for good and/or repeat British tv shows, and scotch, checking Tattslotto to see if we are suddenly rich, and scotch, writing inspired blog posts and scotch, thoughts and headlines for future blogging, and scotch, and planning Sunday, and scotch.

Oh, I will finish this later. My new and ever so interesting Russian oligarch friend in London with impeccable taste in home furnishings is messaging me on my tablet. His offer of an airfare is generous, but I know how disappointed he would be. I will just stay here with R.

Is nyet the Russian word for no? I foolishly learnt the Russian word ...
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This is the rain radar and then there is the doppler wind radar. Added to how air conditioning extracts heat from the outside when it is cold (like it is colder outside than inside) and pumps heat into our apartment, doppler wind will remain not understood by me. BOM's message makes me feel a bit a better about myself.

From BOM, Bureau of Meteorology.

It should be stated at the outset that, unlike the normal radar images that show reflectivity (a parameter related to rainfall intensity), which are generally easy for the layman to interpret, the Doppler wind data can be quite difficult to understand.

The nearly-winter, morning sun. It is cold. Well, cold for Australia. Over night it got down to 5 degrees Celsius. It is now 15 degrees. Brrr!
I had a meeting at the zoo yesterday and was given the chance to go behind the scenes to check out their conservation work with these critically endangered beauties.
Picked up some less critically endangered beauties from the South Melbourne markets this morning on my morning walk with Truffles.

I am watching Harry Garage on YouTube. Buddy is sitting in my lap, as he likes to do when the morning is cold. My legs are around him, like crossed legs not quite closed. His head is on my thigh. He is like a hot water bottle, all 26 kilos of him.

My legs have now lost all feeling, I can't even detect them to move them out of the offending position. Buddy has no desire to move, let me tell you.

I'm in pain. Oh, just my legs, not spiritually, or emotionally. Ha ha. I've just got to stand up.

10.30am. It is chilly but sunny, time to take the dogs to the dog park. Two dogs is a handful.
This was a long post, all personal stuff and about family and it was obliterated for some reason. I am not the swearing type and I only save swear words for when I am really really cross as patch. Fuck!! I blame the European law thingie about privacy that just popped up for the first time.  I might have something prepared for later in the day.

In brief, Mother is in hospital as was her intent. Sister is Townsville visiting Bone Doctor's grandmother, Mother's phone is broken and had moved in ABI Brother's place. R and myself argued badly earlier this week. We went out with friends for dinner on the Royal Wedding night, our third dinner out this year. We are missing our friend who organised such things.  Little Jo is on school camp at Somers and has won an art prize for a pencil sketch of a children's book author. Hippie Niece is not doing well, and R was called on to assist with the twins, who are so so heavy and one does majestic ...

Sharing my life like an open book on social media is fraught with a little danger. While I was looking for work I put my personal Instagram account on private as well as my Facebook account. Now that I’m safely in a permanent role in a great company that is very liberal in it’s thinking I have restored my Instagram to public.

Up til now my colleagues had found out about my Photography Instagram and my Wedding Celebrant Instagram and that was that. Yesterday I found out that a few of them have now found my Personal account. Yes, the account full of nude selfies and naked travel images and silly shenanigans.



I wrote the following a long time ago and it’s just been sitting there waiting and waiting for me to finish it so I thought it was about time I made use of it:

“I hate myself……for doing this to myself again. Finding someone that I have a connection with and putting myself out there. Investing my time and putting effort into what I think could be a great relationship for it only to blow up in my face and some small part of me doesn’t feel quiet good enough.

But for some stupid reason all I want to do is pick up the phone and contact them. It’s like I live ground hog day when it comes to relationships and I enjoy hitting my head against a brick way.

I build my walls so high to keep people out and to protect myself. Then someone comes along and chips the smallest part away and cracks the walls I built and I finally