July 2018

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I download Apps to my smart phone and tablet on a whim. Some, like NextThere, which tells me when a bus I'm waiting for is due, are very useful. Others, that I won't name, prove useless and remain unloved on my devices until eventually I delete them.

One of my loved Apps is FlightRadar24 which tracks commercial flights all over the world and provides me with hours of mindless entertainment when I am in the mood.

I see various flight paths to/from Sydney Airport from my apartment and often will open the ...

We took Buddy walking in the country, Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. (Also, I had to give my car a run, I haven't driven it in weeks) There is a track around the lake which seems to be very popular, there were lots of people doing the walk, there were lots of people doing the walk with their dogs. Apparently, it is 6 ks around. When we got home, we didn't hear from Bud for the rest of the night, straight to his kennel to sleep it off.

BAD is in Cobh, Ireland.

A couple of things have made me a little sad this week, personally sad. Lee wrote a nice post about lifelong friendships. We have a few people who we would call friends but I have never had a personal friend, a confident, like someone who you can speak truthfully to about what bothers you in life.  It is probably a character defect of mine, along also with R and myself being a couple and not reliant on anyone. We are pretty well content with our own company and I have my 'friends on the internet' to quote R. The contentment with each other's company will change one day, when one of us is not around. I s'pose I am a pretty contained person and I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. Writing this is perhaps as much as I do.

I had a week off work, worked a week, then had another week off work. I am using up leave before I ...


Just over a week ago Diamonds Coach Lisa Alexander announced the new look Australian Diamonds team for the 2018/2019 international series. Seventeen athletes were included in the squad with room for more to be added, with the final squad to be announced after the Suncorp Super Netball Grand Final.

While the two Caitlin’s basically picked themselves in the team both are going about their business for their respective clubs and seemed to have picked up where they left 2017 even if Caitlin Bassett was a little slower out of the blocks. The volume and accuracy they put for their teams is second to none. With Susan Pettitt calling an end to her Netball career the Goal Attack position will be hotly contested with  all available options putting their hand up for

(News Corporation)I dropped Cz and Cw off at the airport this morning for their flight to Canada. Traffic at the various terminals continues to be problematic especially at peak times. Marshalls wave lighted batons in a vain attempt to stream traffic but are ignored by taxi drivers who then trap other motorists thus exacerbating the logjam.

One taxi driver somehow managed to trap four cars in one go; two kerbside cars attempting to clear the area and myself and one other car waiting to replace them.
BAD is in Southampton.

Not side splitting but very clever work by the wonderful Tracey Ullman. It is not the first time I have heard of Scottish tennis star Andy Murray's identity problems. Nicola Sturgeon is Scotland's Chief Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party.

stikki peaches
anna laurin blue ...
Channel 9 is to buy Fairfax Media? Wow, why weren't we told. Our conservative government changed the media laws, that were set up in the 80s to keep media diversity. Channel 9 is the commercial tv station oldies like, once owned by media and casino mogul Kerry Packer and later, his son James. It does a great story with immigrant problems and the poorest welfare recipient who cheats the system for a couple of dollars but rather fails on going after the big blokes.   Fairfax Media publishes the newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, along with electronic versions of similar papers in some other capital cities, such as WA Today and The Canberra Times, along with the Brisbane Times. The Age and the SMH date back to 1850s and were generally very stolid and conservative newspapers until the 1980s.

The golden days of The Age for me in the late 80s had its Saturday edition weighing a tonne. In different sections there was the real estate ...

The current extended spell of winter sunshine in Sydney is very welcome.
Sam's home sick. 

When I woke this morning, a small voice said, "I'm not feeling well."

Poor Sam.

Apparently, he had a meningococcal vaccine with Doctor Johnny yesterday. Doctor Johnny didn’t tell Sam about the side effects. Sam had been googling them apparently, while I was still asleep this morning. He, apparently, has them all. Aches and pains, sore joints and sore where the needle went in.

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