September 2018

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Burt and Ernie are gay
Klimt. It is an easy enough name to pronounce for an English speaker, yet it looks like it would be difficult with a t following an m. On a plane once during a very long flight I saw the movie Woman in Gold. The focus of the story was this fabulous painting by Gustav Klimt. Trailer here. I so want the painting. Photo from the website Literary Fictions.

Here is the late American Maria Altmann, rightful heir to the painting, who successfully fought the Austrian (no kangaroos) government to have the painting returned to her family. The brilliant Hels fleshes the story out ...

It seems that today was the day for very sexual conversations over social media. I’ve had conversations with at least three people that were very sexual in nature today with some images being swapped and lots of chats about shenanigans both real and fantasy. Yes I was at work which is what made it dangerous.

There have been other days in the past with a similar tone and on those days I’ve been caught out wearing the wrong trousers. When you get turned on as a man there are some obvious signs. A boner can be rectified with some patience and stopping the sexy talk but precum that soaks through underwear onto light coloured trousers is VERY obvious and difficult to get rid of.

Thankfully today I was wearing dark jeans because it

This is what our ignoramus of a Prime minister, Scott Morison, said, (you really can't write this stuff)
“Angus (Taylor, Energy Minister) is bringing back a package of things right now to see how we can get greater investment in what I call fair dinkum power, that’s the stuff that works when the sun doesn’t shine and wind doesn’t blow.”

Fair dinkum power, really? Idiot.
Does any non Australian know what a double bunger is?

Is this not just a wonderful thing.
A great little poem by Pam Ayres about the Russians who are accused of poisoning the father and daughter in Salisbury, England. While captured many times on CCTV, they say they visited Salisbury as tourists and to see Salisbury Cathedral. What does Pam think?

I went down to Salisbury To listen to the choir, A pair of Russian tourists They were staring up the spire, Staring up the spire, they were, Silent and aghast, Against the sky, hurtling by, A piggy flying past.

Have you ever noticed that anyone who isn’t as adventurous as you is labelled uptight but anyone into more than you are gets labelled a “pervert”?

The internet has made it increasingly easy for people to find like-minded people into the same kink as them, no matter how benign or wild. A greater capacity for consenting adults to explore their fetishes is a great thing, no matter how weird it might be for those not quite as adventurous.

A while back I had an idea for a photo shoot and a model lined up to do it but sadly that model had to pull out for one reason or another. Shortly after this guy put his hand up to model for me. With his big bushy beard he’s not really my typical model type but when someone is willing to


Pork ribs


I’ve always wanted to try Neil Perry’s Spice Temple, hearing that its take on regional Chinese cuisine is fabulous, and have you seen the door, which is a digital picture of a door, on top of a door, that leads down stairs into a dark and contemporary space, pretty much packed on the Sunday night that we went.

The food is expensive and one of our party remembered the portions being small the previous time she went, but we had two appetizers and three mains between us, and were stuffed: some delicious dumplings (pork and garlic chive steamed buns, $26 for 6), a very generous plate of Hunan-style sticky pork ribs ($31) (yum!), a delicate fish dish, steamed flathead Jiang-Xi style with pickled


Following on from my Tune Tuesday post last week this weeks Crush goes to someone who I first loved on Vampire Dairies unfortunately he wasn’t on it for very long but it wasn’t long before he graced our screens as a hero fitting fires and looking good while doing it.

He was also engaged to one of the best performing artiest of this century but is didn’t last but they do say all good things must come to an end which I guess isn’t the best thing to say about love.

This weeks Crush goes to Taylor Kinney.

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