August 2018

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BAD is in Halifax.

Not much time, so here is a quickie.

This coincides with my opinion.

Joe Castleman (Jonathan Pryce) learns that he has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. His wife Joan (Glenn Close) accompanies him to Stockholm for the award ceremony and related celebrations during which, and through flashbacks and action, her true role in her husband's success is revealed.

'The Wife' is a slow burn with the prime drama surfacing at the end.

End religious conversion therapy now

I know I complain about Winter and being cold. This winter here in Sydney has been pretty amazingly mild. July was one of the warmest July’s in decades. Summer is my happy place and last summer was long and glorious, pretty much lasting all the way through our official Autumn.

It’s not unheard of to get a few random beach weather days in August here in Sydney even though it is still technically winter and yesterday we had one. The whole week was pretty mild but yesterday got to 25 degrees celsius (77F) so a mate and I took off down into the National Park to the nude beach down there for the day. It was beautiful. The beach was surprisingly quiet but there were still some hotties to look at but with lots of space and blue sky to enjoy.

goodbye christopher robinWay back in the first year of the blog, I wrote a little something about my love for the Winnie The Pooh books by A.A. Milne.

Even all this time later they remain amongst my favourite children's books. And while I kinda of knew that "Christopher Robin" was based on Milne's child, and the characters were all based on his toys, I didn't really know anything about the Milne family or the writing of the books.

Enter ...
violetof the deep
In a remarkable coincidence a huge limb from the tree the woman who owns next door wants removed has fallen and damaged the fence. I hope Mother has been paying her home insurance. ABI Brother has already checked for saw cuts. I hope to meet Tradie Brother tomorrow on site to have a look.
I wake up at 7am and the rain is falling. I think about the purple plants in my garden that curl up due to lack of water, at least, they will unfurl now.

The rain gets heavier and heavier as I make coffee. It is nice, I like the sound of rain on the roof.

I think about the farmers doing it hard in the drought, and then I think about my purple plants again, they will look happy and bright thanks to the rain. Thumbs up.

I'm guessing rain in Melbourne isn't doing any farmers any good.

I wonder how many of the farmers still vote for political parties that deny global warming?

I mix greek yogurt, honey and stewed apple into my muesli. I sip my coffee and listen to the rain fall.

I'm in the USA for a conference.

Despite having lived in the US for 11 months, I still get taken aback by just how culturally different it is from Australia.

The striking differences begin upon arrival. The American airport experience feels like a cattle yard (I'm surprised the guards don't use actual cattle prods). The experience starts when clearing immigration and, if you're travelling domestically, continues right up to the gate of the connecting flight, where everyone is required to form one of 5 lines based on whether you are a premium flyer, a first class passenger or, if you're in economy, whether you are seated in the front, middle or back of the plane. Oh, and if you are an American servicemen, you get to go on the plane first.

American food is excessive. On board the plane, I was served a hamburger. Yes, a hamburger! With a side of potato salad and an apple pie. Last night I went to an American diner ...
I've been missing in (blogger) action for the past couple of weeks; indeed on and off for months.

Over the past ten days or so I have been diverted with three house guests visiting from warmer climes in Australia.

This was not an imposition. On the contrary. So pleasant was their presence and so relaxed did I become by the time of their departure on Thursday that I lost complete track of the days. As a consequence I kept thinking it was a Monday (not Friday) back at work making me look and sound like a goose to patients several times yesterday.

Well I better get back to normality because I have cinema and theatre ...