July 2018

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I’m back in London and this time it feels different. I’ve been kind of dreading coming back because of all
I'm so pleased that those boys have been rescued from that cave, because everyone deserves to be rescued, of course. But, mostly I am pleased that those boys have been rescued from that cave, so everyone can stop talking about it. 

I was so sick of it by the end. (I am sure we are due all the postmortems yet, and a 60 minutes Where Are They Now special in a month)

Children stuck in a cave, every news outlets wet dream. It doesn't matter that it really had nothing to do with any of us, because news is now a commodity to sell and news must rate. It is an absurd notion that the news must rate.

That story should have been, twelve boys and their coach were lost in a cave in Thailand. Then, a week later, the 12 boys and their coach were rescued. Yay! That should have been it. Two news articles covering the story.

What we got was a circus. A media circus with everyone vying for ratings. It turned into a living, breathing ...
For some reason my post of when I visited the estate of Ripponlea Part 2 has become very interesting to spammers. It was one of my better posts. I have slammed over one hundred spam posts into the bin and they won't be seen. Yesterday I just shut down comments on the post, which has stopped them.

But here is a different sort of spam. I am not sure why I bothered to reply to such an email, but I did. Here is the text of the email and my response.

Hi Andrew
I was browsing through the internet and I came across your blog
I read most of your articles and I must say, I really like your photos and content. You have a powerful blog.
That's why I wanted to reach out to you. 
As an amateur, I started a website about horse training and horse breeds.
I was wondering if you don't ...


Funny. I hadn’t really heard all that much about Sicily but when we said we were going for a week there, I found it it’s a regular destination for international tourists. And why did I think it’s a small place, being an island, and way at the bottom of Italy, when it is in fact an economic powerhouse for Italy, and well-populated?

I was worried that a week wouldn’t be enough, when I started to do my research, but in fact, we found it a good amount of time. I suppose our success was in not trying to do too much, but just enjoying what we saw.

Monreale. Bling.

What was wonderful for me was that Sicily was so varied. You can get the feel of some fairly big cities, metropolitan, and you

Walking up Gertrude Street at 7.30am, there was a couple in matching dark blue puffer jackets and dark blue tracksuit pants walking their black Labrador. A professional couple walking their dog before they head to the respective offices. He was a big, strapping guy and his dark blue track pants were just tight enough to see why she liked him.

One of the models I’ve released a download of threw a huge tantrum at me yesterday. He’s claiming I haven’t done the retouching he requested. I was aware that he wanted more retouching and for nearly two months have been trying to organise a time to catch up and discuss the situation because even though he has his “brand” to think of, so do I. We did photos for him and photos for me. The ones for him I have said he can do what he likes with as far as filters etc which is way more freedom than most photographers give. He wants me to do the same level of face tune etc. which I am refusing because that isn’t what I do. We discussed at the shoot that I don’t do “Hollywood” retouching.


Andrew has written about his lunch cruise in Paris which reminded me of my cruise on the Seine.

I was travelling with two friends, sisters, and our stay in Paris was at the tail end of a month visit to Europe extending from Prague overland to Budapest then by rivers to Amsterdam and overland again to the French capital. I suspect the two sisters were thoroughly sick of each other's company by then even if I was still having a ball.

One of our last touristy activities was billed as a romantic ...
I complained to R that I was not happy with my new toilet flushing system. Having said that, let me assure you in the most delicate manner that the full flush is excellent and a second flush is not necessary. Our toilets flush very differently to US and Japanese toilets, as previously discussed.

It will take time for me to get used to the different flush of our new toilets. I told R I wanted to take the cistern lid off but it wouldn't come off very easily. He told me, it is a brand new toilet. Stop being a control freak. You don't have to know how it works.

When we were installing the toilet roll holder, R remarked the new toilet was a bit strange in that the half flush was on the right and the full flush on the left. No no, I said, you are wrong. The half flush is on the left, as normal. It is not. It is so. It is not. It is so. We can be very mature at times.

I looked at my new toilet and R's new toilet and the half flush ...
Andrew recently made mention of the new lighting of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne and I had the chance to see it myself last weekend. It is indeed an impressive sight.

Hey everyone, I know it’s been quiet on the blog lately. Sorry about that but I’ve been super busy getting