August 2018

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BAD is in Peru.

This post has hung around for a few months. Publish as is.

Friko got me thinking when she mentioned bat wing arms on women of a certain age and how to exercise to get rid of them. Simply put, I have a better solution, and I have mentioned it before. You cover them up if you see it as a problem. Cover your body in light diaphanous clothing in hot weather.

Just to prove I am not sexist, is there anything more horrible than an old man wearing hitched up shorts over his bulging gut with skinny and spindly legs? Some older men can get away with shorts, but many not so.

It you stick Mirka into the search facility of my blog, you will find I have mentioned her many times.

At the age of of 90, Mirka Mora has died. She was very challenging and just wonderful, and a child survivor of the Holocaust. She made Melbourne a better place.

Bye bye Mirka.


It feels a little bit mean to ask a model to get nude in winter for photographs but when you are away on a nude weekend with a bunch of guys and one of them is keen to do a shoot, why would I say no? Tommo is a long term nudist and organised the weekend away. We were blessed with a predicted warm Saturday so we got up early and walked to the nudist beach that we were going to be at later in the day anyway.

Sure, the sand was really cold from a cold night, yet to be warmed by the sun but Tommo is a tough guy, as you can see in the images and, even though he had never done a photo shoot before, he got right into the spirit of things.

We are blessed here in Australia with comparatively mild Winters and later that day we had 24 degree

Flying out today with Mb on a holiday. From Sydney to Singapore and on to Colombo tonight.

We’re trying out the keto diet at the moment. I’ve found it surprisingly easy in that while cutting out carbs might seem daunting, there’s easy substitutes, and there are so many things that are appealing that are on the diet (cheese, yoghurt, meat).

I won’t avoid carbs and alcohol forever, but I find it useful and interesting to learn more about my eating habits and eat more healthily. I was also happy to lost 3 kilos in a month, and I feel alert, healthy and energetic.

I’ve been waiting to try making a keto lasagna, after pal James made an unbelievably tasty and decadent version for me when I visited him in Italy.

I looked up recipes online and was


Church wants abortion to stay a crime

Welcome to another week of fresh faces to hopefully brighten up your Monday.

This weeks crush of a Monday is guy that can play the high school teenager or break your TV screen with his hip movement in his transformation into a stripper.

This weeks man crush Monday goes to Channing Tatum

The doorbell sounds in the afternoon. Buddy gets there before me and snuffles and scratches at the bottom of the door. He is kind of loud to anyone listening from the outside.

I open the door and the guy in white overalls has retreated to the gate.

He says something about Buddy.

“He won’t hurt you,” I say.

I walk out to the gate.

“I’ve been working in the street this week and I have been noticing your roof...”

What was it that I heard, be careful of Irish roof plumbers coming to the door and offering to do work unasked?

“Oh yes.”

“See how the iron on your roof…”

“Where are you working?” I ask. Good question to flush out the cheats, I think.

“The white house.” He points in the distance.

There are a number of white houses. “Which White House?” I ask.

“Mr Caulfield, I ...
This was supposed to be a post for Sunday, but you have to strike while the iron is hot with politics. Who would have thought a week ago that we would have a new Prime Minister.

Nice clouds. Such a cloud appearance means very cold air and it was.